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A Message From The Year 1 Team - 14th April 2020


Class 4

Hello Class 4!

I hope you are all ok and have been having lots of fun with your families. I am missing all of you and can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces again. Have you all been busy? What exciting things have you been doing at home? I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I have been very busy! I have been at school some of the time helping to look after children at Mendip Green. We have been busy making Easter baskets and playing games. We have loved doing the Joe Wicks exercise classes every day and we have shared lots of lovely stories together. I have enjoyed reading lots of stories with the children. I have been reading The Gurffalo, The Queen’s Hat, The Wonky Donky (one of Class 4s favourite books), Little Red Riding Hood and lots of other children’s books. Don’t forget to go onto our school website and watch the stories that the adults have been reading, you might even see me reading a few stories.

When I have been at home I have been going on lots of walks and running around Bristol. I live very close to Bristol Harbourside and the Suspension Bridge so I get to see lots of lovely sights on my outings.  I have also enjoyed baking (and eating) chocolate brownies.  I am learning how to play the keyboard, too! When I was your age I used to play the flute and clarinet. I will hopefully be able to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ by the time I see you all again. Have you tried anything new?

I hope you are all having fun with your family, relaxing, reading new books, writing stories and maybe even trying new things. Remember to stay safe and keep being kind.

I can’t wait to see you all soon.


Love from,

Miss Saunders x


Class 5

Hello Class 5!

I hope you are all well and enjoying some time at home with your families.

I am missing every single one of you. It has been very strange not seeing you and all your wonderful smiley faces each day. It is certainly taking a little bit of time to get used to being at home so much! What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy at home? I would love to hear all about it.

Luckily, I live really close to the woods, so Peppa, Doug and I have enjoyed going for little walks in the woods each day and seeing which different creatures we can spot. Yesterday, we spotted three little robins hopping around in a tree, some squirrels chasing each other and a bird with a huge wingspan, which I think was a Buzzard!

On the programme ‘This Morning’, there was a lady doing doggy yoga. Doug and I tried to join in. He was not a big fan and gave up after the first move! It was fun to watch it on the TV though - you should check it out! Have you tried anything new since being at home?

Before school broke up, Darcie’s mum kindly brought in some frogspawn for us to watch grow into frogs. Mrs Grimes and her son are kindly looking after them for us and they have grown so much already. They love having frozen cabbage ice cubes as a treat. Mrs Grimes’ son is doing a wonderful job of looking after them for us and he has sent me some photographs for me to share with you. He thinks he has counted 15 in there but they keep whizzing around the tank, making it tricky to count them!

Anyway, I hope I get to see you all soon. Use this extra time at home to spend time with your lovely family, play many games, relax, read a book, create pictures and maybe try something new! I look forward to hearing all about it when we are back at school.


Be kind, look after each other, stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Love from,                                                                                                                                           

Miss Metcalfe smiley


Class 6

Dear Class 6 children,

Firstly I hope you and your family are keeping well.  I have really missed you all and, to be honest, I have found it quite difficult staying at home all the time! What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy?

I have been performing a few keep fit exercises in the mornings and I have pottered about in my little garden, cutting back the tall, bulbous grasses I grow - thank goodness my garden is only 1 metre square!

One thing I have enjoyed, however, is reading my books. As well as detective books, I love reading non-fiction books, usually about Natural Wildlife and I recently discovered new species in  'The Book of Snakes' and 'Sharks and Rays'.

To my surprise I found my old knitting bag that had been stashed away in the bottom drawer of my wooden chest, so I may even try and finish this jumper that I started three years ago!

Despite all this, I wish I was in the classroom teaching you!

Anyway, take care lovely ones. I wish you and your family all the very best of health and happiness!

I look forward to seeing you all soon! 


With love,

Mrs Findlay x


Term 4 - 27th February 2020

This week, Year 1 have launched into our Traditional Tales topic. We have had great fun this week learning Little Red Riding Hood off by heart so that it can be retold at home to our friends and family. We are continuing our Victorian's topic this term and beginning to look at Weston in Victorian times.

STARS OF THE WEEK: Ben, Benedikt, Charlotte, Esme, Esmee, Harry B, Lilly H, Marc, Oliver H, Kayden, Lacey L, Malikai, Martha, Maddie

Term 3 - 16th January 2020

Year 1 have had a good start to the new term. We became historians this week as we launched into our new topic 'The Victorians'. We handled and sketched some artefacts from Victorian times and tried to guess what they were used for. We will be learning all about Queen Victoria, life in the Victorian era and how the Victorians shaped our lives today. We are looking forward to travelling back in time and experiencing a Victorian school day next week.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: Lacey G, Millie, Phoebe 


Term 2 - 28th November 2019

This week Year 1 have become authors.  We have been sharing Steve Anthony’s book ‘The Queen’s Hat’ during our English sessions.  The children are planning and writing their own version of ‘The Queen’s Hat’ but they have changed the setting to Weston-super-Mare.  We have enjoyed designing a hat for the Queen’s visit to our town and selecting the different places in Weston where the Queen will go to look for her hat.  Where will she find it?  We cannot wait to share them with you!

STARS OF THE WEEK: Darcie, Cameron F, Charlie, Faith, Lilly A 

Term 2 - 14th November 2019

Since returning from half term and to coincide with Maths week, we have launched Sumdog! The children have enjoyed logging on independently and exploring the different mathematical challenges and games that Sumdog has to offer. Over the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing the children to team challenges, edit their avatars and learn how to spend their well-earned coins on items to decorate their Sumdog house. Each child should have come home with a Sumdog log in for them to use to access Sumdog at home, if they wish.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: Henry, Isla, Maddison M, Esme T 

Term 1 - 22nd October 2019

We have had a very exciting couple of weeks in Year 1. The children of Year 1 are all expert geographers now and are able to spot human and physical features. We had a lovely (but soggy) time at Worlebury Woods and enjoyed putting our newly learnt skills into practise. All children enjoyed searching the woods to find physical and human features and there was even time to splash in some puddles and read a story! Unfortunately, the rain came down in the afternoon meaning we couldn't venture onto the beach, so we had a bus tour of Sand Bay instead! We have enjoyed learning all about Weston-super-Mare this term and we are looking forward to next term's topic 'What is beyond Weston?' where we will be learning about our country, the city of Bristol and the capital city of England, London.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: Dexter, Bailey, Tyler, Macey, Layla, Louie, Henry, Alfie, Barnaby, Caden, Wesley, Farrah, Isabelle, Patrick, Coral, William, Grace, Blake, Hadley, Ronnie and Maddie C. 

Term 1 - 10th October 2019

Year 1 have had a busy couple of weeks, full of exciting learning. Since our walk in Worle High Street, we have been learning all about aerial view maps and have been practising our mapping skills. We have all created our own aerial view maps and explored the use of keys to help represent places or key items on a map. In the past week, we have been learning about human and physical geographical features that surround us. We are all looking forward to our trip to Worlebury Woods and Sand Bay on Monday to see how many of these features we can spot- fingers crossed the rain will stay away! 

Term 1 - 26th September 2019

What an exciting week we have had in Year 1! In English, we have been reading the story ‘Where Bear,’ by Sophy Henn. We had a wonderful surprise when we got to school on Monday.  Sophy Henn had sent the children a personalised video message and told us all about where she got the inspiration for the book and how she wrote and illustrated it.  We have also been learning all about the different types of homes and shops in our local environment.  The children became detectives on Wednesday and went on their first outing of the year to Worle High Street.  We were using our check list to see how many of the different homes and shops we could spot near to school.   The children were so well behaved and managed to spot all types of homes and lots of different shops.  Great job Year 1! 

Term 1 - 12th September 2019

Welcome back to our wonderful Year 1 children and families! We have had a great couple of weeks getting to know the children and they have settled into Year 1 brilliantly. We have launched our 'Where in the world are we?' topic this week. The children have enjoyed talking about themselves and their families and are looking forward to learning more about where we live.