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Year 2

Term 6 - 17th June 2022

This week in PE we have been practicing sports day and look forward to showing our skills to our grown ups on the 6th July. We have enjoyed looking at what makes a healthy balanced meal in science. We have started to learn our songs for the summer sing. In maths we have been focusing on 2D and 3D shapes and also looking at lines of symmetry. 'Taking Flight' by Adam Hanchen is the text that we have been looking at in English. We have been making links to our history lessons where we have been finding out about the Wright brothers and why they were important to the development of flight. 

Stars of the Week: Darcie, Sam, Tommy, Jessica,

Workers of the Week: Esme, Reggie, Riley F, Alex D

Reading Quest: Lincoln (Silver)

Term 5 - 19th May 2022

Year 2 have been continuing their learning with Beebots and predicting where algorithms will take them. We have been exploring texture in art and different properties of materials in science. In geography, we have been comparing the various foods that grow in Tuvalu and Weston super Mare and, in PE, we have been developing our gymnastic balancing skills.

Stars of the Week: Jorja, Mia, Noah

Workers of the Week: Cody, David, Mia

Term 5 - 5th May 2022

Year 2 have come back this term excited to learn our new stories about Maui, the demigod, from New Zealand's myths! In maths we are learning about the properties of 3D shapes - faces, vertices, and edges and in science we are learning about the names and properties of everyday materials. Linking to our English stories we have also begun finding out about the Polynesian country of Tuvalu in geography. 

Stars of the Week: Bea, Arthur

Workers of the Week: Preston, Sofija

Term 4 - 31st March 2022

Year 2 are just starting to write their own stories based on the books ‘One World’ and ‘Clean Up!’ They have got some great ideas about how to help the environment and the wildlife and we can't wait to see their ideas translated into stories. They have also been busy learning all about fractions in maths and are really impressing us with their knowledge. This week, Year 2 are particularly excited about making the pizzas that they have designed. Hopefully, they will let you taste them! The children have been continuing to learn about Weston seaside now and in the past in history. This week, they have been finding out about Birnbeck Pier and The Grand Pier.

Stars of the Week: Finley, Elodie, Lily, Kieran, Alfie

Workers of the Week: Lincoln, Charlie Bi, Riley, Katy, Freya

Reading Quest: Charlie Bi, Lincoln, Beatrice (Bronze)

Term 4 - 18th March 2022

Year 2 are all enjoying the term so far. In English, we have continued with our book, 'One World' and we have been using our senses to create our own poems about the seaside. In maths, we have been looking at finding half of a shape and a number. In PE, we are investigating health and fitness and are developing our running, jumping and throwing skills.  Science week has been fun especially on Wednesday when we had the chance to be engineers. Classes 7 and 8 were designing and making bubble wands and Class 9 were designing houses for the 3 little pigs. We all needed to think carefully about the materials we would use and then review how successful they were.

Stars of the Week: Harriet, Ed A, Kieran, Louisa,

Workers of the Week: Sonny, Katy, Tayla, Maisie

Term 4 - 3rd March 2022

Year 2 have settled well after half term and are enthusiastic about our new learning.  In English, we have a new book called, 'One World' where the children have demonstrated their knowledge of conservation and the misuse of plastics in the oceanic environment. In maths, IT and DT we have been enjoying making tally charts and pictograms and will be making our very own pizzas in DT in week 5. In science, we have been observing and grouping seeds and bulbs and had great fun planting a range of these ready for the summer. In history, we are beginning to learn about Weston-super-Mare now and in the past.

Stars of the Week: Poppy, Macy, Rupert, Carly

Workers of the Week: Jack O, Solomon

Reading Quest: Eddie (Silver), Freya (Gold)

Welcome Miss Hopkinson - 28th February 2022

On Monday, we welcomed Miss Hopkinson to Mendip Green as part of the Year 2 Team. Here are a few snaps of Class 9’s ‘get to know you’ session with their new teacher. As you can see, there were plenty of giggles!

Term 3 - 10th February 2022

Year 2 have been busy in their science lessons making bug hotels using their designs. It was great fun.  In art, they have been adapting their face masks to make them 3D. In geography, we have continued to learn about North and South America and are looking at how they are the same and different.

The children have immersed themselves into dance this term and have been creating their own simple dance routines. The children also thoroughly enjoyed the Stickman book event and were very excited to be in school after home time!

Stars of the Week: Noah, Lexi-Mae, Jessica, Cooper

All Year 2 children are stars for working so hard on their Christmas play and in class.

Workers of the Week: Dominic, Annabel, Hope, Sophie, all of Class 8 for working so hard during assessment week.

Reading Quest: Freya (Silver)

Term 3 - 27th January 2022

In our geography topic, we have been learning all about hot and cold continents and been comparing the difference between Africa and Antarctica. We have learnt about the equator and that it is an imaginary line drawn on the earth in the middle of the two poles, dividing the earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

In science, we have been learning about microhabitats and food chains. We know that food chains are a food system that shows what living things eat.

In art, we have been using paints to create an image and then cutting out and creating a minibeast. The final products look amazing! 

We are now using Timetables Rockstars. All the children have been given their unique login details. Please ensure they are using this weekly as part of their homework. If you have any problems, then please see your class teacher. 

Stars of the Week: Gracie-Lou, Blake, Seb, Ivy, Theo, Archie

Workers of the Week:  Harriet, Tyler, Lukas, Ben, Cody, Darcie

Term 3 - 12th January 2022

Year 2 have settled well into the new term. We have been busy practising our Christmas play and are looking forward to performing it for you all next week! In maths, we are learning about the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and are continuing to count in 3s. Look out for their Times Table Rock Star log-ins which will come home soon! In English, we are learning all about hummingbirds with our new book and would encourage the children to bird watch in their own gardens or in the park or woods. Now that we are back from the holidays, could we please ask for your support again in hearing your children read 5 times a week and write this in their contact books.

We are colour mixing in art, learning about hot and cold countries in geography and continuing our learning about living things and their habitats in science.

Stars of the Week: Emilia, David, Alex, Bobby-Joe

Workers of the Week: Tommy, Max H, Jessica, Amelia

Reading Quest: Freya (Bronze

Term 2 - 17th December 2021

Our Year 2 children have had to postpone their Christmas show until January but are very excited to continue practicing what we know will be a fantastic performance.  It will be well worth the wait!

In English we have been looking at the poem 'A Magic box' by Kit Wright and the children enjoyed writing their own poems.

In maths we have been learning to tell the time using an analogue clock.

If grown ups have a spare 5 minutes over the holidays could you please practice o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to with the children. 

We have completed our DT topic this term, where we have been designing, making and evaluating hand puppets then using our sewing skills to put them together. They all are fantastic.

This week we have got into the festive spirit by making Christmas cards and decorations. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and see you in 2020.

Stars of the Week: Mia C, Freya, Carly, Preston, Solomon, Lincoln, Alfie, Jorja

Workers of the Week:  Arthur, Kieran, Rupert, Troyden, Summer, Isabella, Darcie-Mae, Sophie, Samuel

Puppet Making - 9th December 

As part of our DT curriculum, the children in Year 2 have been making puppets this term.  They have practiced the stitches and how to sew on decorations such as buttons.  Check out some of their fantastic designs.


Term 2 - 11th November 2021

The children have lots of great learning to look forward to this term. We have started to read a new book in English – ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’. The children love hearing about Rosie's inventions. We have been busy learning how to add and subtract 2 digit numbers in maths and will be looking at money next week. If you can practise naming the different coins at home that would be really helpful. Our history topic this term is all about Brunel and his inventions and we have started to look at different types of puppets in DT ready to design and make our own. The most exciting news this week is that we have started rehearsing for our Christmas production! If your child has lines please could you help them to practise at home.  Remember to put their script back in bags so they are always in school. 

Stars of the Week: Katy, Maisie P, Elodie, Ben

Workers of the Week:  Ace, Eddie, Ivy, Finley

Reading Quest: Ed A (Bronze)

Term 1 - 22nd October 2021

Year 2 are enjoying art this term and are going to be making their 3D model boats this week. They have spent the term investigating what makes a good boat. Thank you for all your junk modelling materials. We took a break from our ‘Cinderella’ stories to concentrate on pre-cursive handwriting. The children made excellent progress with this and are now writing an innovated version of ‘Cinderella’. We have come to the end of our science and geography topics.  Ask the children what they can tell you about life cycles and continents.  We have started the Year 2 spelling programme and have learnt how to spell single syllable words, with a short vowel ending in ll, zz, ff, ss and ck. This week we will be creating plurals of nouns by adding the suffixes to a root word. The children are getting more fluent at counting forwards and backwards in tens from any number and any extra practise you can do at home would be really beneficial.

Stars of the Week: Tayla, Flynn, Lexi-Mae, Charlie,  AJ, Ray

Workers of the Week:  Ed A, Cooper, Sonny, Ricco, Lily Ava

Term 1 - 30th September 2021

Year 2 children are continuing to settle well into their new routines and are enjoying their learning.  We have been busy counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s so lots of practise of this at home will really help! The children have been observing some ladybirds and caterpillars in the classroom to support their learning of life cycles in science. They have also been learning about the differences between continents by sorting some animals and features by where they can be found. We have been producing some exciting 3D plastic fish sculptures based on the work of artist Sayaka Ganz - thank you for your plastic donations. Our new English learning has started and we are busy reading different versions of the ‘Cinderella’ story. We are looking forward to reading your children's versions of ‘Cinderella’ at the end of the unit.

Stars of the Week: Jay, Jack P, Olivia Z, Brysen, Jack O, Hope

Workers of the Week:  Esme A, Ethan B, Max R, Lottie, Immy, Bea

Summer Reading Challenge: Charlie, Alex, Louisa, Jessica, Freya, Eddie, Zara, Ray, Mia C, Emilia, Maisey F, Maisie P

Term 1 - 17th September 2021

Year 2 have really impressed us with how well they have settled back into school life. The children have helped their teachers to think of some class rules and have adapted well to the new routines of Year 2.  We have been looking at lots of great books and the children particularly enjoyed the traditional African tale of ‘Anansi’ the spider. They have learnt the story and retold it using spiders that they made. We have been using lots of problem solving skills in maths with some practical activities and have started two great topics in science and geography. If you would like to support their learning at home we are learning all about life cycles in science and comparing continents in geography. 

Star of the Week: Sofija, Zara, Brysen, Charlie

Workers of the Week:  Frankey, Mia, Elira, Poppy


YEAR 2 2020 - 2021

Term 6 - 19th July 2021

Year 2 have had a very busy couple of weeks! The children had a wonderful time taking part in the Virtual North Somerset Summer Singing Festival. The children sang beautifully together and were joined virtually with another primary school, Yeo Moor. The songs were incredibly catchy so we hope the children have come home singing them to you! We also have recently had our sports day. The children had the most fantastic time and were brilliant team players! Well done to Class 8 who won the relay race! We hope the children enjoyed their pizzas they have been making this week. They worked hard to design their pizzas carefully and make healthy choices for their toppings. 

Star of the Week: Archie, Jennifer, Martha, Maddie YL, Ryan

Workers of the Week: Sam, Cameron, Vaughan, Charlie, Logan,

Year 2 Sports Day - 14th July

We all loved Sports Day! We had lots of different activities; an obstacle course, bean bag throwing, hurdles, races, football skills and many more. The children were amazing throughout the morning. They all showed such hard work and determination with every activity. 

It was a close call but Class 8 won the class relay race. Great team work Class 8.

We are all really proud of the children. Well done Year 2!

Summer Sing - 7th July

The Year 2 children had a wonderful time on Wednesday taking part in the Virtual North Somerset Summer Singing Festival. The children sang beautifully together and were joined virtually with another primary school, Yeo Moor. The songs were incredibly catchy so we hope the children have come home singing them along to you all at home! 

A huge thank you to everyone from the North Somerset Music Service for all of the hard work needed to enable this event to go ahead within the current restrictions.

Term 6 - 6th July 2021

The Year 2 children have been very busy learning about how to write a set of instructions. They have learnt how to follow a good set of instructions before having a go at writing their own! In Maths, the children have been learning about capacity and volume. They have been practically measuring liquids and reading scales when learning about millilitres and litres. As part of the children's learning within history, they have been exploring why Amelia Earhart was so significant in early flight. Ask the children some facts about her life! They were fascinated about what she achieved!

Don't forget it is the Singing Festival on Wednesday 7th July where children are invited to come into school dressed in bright clothes.

Star of the Week: All the children in Year 2, Olivia, Ben, Jennifer

Workers of the Week: All the children in Year 2, Malikai, Kira, Cameron

Term 5 - 27th May 2021

Year 2 have started learning how to tell the time and have been practising using their own analogue clocks. They have been very excited to be able to tell the time at different points of the day but if you would like to further help your child then please keep practising with them over half term.  During science lessons, the children have been looking at different materials and their suitabilities. They are now able to explain why various objects are made from different materials. We have also been discussing allergies with the children during 'Allergy Awareness Week' and the children are excited to make their own posters to show their learning. 

Star of the Week: Jay, Mollie, Alia, Joseph, Hadley, Lacey G

Workers of the Week: Phoebe Marshall, Elenora, Aidan, Martha, Samia, Caden

Term 5 - 13th May 2021

The children will soon be writing their own versions of the story ‘Cinderella’ and have been busy this week planning their own ideas. They have been working so hard with their handwriting and really trying to join their letters correctly during their independent writing tasks. In maths, they have been learning about directional language and are gaining confidence with giving left and right directions as well as clockwise and anticlockwise turns.  We have continued our learning with Tuvalu and have explored what food grows there in comparison with what grows here. 

Stars of the Week: Robbie, Frank, Nate, Layla, Willow, Marc

Workers of the Week: Elsie, Esmee, Dexter, Henry, Benedikt, Isabelle

Term 5 - 29th April 2021

Year 2 have enjoyed reading ‘Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal’ in English lessons and we have started to write our own diary entries based on what we have read. The children are really enjoying our new grouped guided reading sessions each day where we practice our fluency and comprehension skills. We have been very busy learning about the place Tuvalu in our geography. Ask us how it is the same and different to Weston-super-Mare!

Stars of the Week: Nate, Grace, Aiyla Rose

Workers of the Week: Charlie, Daisy-Mae, Gracie

Term 4 - 31st March 2021

Year 2 have really enjoyed exploring the artists Da Vinci, Picasso and Matisse and have since created some of their own Matisse inspired artwork. They have been trying hard with their story writing skills and have re-written the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ independently. In maths, Year 2 have started learning about fractions and can identify halves, quarters and thirds.  Within science, the children particularly enjoyed their minibeast hunt across the school site whilst they were learning about habitats and what animals need to survive. 

Stars of the Week: Phoebe, Millie, Aiyla Rose, Lacey LL, Archie, Freddie

Workers of the Week: Martha, Samia, Jacob, Henry, Maddy M, Caden

Term 4 - 18th March 2021

It was so lovely welcoming all of our Year 2 children back to school and they have all LOVED being back with their friends! We are so proud of all the work they have been showing us from their home learning. We are looking forward to getting back into developing their independence and resilience in the classroom again. Our first back to school story is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and the children will be having a go at writing this story themselves. 

Stars of the Week: Bailey, Caden, Kira

Workers of the Week: Tyler T, Jacob, Harry S

A Message to Our Year 2 Children and Families - 4th March 2021

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of the Year 2 children back to school on 8th March - we can't wait to see you.

Click the link below to see a video message from Mrs Melhuish: 

Year 2 - We can't wait to see you! | Mendip Green Primary School (


A Message From The Year 2 Team - 14th April 2020

It is so wonderful to see all of the amazing things that you are doing at home in the photographs and messages that your parents are putting on our Facebook forum. You are learning so much in so many different ways: cooking, drawing, painting, playing games as well as writing letters and playing shops. We think that you are brilliant. Everyone in school is so proud of all of the ways that you are helping to support our community.


Please make sure that you wash your hands regularly, stay safe and listen to your grown-ups. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces as soon as schools are open again.


Class 7

Hello everyone. 

I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of fun home-learning with your families. I’ve been to school and helped look after children, making clay hedgehogs and teaching them some card games. I’ve also been reading in my garden, weeding my borders, and sewing and cooking with my children.

I’m really missing all your happy smiles. Hoping you are all staying safe and well.



Mrs Lock


Class 8

To all in Class 8. 

Just a little note to say that I’m missing you very much and can’t wait to see you all again. I hope you are keeping busy and staying safe and helping your grown-ups as much as you can.

You are all amazing! 



Mrs Webb xx


Class 9

To Class 9. 

Your smiles, cheeky grins, and laughs (although we never laugh and don’t ever have fun in Class 9!) are all being missed. Each and every one of you is hugely special. I hope that you are enjoying spending extra time with family and doing special things, creating happy memories.

My family and I have been enjoying the views, spring flowers and sunsets on our daily walks from home.



Mrs Shipton

Term 4 - 27th February 2020

Exciting news! We have booked for Year 2 to go to the SS Great Britain on June 11th as part of our study of Brunel. This is advanced warning that unfortunately, due to the sharp rise in coach costs, this trip will cost £16 per child. Payment for this trip will not be until Thursday 7th May. More details will come home nearer this time. 

Year 2 have had some amazing experiences in the past few weeks, these include learning about fire safety from Red Watch firefighters, making Great Fire of London cookies and making flame sculptures from a range of different materials. 

STARS OF THE WEEK: Phoebe, Riley, Rosie, Mason, Daisy R, Ryan, Alicia, Daniel, Eva, Lacey, Lexi, Tyler, Daisy C

WORKERS OF THE WEEK: Darcie, Leah, Sienna, Hamish, Layla, Bobby, Molly, Max H, Kenzee

Term 3 - 16th January 2020

‘The Great Plague’ has captured the interest of Year 2 so far this term. The children have been immersed in: dance and drama activities, making cures from 1665 and using Rice Krispies and jam to create buboes. In the next few weeks, our learning will move on to the ‘Great Fire of London’. We look forward to inviting Avon and Somerset Fire Service in to speak to each class about fire safety and how fire-fighting has changed, due to what has been learnt over time, to make us safer. You will notice from our dates sheet that the KS1 (Year 2) SATs take place over two weeks. It is imperative that all Year 2 children are in school for both weeks. Please be reassured that we try to keep the children’s routine as stable as possible and do not draw attention to the assessments. We will not be using the phrases ‘SATs’, ‘test’ or ‘exam’ with the children. Assessment is a routine part of the school year and we do not want to cause any undue worry or anxiety for the children. We explain to the children that this is an opportunity for them to show us how ‘clever they are’ and that we expect them to ‘do their best’.

STARS OF THE WEEK: Olivia, Grace, Connor, Esmay

WORKERS OF THE WEEK: Scarlett, Lexi, Lily B, Lily-Faith 

Term 2 - 28th November 2019

Christmas preparations are in full swing in Year 2.  Play rehearsals are going well.  A huge thank you to all of the parents who have been helping children to learn their lines.  Our lanterns are designed and we are looking forward to making them at our shared learning craft event on Monday.  Please join us at 2:30pm if you can.   STARS OF THE WEEK: Evelyn B, Brianna, Izzy, Harvey, Jonah, Amelia, Ellie, Darcie, Sienna m, Felix, Amy, Austin 

Term 2 - 14th November 2019

It may only be November, however, the preparation for Christmas has officially started in Year 2! The Christmas play has been cast and the practices have begun.  This is such an exciting term. Classes 7 and 8 look forward to performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ to you on the morning of 11th December and Classes 7 and 9 on the morning of 12th December. Class 7 will be sending home a list stating which performance the children are in.  The topic of ‘Our World’ continues this term with a focus on oceans as well as human and physical geographical features. ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ is the focus for our English for the first few weeks and we have been having lots of fun learning about money in maths. We look forward to seeing you for our Christmas Craft afternoon on Monday 2nd December at 2.30 pm.

ROLE MODELS: Bruce, Ruby, Poppy and Austin


STAR OF THE WEEK: Oliver, Jasmine 

Term 1 - 22nd October 2019

YEAR 2 It was an absolute pleasure to share our Geography learning with you at the Fashion Show on Monday. The children made us so proud. Every single child did their part beautifully and I am sure that you will find yourself humming the song at the most random times. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that was spent on costumes and to all of those who joined us on the day. We are continuing with our Geography focus next term but turning our attention to human and physical features. Our focus text will be The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.  

STARS OF THE WEEK: George K, Heidi, Evie, Sienna, Sophie, Skye, Archie B, Cooper, Elsie, Eva, Lily-May, Tyler, Isaac, Imogen, Catherine, Max S, Harry S

WORKERS OF THE WEEK: Mason, Rosie, Alek, Phoebe, Lydia, Noah, Dylan, Jamie-Lee, Jay, Lacey, Lexi, Mya, Yajat, Bobby N, Alicia, Brianna, Chloe 

Term 1 - 10th October 2019

Year 2 are looking forward to our fashion show on 21st October. Thank you to all of those who have sent costumes in. If you are yet to send your child's costume in, we would be very grateful to have it as soon as possible. Please pop in and see us if you are experiencing any difficulties with this and we will be more than happy to help.  The children have worked incredibly hard innovating the story of Cinderella. We look forward to sharing these with you at parents evening.  

Term 1 - 26th September 2019

Year 2 are enjoying learning the story of Cinderella and will be writing their own version in the coming weeks. Each week we have focus continents.  Last week’s focus was Europe and this week we have been focusing on North and South America. Hopefully, the children have been able to come home and talk about their learning. We look forward to seeing you at our ‘Round the World Fashion Show’ on Monday 21st October at 2.30pm.  

Term 1 - 12th September 2019

YEAR 2 Wow! What an amazing start to the year, Year 2 have had. Their attitude to learning and enthusiasm has been an absolute pleasure to see. During the first week, we have had great fun focusing on the stories of Anansi the spider who is an important character in West African folktales.  We have started the topic of ‘Our World,’ which focuses on continents and oceans, and we look forward to seeing the children's outfits from around the world in our fashion show at the end of this term.