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The Masked Singer

Can you guess which teachers are disguised behind the masks?

Look closely...

Listen closely....

and follow the clues.


Watch our Masked Reader video then fill in the form to share your guesses with us. 

You can play here or on your OneNote page.

Everyone who takes part will be entered into prize draw to win a fantastic book bundle.

Make sure you share your guesses with us before 8pm on Sunday. 

We will let you know the winners in our next assembly.

This Competition is now closed. Well done to everyone who took part!

Here is the identity of each of the masked readers...


  1. The Bearded Lady - Mrs Duffy
  2. Hairy Rocker - Mrs Stead
  3. Twirl - Mrs Shipton (Almost everyone who entered thought it was Mr O!)
  4. The Hooded Lady - Mrs Lock
  5. Venetian Mask Lady - Mrs Hodgson
  6. Ratty - Mr Barton
  7. Snouty McSnout - Miss Harris
  8. Greedy Frog - Mrs Findlay
  9. Tiger - Miss Metcalfe
  10. The Squeaky Fox - Mrs Crawley


How many of them did you manage to unmask?