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Year 1

Term 6 - 17th June 2022

This week brought extra challenge to Year 1 as they undertook their phonics screening check. We are so proud of their efforts and the fantastic progress they have made with their reading this year. Well done Year 1!  Alongside this, amazing learning has taken place within science, geography and maths. The children have been observing and identifying parts of different plants and investigating where we live in relation to the world. They have even learnt a song all about the seven continents; we hope they have performed it to you at home! They have also learnt how to find a half and a quarter of shapes and amounts. And to top it all off, we are busy preparing for our sports day, which will take place on Thursday 30th June. What a busy week! 

Stars of the Week: Layla, Dottie, Lily-Rose, Scarlett, Alfie, Kyra

Workers of the Week: Geordie, Lennon, Darcy, Reggie, Max

Reading Quest: Joshua P (Gold), Ronnie, Joshua, Theo H (Silver), Bell A (Diamond)


Term 5 - 19th May 2022

In English, we have been writing our versions of the story ‘Float’ by Daniel Miyares. The children have been authors and illustrators, writing stories called ‘Fly’ about a paper aeroplane. We have been focusing on using the word ‘and’ to join sentences and writing in past tense by adding the suffix –ed to verbs. The children have risen to the challenge and are becoming experts at checking their writing. In maths, as an introduction to multiplication and division, the children have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, making equal groups of objects and doubling. The children have been exploring the properties of different materials in science and investigating waterproof and absorbent. In art, we have been printing with objects such as shells pressed into plasticine and ink pads. We have been learning to sing a song called “Use your Imagination” in music, practising singing in two groups and keeping the beat to the music. Following our history work on Queen Elizabeth II, we have also been learning about Queen Victoria. The children have, yet again, amazed us with their knowledge when we compared both queens and their lives. We are now learning about Mary Anning and her discoveries of dinosaur fossils.  Reminder: PE is only on a Monday this term, although children who are taking part in Friday sports clubs may also wear their PE kit on a Friday. 

Stars of the Week: George P, Jenson, Dylan, Oliver, Theo N, Lara, Leyla

Workers of the Week: Rupert, Charlie, Eli, Grace, Gabi, Riley, Max

Reading Quest: Lily-Rose (Bronze and Silver), Joshua A (Gold)

Term 5 - 5th May 2022

It has been lovely to see all the Year 1 children return this week ready to continue with their learning. We have already started learning about properties of materials in science and will begin our printing unit of work in art. We have been sharing a story called ‘Float’ in writing which is another wordless picture book that will give us plenty of opportunities to write our own sentences next week. The children are working so hard to try and remember the meaning of ‘volume’ and ‘capacity’ in maths.  

In history, we are learning about significant figures and this week we are focusing on Queen Elizabeth II so hopefully the children will share some knowledge with you. Remember that you can access the knowledge organiser for many of our subjects at home on the Mendip Green website in the Curriculum section which may prompt discussion about learning.  

We will only be doing PE on Mondays from now on, so PE kit only needs to be worn on Mondays.  

Stars of the Week: Jacob, Joshua A, Lara, Flynn, Cooper, Kaedan

Workers of the Week: Ryder, Fletcher, Teddy, Ethan, Tayla, Penelope

Reading Quest: Isabella, Joshua P, Theo H, Ronnie B (Bronze), Bella A (Gold), Henry (Diamond)

📚 🌳 📖 Helicopter Stories - 26th April 📖 🌳 📚 

This year in EYFS and Y1 we have been part of the helicopter story project. Each child has created many different stories and had the chance to act out their stories. On 26th April, we had Trisha Lee come to visit Class 1 and Class 5. We shared some of our stories and Trisha taught us some poems.

Term 4 - 31st March 2022

Year 1 have now been on their visit to the High Street to identify changes in the local area over time. They have been intrigued to see photographs of Worle from the past and compare it to now. The children continue to practice reading and spelling of our more recent sight words including thought, water, many and mouse.  We’re continuing to work hard on our phonics and we’ve started to learn about verbs in the present and past tense. In maths, we are now exploring measure using objects and a ruler. 

The children are really enjoying using the BeeBots in computing to learn all about programming and positional language and will be investigating animal poo in science to identify clues of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. 

We were treated to a Samba workshop on Tuesday which was lots of fun (and very noisy)!

Thank you for the continued support with regular reading at home - we’ve noticed lots of children showing an interest in the Year 1 Reading Quest (books are listed in the back of reading journals). Many of these books can also be borrowed from Worle library. 

Stars of the Week: Ronnie, Lily A, Lorna, Reuben, Hunter, Ahsan, Aiden

Workers of the Week: Euan, George B-S, Nevaeh, Chloe, Dottie, Rory, Bella W

Reading Quest: Scarlett (Silver), (Gold)

Samba Workshop - 29th March 2022

On Tuesday, Year 1 had a great time taking part in a samba workshop. A huge thank you to the wonderful team at The North Somerset Music Service for such a fun (and loud!) day 🥁 

Worle Highstreet History Walk - 25th March 2022

Last week, as part of their learning in history, Year 1 spent the morning as history detectives. They went on a walk to Worle Highstreet and, using historical photographs, identified how Worle High Street has changed over time. In history this term, the children are continuing with their comparisons of old and new.

Term 4 - 18th March 2022

WOW! What an amazing two weeks. Year 1 have had fun exploring their senses (their facial expressions when tasting lemon have to be seen to be believed!) and are now immersing themselves in science week. They have participated in a range of activities from making bubble wands to balloon cars. The children were very sensible when walking to and exploring the old school (currently Worle Library). They were particularly interested in the outside toilet block! Over the next few weeks, we will be designing and making a toy garage.  If you have any cardboard boxes at home, please send them in with the children so we can use them in our creations. 

Stars of the Week: Matilda, Henry T, Ajay

Workers of the Week: Danny, Max H, Lincoln

Reading Quest: Bella (Bronze and Silver), Freya (Gold)

Term 4 - 3rd March 2022

Welcome back Year 1! What a fantastic start to Term 4 you have had! This week, Year 1 have started reading and analysing our new book, ‘Traction Man is Here’. They have loved coming up with their own adventures that Traction Man could go on around the school in preparation for their writing this next week.  The children have continued to amaze us with their knowledge of partitioning numbers up to 50 into tens and ones in maths. We have also started our new learning in history, looking at how the school has changed over the years. Everyone has worked really hard - keep it up Year 1!

Stars of the Week: Lillian, Lily, Henry T, Piper

Workers of the Week: Henry G, Frankie, Max, Joshua P


Term 3 - 10th February 2022

Year 1 have been become authors this week, writing their own story based on the wordless picture book ‘Owl Bat Bat Owl’. They went on to share their story with a friend. We are very proud of their writing.  We have also been learning about Northern Ireland as part of our UK topic. The children built the Giant's Causeway using a variety of materials and dressed up like leprechauns in their handmade St Patrick's day hats!  In computing, the children have become more familiar with different keys on the keyboard and can now change their typed writing to bold, italics or underlined. We cannot wait to show you our completed birds that we have been working on in art using oil pastels to create different textures for the feathers.  Well done Year 1 on a brilliant couple of weeks!

Stars of the Week: Jacob, Sydney, Grace, Reggie, Naiya, Oliver

Workers of the Week: Hunter, William, Dylan, Evie, Riley, Joshua

Reading Quest: Henry G (Silver)

Year 1 Book Event - 28th January 2022

💥🦇💥 Superbat 💥 🦇💥

Last Friday, Year 1 children were invited to a book event where they became super creative with the book Superbat!
The children made superhero masks, struck their superhero poses and created their own Superbat pictures. 
The ultimate act of bravery was when the adults cracked open the glitter and set the children loose with it. Everyone went home very, very sparkly!

Term 3 - 27th January 2022

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about owls recently. The children wrote some excellent information texts about owls after the visit from the North Somerset Birds of Prey Centre. We are continuing to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates in science and have now learnt about fish and amphibians so we hope that they have shared their knowledge with you. In geography, we have studied England and Wales. In PE, the children have been showing off their dance moves using different body shapes and routines.   

Stars of the Week: Henry B, Scarlett, Riley, Noah, Theo D

Workers of the Week: Grace, Milo, Aiden, Arthur, Lennon

Reading Quest: Henry G, Joshua A (Bronze)

Writing about Owls - 14th January 2022 🦉 


Following on from their feathery visitor from the North Somerset Bird of Prey centre, last week our Year 1 children were super busy writing their own factual text about owls. We are sure you will agree that they have done a fantastic job. Just look at their concentrating faces.

Year 1 Owl Visit - 17th January 2022

🦉 🌳 🦉 What a Hoot! 🦉 🌳 🦉 

Our Year 1 children were visited by 3 feathery friends (and their VERY knowledgeable grown ups) from the North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre today.


The children were able to get up close to these beautiful creatures and were fascinated to learn more about them.


Even though they were excited to see the owls and ask their questions, the children stayed so calm and quiet so they did not frighten them.


Ask them about the owls:
-  they remember the names of the different types (species) of owl they met?
- What was the most interesting thing they found out?
- What special skills do these birds have?

The children are sure to amaze you with their owlish knowledge 🦉 

Term 3 - 12th January 2022

Year One have returned to school this term eager to learn. We are beginning to do some work using the wordless picture book ‘Owl Bat Bat Owl’ in our writing and will focus on this for the next couple of weeks. The children will become owl experts by the end of next week. Everybody enjoyed our visit from the ladies at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm this week and had fun learning some new words such as ‘vertebrate’ and ‘invertebrate’ as well as meeting the animals. They were so brave! Hopefully, you have had an opportunity to see some of the photos that we shared. In maths, we have been learning about place value within twenty including spelling the numbers eleven to twenty. We continue to learn all about the United Kingdom during our Geography lessons which we hope the children have told you about. Thank you for all your efforts at home supporting the children with their reading. The children are showing that they are really proud as they begin to learn new words and sentences independently.

Stars of the Week: Ajay, Teddy, Ryder

Workers of the Week: Bella A, Julia, Theo H, Ivy-Mae, Theo N, Fletcher

Reading Quest: Henry B (Bronze), Henry B (Silver), Henry B (Gold), Oliver (Diamond)

🌳🐌🐍🐹🐢 Year 1 Noah’s Ark - 10th January 🐢🐹🐍🐌🌳


What an exciting morning!


We were visited by some furry and not so furry, many-legged and not-so-many-legged creatures form Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm today, along with 2 animal experts. 

The children were able to observe and even hold the different animals. They asked the keepers lots of questions.
This was THE BEST way to start their science learning about animal groups. We hope that they have come home buzzing and have told you all about the animals that they got to meet in class.

Term 2 - 17th December 2021

The Year 1 children did an amazing job performing our nativity play, ‘Big Little Nativity’, and it was a great success – a MASSIVE well done and thank you to the children who stepped in last minute to fill in for their friends who were away on the day. We are SO proud of every single child – both in their rehearsals and in their final performances. 

In phonics, we have been learning new sight words and new graphemes (the children are now “split digraph” experts) and using them in their writing. The children have embraced our new guided reading lessons this term so positively and it has been wonderful to hear all the children reading to adults as well as to each other. In maths, we have been exploring addition and subtraction and recognising 2D and 3D shapes. The children have enjoyed using the computers in our computing lessons to create their own artwork, using In Jigsaw lessons, the children have, yet again, shown us how kind and thoughtful they are by valuing and celebrating all our similarities and differences. One of our biggest highlights this term has been exploring all sorts of interesting old artefacts as part of our history unit on old and new objects. The children had amazing ideas about what they could all be and how they were used… the chamber pot was the definite favourite! 

Stars of the Week: George P, Olly, Grace, Naiya, Max, Aradana, Sydney, Jenson, Samuel, George W, Florie, Freya

Workers of the Week: Aronas, Joshua A, Reuben Co, Jasmine, Reggie, Lorna, Harrison, Henry B, Layla, Hunter

Reading Quest: Freya, Scarlett, Theo D (Bronze), Freya, Oliver C, Theo D (Silver), Oliver C (Gold)

10th December 2021 - History


As part of their history curriculum, the children have been learning about and comparing old and new.  They put some 'old' technology to good use to show their learning in phonics, maths and even English.


Year 1 Nativity - December 2021

Our wonderful Year 1 children performed the Big, Little Nativity this week.  They were unable to perform a Christmas show when they were in EYFS so this was their first Mendip Green performance and they were amazing! They sang beautifully and danced with such energy. They remembered their lines and spoke with enthusiasm to tell this special Christmas story.

Term 2 - 11th November 2021

The children have started the new term enthusiastically and are ready for lots of new challenges. We have been learning new graphemes in phonics to represent sounds we already know (e.g. ai, ay and oi, oy). We have then used these sounds to write sentences. In English, we have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, which has inspired some fantastic writing, creating and playing based on the story. In maths, we have been showing off our fantastic number knowledge as we continue with our addition work. Through play, the children have been busy using all their maths and investigative skills when building with Lego and blocks. We are very excited to start our new science unit this term on “Everyday Materials” and have been exploring the differences between objects and materials. In our new history topic on “Old and New Objects”, we have been finding out what the past is and looking at old and new toys. It has been very funny to see some old toys that our parents played with long, long ago when they were children! We have enjoyed spotting toys that we recognise in our own homes too. We are starting the countdown to Christmas already and are excitedly learning some of the songs for our Christmas nativity play. You will 

probably hear the children humming some of the songs at home over the next few weeks! 

Stars of the Week: Ethan, Penelope, Darcy, Finley, Ryden, Leyla

Workers of the Week: Geordie, Lily A, Charlie H, Oliver, Mason, Rory

Reading Quest: Oliver (Bronze)

Term 1 - 22nd October 2021

This week, Year 1 put their knowledge of maps to good practice by visiting Worle High Street. They used maps to follow the route and pointed out some buildings they could see relating to the symbols on their maps. All children were incredibly well-behaved on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed it!   We have moved onto a new topic in maths: adding and subtracting. We have started by looking at part-whole models this week. The children have also been learning how to use a mouse and keyboard in computing. They have used the Paint programme to type their name and draw a portrait. We are looking forward to performing our Harvest assembly to you all and cannot wait to share some more of our learning. 

Stars of the Week: Lennon, Jenson, Ronnie, Isabella, Elsie, Gabi, Chloe, Aidan

Workers of the Week: Lillian, Bella W, William, Henry H, Theo, Jacob, Frankie-Rae, Reuben 

Term 1 - 30th September 2021

Year 1 have had yet another busy week! We have been practising writing numbers accurately in creative ways. In science, we have been continuing our learning on seasons, in particular looking at our large ash tree in school and observing how the leaves are falling during the autumn season. The children have also used an aerial map of the school to find their way around and have used positional language to say what is next to, behind and in front of our classrooms.

We have enjoyed lots of books, including traditional tales and some modern picture books. We are working on becoming independent readers by using the pictures to tell the story as well as our phonic knowledge. Some children have been looking out for sight words they recognise in their books. Talking of books, we have now been allocated our library sessions. This is where the children will have the opportunity to visit our school library and explore the wide range of books on offer; they are able to take one home every week. These must be well looked after and returned to school on the correct day.

Class 4 - Library Visit: Mondays - Books returned: Fridays

Class 5 - Library Visit: Mondays - Books returned: Fridays

Class 6 - Library Visit: Wednesdays - Books returned: Tuesdays

Well done on another great week Year 1! Keep up the hard work!

Stars of the Week: Leyla, Eli, Dotty, Ivy, Piper

Workers of the Week: Henry T, Lily, Jayden, Bodhi, Theo

Summer Reading Quest: Lara, Reggie, Scarlett

Summer Reading Challenge: Henry B, Oliver C, Joshua A, Reuben, Reggie, Lara, Lorna

Term 1 - 17th September 2021

Wow! What a fantastic two weeks the Year 1 children have had. They are settling into our new routines and are making us very proud with their efforts. Last week, the children explored the traditional tale ‘What Made Tiddalick Laugh’. They had great fun retelling the story with puppets (with an interesting array of animals) and creating their own Aboriginal dot paintings. This week has been book week and the children have enjoyed listening to a range of new stories. They have thought about what it means to ‘be kind’ and are keen to spread kindness throughout school. We are going to be re-introducing ‘show and tell’ on a Friday. This is a great tool for developing children’s spoken language and confidence within group and whole class situations. Please can you help us by ensuring that ‘show and tell’ is meaningful – something that is important to them and they can talk freely about (as opposed to just bringing in their favourite toy). It would be even better if this was linked to what we have been learning in class. Thank you.

Stars of the Week: Riley, Julia, Fletcher

Workers of the Week: Ajay, Rupert, Freya

YEAR 1 2020 - 2021

Term 6 - 19th July 2021

It has been a busy end of term for Year 1. The children have become authors and wrote their own version of the story 'Pancakes for Breakfast'. We then used the recipe from the story to make our own pancakes with all sorts of delicious toppings! The children had great fun following the recipe and weighing out the ingredients. We have been learning to tell the time in maths, reading ‘o'clock’ and ‘half past’. The children loved making their own clocks to help them practise telling the time at home. 

This week, the sun shone and we had sports day! The children all took part in a variety of activities and races throughout the morning and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship throughout. Congratulations to Class 6 who were the overall relay winners!

The Year 1 team would like to say how proud we are of all children in Year 1. They have worked their socks off this year and have been a wonderful bunch to teach. We wish them all the very best as they move into Year 2, they will be superstars! Have a lovely Summer holiday! 🙂

Stars of the Week: Ed A, Esme, Ray, Lily R, Bobby Joe

Workers of the Week: Max H, Theo, Preston, Sam, Eddie P, Ricco

Year 1 Sports Day - 14th July

Wow! What an amazing sports day we had. The sun was shining and the children had great fun making their race numbers to wear and taking part in all of the events. Each child in Year 1 tried their best to demonstrate good sportsmanship, cheering on their team and tried their best with each activity- we are incredibly proud. 


The famous relay race was incredibly close and the children all ran at lightning speed and cheered so loudly the whole of Worle could probably hear them! It was an incredibly close call but a HUGE congratulations to Class 6 who were our overall relay winners. 

Term 6 - 6th July 2021

In Year 1 this week, we have been continuing our writing based on the story 'Pancakes for Breakfast' and have written our own little stories to go with the pictures. In maths we have started learning about money, money, money! We have been looking at coins and notes and are now able to recognise and name the different coins. If you have any loose change at home, see if the children can practise choosing different coins and finding the total. In science, we have started our 'Seasonal Changes' topic. We have been analysing the weather and over the next few weeks we will be making rain gauges - all very exciting! The sports day excitement is certainly heating up and the children are doing really well with their practises - we are keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine and the question on everyone's lips is which class will win the relay!? Only time will tell... 

Stars of the Week: Katy, Finley, Maisey F, Cody, Isabella, Elira

Workers of the Week: Alfie, Frankey, Dominic, Edie, Frankey, Maisie P,


Term 5 - 27th May 2021

In Year 1, we have been enjoying the story 'Odd Dog Out' by Rob Biddulph. We have had great fun exploring rhyming words and writing all about Odd Dog. Through this story, we have celebrated our differences and discussed how it is good to be unique - we are all special in our own way! In maths, we have been exploring halving and doubling. Before half term, we will be launching Numbots which is an online learning platform for children to practise their mental maths skills, both at home and at school. Look out for log-ins in their reading records in the next few days.

This week in history we found out all about Mary Anning, a famous fossil collector and paleontologist. The children loved learning about her and the creatures she discovered. We then looked closely at pictures of different dinosaur skulls, bones and fossils to create black and white art using different mediums, such as pastels, sketch pencils and charcoal. The children in Year 1 have worked their socks off this term and the grown-ups in Year 1 are so proud of them. Have a great half term! 

Stars of the Week: Carly-Grace, Immy, Jay, Solomon, Tyler

Workers of the Week: Zara, Brysen, Tayla, Otis, Troydan

Term 5 - 13th May 2021

We have been doing lots of fantastic sentence writing in English and have become experts at using our grapheme mats every day to help us choose the correct spellings. In maths, we have been learning about making equal groups with objects. This will help us when we learn more about multiplication and division when we are in Year 2. We really enjoyed learning about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II in our history work about significant figures.  This week we have found out about Guglielmo Marconi who invented the long-distance radio. We even had a go at using Morse Code to reveal hidden messages! In art, we have looked at some drawings by Van Gogh and used his ideas to practise using lines in our own drawings. 

Stars of the Week: Sophie, Sebby, Poppy, Nate, Max H, Otis, Jacob

Workers of the Week: Max R, Ricco, Kainan, Macey, Reggie, Lexi-Mae, Harriet

Term 5 - 29th April 2021

Year 1 have settled in well after the recent Easter holidays. It was lovely to hear about all the fun things they were able to get up to with the pandemic restrictions easing. In maths this week, we have been revisiting our learning of counting in 2s and 5s and in English our text for this week is 'Wave' by Suzy Lee. We are practising writing simple sentences using our grapheme charts to spell words correctly. In science we are continuing our work on materials and their properties and in history we are comparing the reigns of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

Please can we also ask that you continue to encourage your children to read with you at home. 

Stars of the Week: Kieran, Lukas, Charlie Br

Workers of the Week: David, Sebby, Gracie-Lou

Term 4 -  31st March 2021

It is so lovely to see the children learning to adapt and develop their independent skills in class as well as remembering how to communicate effectively with each other when at play outside or working together in class. In English, We have sequenced the main events of the traditional tale of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and used our imaginations to think of an original setting that Jack might have stumbled across at the top of the second beanstalk. In music, we listened to and discussed the ‘3rd Movement’ from ‘Flute Concerto in D Minor’ by C.P.E. Bach and sang a song about ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  As explorers in science, we have been learning all about our senses. We have been on a walk of the school grounds to identify what we could see, smell, hear and touch then completed a blindfolded experiment to put our senses to the test! We have also enjoyed being historians and learning all about the history of the piers in Weston-super-Mare and seeing pictures from 1904 of the theatre on the original Grand Pier. We also found out about the tragic pier fire in 2008 and how the pier has evolved over time, to the attraction that it is today. We had great fun dressed as superheroes for Red Nose Day and enjoyed sharing and hearing each other’s jokes, especially those about bodily functions!  


Yesterday we had a visit from Felicity the lamb for the Year 1 children to see, as part of our science unit on animals.  Felicity was only 12 days old.  We learnt that most sheep give birth to twins but Felicity's Mum had triplets and sheep find it hard to look after triplets so need help from humans to look after them.  We learnt all about the things they eat and lots of fun facts.  Did you know that the farmer brushes tar on the lambs neck and tail to keep them safe?  We enjoyed meeting Felicity the lamb.  What a wonderful spring delight!

Stars of the Week: Olivia, Louisa, Lottie, Theo, Sofija, Gracie-Lou

Workers of the Week: Ace, Ben, A.J., Sophie, Oliver, Dominic



Term 4 - 18th March 2021

Welcome back Year 1! The grown-ups in Year 1 are so pleased to have you all back at school. You all worked incredibly hard at home and we are so impressed with the work you are doing at school. We have been writing the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ in English, making sure the story is in the correct order. In maths, we have been learning all about weight. We enjoyed using the balance scales to compare items and see which item is heavier or lighter.

Stars of the Week: Harriet, Ethan, Ivy,

Workers of the Week: Blake, Summer, Archie

A Message to Our Year 1 Children and Families - 3rd March 2021

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of the Year 1 children back to school on 8th March - we can't wait to see you.

Click the link below to see a video message from Miss Metcalfe: 

Year 1 - We can't wait to see you! | Mendip Green Primary School (



A Message From The Year 1 Team - 14th April 2020

Class 4

Hello Class 4!

I hope you are all ok and have been having lots of fun with your families. I am missing all of you and can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces again. Have you all been busy? What exciting things have you been doing at home? I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I have been very busy! I have been at school some of the time helping to look after children at Mendip Green. We have been busy making Easter baskets and playing games. We have loved doing the Joe Wicks exercise classes every day and we have shared lots of lovely stories together. I have enjoyed reading lots of stories with the children. I have been reading The Gruffalo, The Queen’s Hat, The Wonky Donky (one of Class 4s favourite books), Little Red Riding Hood and lots of other children’s books. Don’t forget to go onto our school website and watch the stories that the adults have been reading, you might even see me reading a few stories.

When I have been at home I have been going on lots of walks and running around Bristol. I live very close to Bristol Harbourside and the Suspension Bridge so I get to see lots of lovely sights on my outings.  I have also enjoyed baking (and eating) chocolate brownies.  I am learning how to play the keyboard, too! When I was your age I used to play the flute and clarinet. I will hopefully be able to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ by the time I see you all again. Have you tried anything new?

I hope you are all having fun with your family, relaxing, reading new books, writing stories and maybe even trying new things. Remember to stay safe and keep being kind.

I can’t wait to see you all soon.


Love from,

Miss Saunders x


Class 5

Hello Class 5!

I hope you are all well and enjoying some time at home with your families.

I am missing every single one of you. It has been very strange not seeing you and all your wonderful smiley faces each day. It is certainly taking a little bit of time to get used to being at home so much! What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy at home? I would love to hear all about it.

Luckily, I live really close to the woods, so Peppa, Doug and I have enjoyed going for little walks in the woods each day and seeing which different creatures we can spot. Yesterday, we spotted three little robins hopping around in a tree, some squirrels chasing each other and a bird with a huge wingspan, which I think was a Buzzard!

On the programme ‘This Morning’, there was a lady doing doggy yoga. Doug and I tried to join in. He was not a big fan and gave up after the first move! It was fun to watch it on the TV though - you should check it out! Have you tried anything new since being at home?

Before school broke up, Darcie’s mum kindly brought in some frogspawn for us to watch grow into frogs. Mrs Grimes and her son are kindly looking after them for us and they have grown so much already. They love having frozen cabbage ice cubes as a treat. Mrs Grimes’ son is doing a wonderful job of looking after them for us and he has sent me some photographs for me to share with you. He thinks he has counted 15 in there but they keep whizzing around the tank, making it tricky to count them!

Anyway, I hope I get to see you all soon. Use this extra time at home to spend time with your lovely family, play many games, relax, read a book, create pictures and maybe try something new! I look forward to hearing all about it when we are back at school.


Be kind, look after each other, stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Love from,                                                                                                                                           

Miss Metcalfe smiley


Class 6

Dear Class 6 children,

Firstly I hope you and your family are keeping well.  I have really missed you all and, to be honest, I have found it quite difficult staying at home all the time! What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy?

I have been performing a few keep fit exercises in the mornings and I have pottered about in my little garden, cutting back the tall, bulbous grasses I grow - thank goodness my garden is only 1 metre square!

One thing I have enjoyed, however, is reading my books. As well as detective books, I love reading non-fiction books, usually about Natural Wildlife and I recently discovered new species in  'The Book of Snakes' and 'Sharks and Rays'.

To my surprise I found my old knitting bag that had been stashed away in the bottom drawer of my wooden chest, so I may even try and finish this jumper that I started three years ago!

Despite all this, I wish I was in the classroom teaching you!

Anyway, take care lovely ones. I wish you and your family all the very best of health and happiness!

I look forward to seeing you all soon! 


With love,

Mrs Findlay x


Term 4 - 27th February 2020

This week, Year 1 have launched into our Traditional Tales topic. We have had great fun this week learning Little Red Riding Hood off by heart so that it can be retold at home to our friends and family. We are continuing our Victorian's topic this term and beginning to look at Weston in Victorian times.

STARS OF THE WEEK: Ben, Benedikt, Charlotte, Esme, Esmee, Harry B, Lilly H, Marc, Oliver H, Kayden, Lacey L, Malikai, Martha, Maddie

Term 3 - 16th January 2020

Year 1 have had a good start to the new term. We became historians this week as we launched into our new topic 'The Victorians'. We handled and sketched some artefacts from Victorian times and tried to guess what they were used for. We will be learning all about Queen Victoria, life in the Victorian era and how the Victorians shaped our lives today. We are looking forward to travelling back in time and experiencing a Victorian school day next week.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: Lacey G, Millie, Phoebe 


Term 2 - 28th November 2019

This week Year 1 have become authors.  We have been sharing Steve Anthony’s book ‘The Queen’s Hat’ during our English sessions.  The children are planning and writing their own version of ‘The Queen’s Hat’ but they have changed the setting to Weston-super-Mare.  We have enjoyed designing a hat for the Queen’s visit to our town and selecting the different places in Weston where the Queen will go to look for her hat.  Where will she find it?  We cannot wait to share them with you!

STARS OF THE WEEK: Darcie, Cameron F, Charlie, Faith, Lilly A 

Term 2 - 14th November 2019

Since returning from half term and to coincide with Maths week, we have launched Sumdog! The children have enjoyed logging on independently and exploring the different mathematical challenges and games that Sumdog has to offer. Over the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing the children to team challenges, edit their avatars and learn how to spend their well-earned coins on items to decorate their Sumdog house. Each child should have come home with a Sumdog log in for them to use to access Sumdog at home, if they wish.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: Henry, Isla, Maddison M, Esme T 

Term 1 - 22nd October 2019

We have had a very exciting couple of weeks in Year 1. The children of Year 1 are all expert geographers now and are able to spot human and physical features. We had a lovely (but soggy) time at Worlebury Woods and enjoyed putting our newly learnt skills into practise. All children enjoyed searching the woods to find physical and human features and there was even time to splash in some puddles and read a story! Unfortunately, the rain came down in the afternoon meaning we couldn't venture onto the beach, so we had a bus tour of Sand Bay instead! We have enjoyed learning all about Weston-super-Mare this term and we are looking forward to next term's topic 'What is beyond Weston?' where we will be learning about our country, the city of Bristol and the capital city of England, London.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: Dexter, Bailey, Tyler, Macey, Layla, Louie, Henry, Alfie, Barnaby, Caden, Wesley, Farrah, Isabelle, Patrick, Coral, William, Grace, Blake, Hadley, Ronnie and Maddie C. 

Term 1 - 10th October 2019

Year 1 have had a busy couple of weeks, full of exciting learning. Since our walk in Worle High Street, we have been learning all about aerial view maps and have been practising our mapping skills. We have all created our own aerial view maps and explored the use of keys to help represent places or key items on a map. In the past week, we have been learning about human and physical geographical features that surround us. We are all looking forward to our trip to Worlebury Woods and Sand Bay on Monday to see how many of these features we can spot- fingers crossed the rain will stay away! 

Term 1 - 26th September 2019

What an exciting week we have had in Year 1! In English, we have been reading the story ‘Where Bear,’ by Sophy Henn. We had a wonderful surprise when we got to school on Monday.  Sophy Henn had sent the children a personalised video message and told us all about where she got the inspiration for the book and how she wrote and illustrated it.  We have also been learning all about the different types of homes and shops in our local environment.  The children became detectives on Wednesday and went on their first outing of the year to Worle High Street.  We were using our check list to see how many of the different homes and shops we could spot near to school.   The children were so well behaved and managed to spot all types of homes and lots of different shops.  Great job Year 1! 

Term 1 - 12th September 2019

Welcome back to our wonderful Year 1 children and families! We have had a great couple of weeks getting to know the children and they have settled into Year 1 brilliantly. We have launched our 'Where in the world are we?' topic this week. The children have enjoyed talking about themselves and their families and are looking forward to learning more about where we live.