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Vision and Values/Ethos

To encourage the development of all children within a framework of moral values;


To ensure that all children feel of equal value and worth whatever their stage of development and capacity for learning;


To ensure that all children grow in self-knowledge and self esteem through a happy and caring environment;


To provide opportunities for the process of education to be shared with pupils' families and the wider community, as part of a life-long learning process;


To provide each learner with a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant to his/her stage of development.


To encourage the whole school community to treat the school environment with respect so that the quality of the curriculum is enhanced;


To provide full curriculum entitlement for all;


To ensure that all pupils achieve the highest possible levels of academic attainment;


To promote a happy working relationship between child, parent, teacher and community;


To ensure that every child receives continuity and progression both within and across each phase of education;


To foster teaching styles which will offer and encourage a variety of relevant learning opportunities embedded in real life situations


To support the development of pupil autonomy and independence;


To recognise and celebrate achievements within all aspects of school life;


Appreciate the link between home and school.