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Year 3

Term 4 - 31st March 2021

Year 3 we are so proud of you and all your hard work this term.  You have returned to school with an amazing attitude towards your learning. Our topic of ‘Significant Individuals in History’ has really inspired you during the last few weeks. This led to some brilliant work and wonderful conversations about future ambitions that some of you have. We can clearly see that we have some budding authors in our year group as your versions of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ made for fantastic reading due to your lovely word choice and imagination.  We had such great fun making our Easter cards this week with levers and pivots. Hopefully, you will be able to share what you have learnt with your families. 

Happy Easter to each and every one of you and your loved ones. 

Role Models: Sienna, Lacey, Leah, Oliver, Brianna, Layla, Connor, Eva, Darcie, Rosie, Harvey, Izzy, Haydn

Term 4 - 18th March 2021

The time we have all been waiting for has arrived! We have three Year 3 classrooms full of amazing children buzzing to learn and so excited to see each other. The hard work that happened during lockdown is clear to see and the children are applying it to their work in class.  Learning about sound was the perfect way to start our time back together. String telephones have stimulated many questions and been great fun to investigate with. The beautiful Chinese folktale ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ is inspiring our writing and fractions are our focus in maths.  We are hoping that the children are having lots of conversations about cutting pizzas and cake at meal times! It is wonderful to have the whole Year 3 crew back together. 

Role Models: Neve, Esmay, Scarlett, Riley, Oakley, Jamie-Lee

A Message to Our Year 3 Children and Families - 2nd March 2021

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of the Year 3 children back to school on 8th March - we can't wait to see you.

Click the link below to see a video message from Mr Barton.

Year 3 - We can't wait to see you! | Mendip Green Primary School (

A Message From The Year 3 Team- 14th April 2020

The Year 3 Team can’t wait to see all of the amazing learning you have been doing at home. Next, why not try getting on the internet or read some information books so you can find out all about something new or interesting.  See if you can make an information booklet, poster or performance about it to share with us or your family. It could be your favourite football team, a different country, something historical, a toy, an animal, a sport, a type of food, space … absolutely anything! You could even put your Powerpoint presentation skills to the test and make a presentation about Stone Age/Bronze Age dwellings.

We would also love to hear what books you have been enjoying over the last few weeks!


Class 10

Hi Gang!

How are things? I am certainly missing your smiley faces during this tricky time. It seems strange waking up in the morning knowing that I won’t be seeing you today and sharing our news. I can’t wait to play our silly games like ‘Heads down, thumbs up’ and ‘Who is in the cupboard?’ Can you remember who the detective is next?

Some grown ups are in school at the moment helping look after children whose parents have to go to work. We are doing fun activities along with a little bit of learning. Do you know what the best thing is? I get to wear my jeans to school! The other great thing is that I don’t have to iron shirts for the week – brill! That should mean I get an extra 10 minutes in bed but I have been sensible (Mrs B said I had to be) and used my time to do some things at home. I have been busy doing decorating but have also been out on my mountain bike to do some exercise! What have you done to stay healthy? I look forward to hearing about it when we get back to school.

I have also been doing a lot of reading at home. Books are so important to exercise your imagination especially as we can’t get outside at the moment. Are you reading at home like me? I really hope so. Let’s share all our book recommendations when we get back in the classroom.


Remember, I care about each and every one of you and want you to stay safe. Please listen carefully to your grown ups at home and follow their advice. As I’ve said, I can’t wait to see you all again soon.


Love from,

Mr B


Class 11

Hello Class 11,

How are you all? We have been thinking about you all lots! We are both missing you all so much: your laughter, your stories and even your chattiness and messiness (never thought we would say that)!

It has been lovely to see your photos and videos on the Facebook page as it is helping us to keep up with what you have been doing. We are enjoying being at home with our families and being out in the sunshine whilst we can.

We hope you are all keeping yourselves busy and we can’t wait to hear and see what you have been up to.

We are both getting a little impatient now having to wait for the ending of ‘Mr Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise’ that we may need to sneak a little look before we get back to school! Why not try writing your own ending to the book. We could then see who is closest to what actually happens when we all get back to school again.

We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon! Please remember to listen to your grown-ups and stay safe!


Love from,

Mrs Melhuish and Mrs Stead smiley


Class 12

Hi Class 12,

We just wanted to say “bonjour” to you all. We’re missing you, your funny jokes and your giggles!

We know everything is strange right now and it can be very boring being stuck at home. Make the most of all this extra playing time without us nagging you to underline your date and WALT with a ruler everyday! Have a look for that box of toys that you had forgotten about and the games you hardly play with… and play with them.

When we’re back, we want you show us anything new that you have learnt or done – amazing art, cool gymnastics moves, silly jokes, football skills, a new game you’ve made up, fantastic reading, marvellous maths and new long hair styles. Who thinks they can learn ALL their times tables up to 12x12?

Enjoy your time at home and long lie-ins everyday wink and… STOP TIPPING ON YOUR CHAIR!


Love from,

Mrs Grimes and Mrs Parr.


Term 4 - 27th February 2020

Year 3 had an amazing trip to Cheddar Caves this week! The children behaved incredibly well and wowed the Cheddar Caves staff with their Stone Age knowledge!  We watched a Stone Age demonstration of how they made fire and their own tools in order to survive during this time and even got a chance to dress up. Gough's Cave and Cox's Cave were absolutely amazing to walk around - we learnt about stalagmites and stalactites, how the water has changed the cave formations and all about how bats survive inside these caves! We will now plan and write our own recounts of the day back in school.

ROLE MODELS: Emma, Keeley, Leon, Abigail, Alyssa, Ellie J, Gracie, Ivy, Poppy, William B, Ayda, Story, Jack, Lola Ha, Toby, Roni, Emily B, Jake, Frankie, Prim, William M, Maddie B, Claire, Darcy, Ellie H, Autumn, Lowen, Rocci

Term 3 - 16th January 2020

Year 3 have started their new ‘Stone Age’ topic this term. The children have developed their creative skills using clay when making Stone Age necklaces and have begun creating their own cave art pictures using paint and charcoal. The children have also learnt how the Stone Age people would forage for berries and had a go themselves at dying material. Mr Barton has also demonstrated to each class how fires would have been started and how important they were during these times. It has been wonderful to hear many of the Year 3 children share facts about this new topic from books they have read at home.

ROLE MODELS: Roni, Toby, James H, Abigail, Aleisha, Harrison, Jasmine, Ruby N, Ronnie 

Term 2 - 28th November 2019

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful afternoon taking part in the ‘Raise the Roof’ music festival.  We learnt many songs around the theme of ‘Recycling’ and it was great to see the creative accessories children brought in to wear for the occasion!  Year 3 have also had more visitors recently.  This time we welcomed some residents from Acer house who came and told the children about their lives during the war.  We are now writing about the stories they retold us.  


As you are aware, Year 3 will be taking part in two Christingle services on Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd December at St Martin’s Church.  Children will need to arrive at the church for 6:15pm on both evenings dressed in full school uniform.  The children have been allocated parts by class teachers and a slip has been sent home to let you know on which night your child will be performing.  Although your child will have a specific role on one night, we need ALL children to attend on both nights to support those that are performing.  We invite you to attend on the night your child is performing.  We really look forward to seeing you all there.        

ROLE MODELS: Ronnie, Ruby N, Jasmine, Harrison, Ruby P, Jake, Libby, Lola H, Gracie, Autumn, Leon, Josh M 

Term 2 - 14th November 2019

As you know the children went on a World War II Worle walk just before half term. We were led by volunteers from the Worle History Society who were so knowledgeable in telling us stories from the war that happened right on our doorstep. We were shown a real bullet hole in a sign and looked at the houses that had to be re-built after the bombings.  The children were excellently behaved and looked fantastic in their evacuee costumes. We are now learning lots of songs - for ‘Raise the Roof’ and for our Christingle services. Please help us by singing together at home.

ROLE MODELS: Olivia WS, JJ , Anja, Henri, Lily, Jack, Story, Joshua A, Oliver T, Eva, Taiya, Caleb 

Term 1 - 22nd October 2019

Year 3 had a wonderful trip to the local Worle Library. We had a guided tour of how to find books we were interested in and we also learnt how to take books out to take home! We have been very busy practising our 'Raise the Roof' singing festival songs based around the theme of 'Recycling' and had a lovely time with Year 4 singing together.  

ROLE MODELS: Juliet, Faye, Finley, Corey, Isabelle, Florence, Dylan, Callum, Emilie, Olivia C, JJ, Ayda, Toby, Millie, Erin, Lola, Jack, Rocci, Leah, William, Charlie, Amelia, Taylor, Joshua, Olivia J, Claire, Darcy, Emma, Tommy-Lee, Lucy, Ryan, Alyssa, Ellie H, Ellie J, Ruby S, Grace G, Nancy, 

Term 1 - 10th October 2019

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Simons to our year group last week who spoke to us about his experiences as an evacuee during World War II. His stories have given us lots of inspiration to write about life as an evacuee during those times.

Term 1 - 26th September 2019

We have now begun our Topic - World War II. We have started to read the’ Lion and the Unicorn’ by Shirley Hughes which is helping us think about what it must have been like for people to live during the war.  We have written in the role of a character from the story and written emotive letters which could have been sent during the war time. 

Term 1 - 12th September 2019

Year 3 have settled back into school superbly! We have been enjoying sharing lots of stories during book week and we are now excited to start our first topic - World War II. Class 10 are looking forward to starting swimming on Friday!