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Year 3

Term 6 - 17th June 2022

Year 3 are loving swimming at the moment. It has been a pleasure to take the children each week and see their confidence grow. On Tuesday, David visited us from Worle History Society and took us on a guided history walk around the local area. We learnt so much about the reason the roads are named the way that they are and what Worle used to be like. Watch out for the details on our homework page so that the children can take you on a guided walk too. The children are working so hard, they should be very proud of themselves. 

Role Models: Willow, Darcie, Lettie, Samia, Millie, Barnaby, Jennifer, Charlie, Hugo, Imogen, Hadley, Jasper, Lily-Rose, Cameron F

Reading Quest: Lilly (Bronze), Lilly, Freddie (Silver), Layla, Willow (Gold), Millie, Louie (Diamond)

Term 5 - 19th May 2022

What a fantastic few weeks of learning we have had! Our knowledge of magnets has grown enormously and we have had fun making racetracks to test that magnets do not have to touch an object to attract them. Making paperclips jump with different strengths of magnets was fascinating. 

We have started to transfer our observational art of the insides of fruit onto clay tiles. This was quite a big job as we all had to make our tile to start with. The skill of drawing on and marking clay was trickier than we thought but most of us were pleased with how they looked when we put them to the side to dry. 

Don't forget, our swimming sessions start next Wednesday. Year 3 PE day will now be a Wednesday. Children need to come to school with their swimwear under their clothes and their underwear in their bags please. The swimming letter has all of the details on but, if you have any questions, please catch a member of the Year 3 team after school. 

Role Models: Millie, Isabelle, Ben H, Jacob, Malikai, Alia, Tyler, Will, Eleanora, Millie, Joseph, Logan

Reading Quest: Freddie, Tyler J, Samia, Ayla, Grace, Lilly (Bronze), Isla, Willow, Grace, Malikai (Silver), Aidan (Gold), Ronnie, Cameron (Diamond)

Term 5 - 5th May 2022

Wow! How have we arrived at Term 5 already? It sounds like the children have made some wonderful memories over the last two weeks. No doubt you saw in the news about the terrible fire at We the Curious. This means that they are not open for school visits this academic year and unfortunately our trip has been cancelled.  Please do not worry as we have lots of exciting things planned and will get information to you about plan B as soon as we have the details confirmed. 

The children have all been practicing hard for our Raise the Roof singing event last Friday afternoon. Although parents were not able to join us due to the number of children involved, I am sure that you have heard all about it from them and may have been treated to a solo!  

This term, our history learning focuses on the history of Worle and in science we are learning about forces. We will be writing a set of instructions in English taking inspiration from the wonderful book entitled ‘The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales’ and in maths we are continuing our learning about fractions.

Role Models: Aidan, Barnaby, Lettie, Caden, Frank, Coral, Caelen, Lenny, Maddie Y, Wesley

Reading Quest: Layla (Bronze), Millie, Layla, Aidan (Silver) Jay (Gold), Madison M, Faith, Isabelle B (Diamond)

🎼 🎢 🎡 Raise the Roof - 29th April πŸŽΌ 🎢 🎡 
On Friday, Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic time performing their Raise the Roof songs. It has been 2 years since the children have been able to come together and sing and it was lovely to welcome the children and grown ups from Worle Village Primary for this event. 
A huge thank you to the Team at the North Somerset Music Service.

Term 4 - 31st March 2022

So much fun was had during our book event on Monday 28th. Having looked at the book 'A River' by Marc Martin, we made our own boats and sailed them down our rivers. If you haven't had fun making soap powered boats yet, please ask the children. They are really easy and lots of fun. 

Children in all three classes have written amazing explanations of the water cycle this week putting together wonderful knowledge as well as confidently applying their skills as writers. We are so proud of them. 

Role Models: Maddy, Oakley, Esmae, Connor Harry B, Molllie, Blake, Macey, Harry S, Alia, Charlie

Reading Quest: Lettie, Aiden, Amelia (Bronze,) Ronnie, Sofia, Kira (Gold), Zachary (Diamond)

Term 4 - 18th March 2022

What an exciting few weeks we have had! We were visited by the wonderful Sue from Wessex Water on Tuesday. She told us lots of information about the water that we use and how we could reduce it. We were set the challenge to have a 4 minute shower as most showers use 10 litres per minute! Turning the tap off whilst we brush our teeth could also save another 9 litres a day.  

Please ask us about rivers and oceans around the world as we have been completing mini projects on them which we have presented to the rest of the class. 

Date for your diary:  The children are invited to a ‘River’ book event on Monday 28th March.  A letter will be on its way to you very soon. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to discuss your amazing children with you during parents evenings. Thank you for all of your support.

Role Models: Phoebe, Zac, Blake, Macey, Esmee, Archie, Freddie, Vaughan, Ayla, Lilly

Reading Quest: Martha, (Bronze), Martha, Nate, Ronnie (Silver), Nate, Isabelle (Gold), Oakley (Diamond)

πŸšΏπŸ’¦πŸ’§ Wessex Water Visit - 15th March 2022 πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸšΏ 
Year 3 were visited by the wonderful Sue from Wessex Water this morning. The children learnt all about how much water they use and ways they can  save water. This was all linked to the children’s work on the water cycle in geography.

Term 4 - 3rd March 2022

Wow, what a term we have planned for Year 3! Our focus turns to rivers, lakes and oceans through geography and English. I am sure that the children will all come home talking about the moving storybooks that we will be making as well as singing our 'Raise the Roof' songs. Thank you for all of the homework that has been sent in, it has been wonderful to see. During our maths sessions, it is clear that regular use of Times Table Rock Stars is improving the speed and accuracy of the children's multiplication.  We are so proud of the progress that the children are making and look forward to talking to you about it during parents evenings. 

Role Models: Kayden, Isla, Darcie, Samia, Gracie, Oskar, Jay, Henry, Poppy, Joshua, Imogen, Hugo

Reading Quest: Connor (Bronze), Jay, Sofia, Isabelle (Silver)

Term 3 - 10th February 2022

Year 3 had a fantastic time improving their detective skills on Monday during our ‘Mr Penguin’ books event. They wrote in invisible ink, made code breakers and developed their disguises. In English, they are developing into confident authors as they write about Tom, the hero of ‘Mousehole’. Please ask the children about the South West as we have now finished this geography unit which has been a huge interest to them. We have looked at maps, discussed holidays that the children have been on as well as human and natural features of the different landscapes.

Role Models: Ronnie, Layla, Corey, Bailey, Caelan, Robbie, Oliver H, Jasper, Zac, Elsie, Alia, Poppy Willow, Joshua Y

Reading Quest: Ronnie, Jay, Sofia (Bronze), Maddie Y (Silver), Oakley, Hugo (Gold), Esmae (Diamond)


Year 3 Book Event - 4th February 2022
πŸ” 🐧 πŸ•· Mr Penguin πŸ•· 🐧 πŸ”
Watch out Year 3 detectives are on the loose! 
On Friday, the children had a wonderful time at their Mr Penguin book event doing spy writing, code breaking and working on their disguises. Do you know any of these super spys?

Term 3 - 27th January 2022

We are so proud of the way that Year 3 have approached the booklets that we have completed this week. They have all been amazing. 

There is a real buzz around our learning about sound! Please ask the children about vibrations, they should be able to tell you lots. 

Our knowledge of the South West is growing considerably and our computing posters demonstrate how attractive we think our area is. It is wonderful to hear the children talk with so much passion about the holidays that they have been on and their first-hand experience particularly of Devon and Cornwall.  

Role Models: Kira, Caden, Faith, Tyler J, Marc, Maddie C, Charlie, Esme T, Lacey, Lily-Rose

Reading Quest: Isabelle (Bronze), Madison C, Kira, Oakley (Silver), Madison C, Layla, Madison M, Zac (Gold)

Term 3 - 12th January 2022

What a busy term we have planned in Year 3! A huge thank you to all of the adults who came to our Christingle performances to support the children. We know how hard it is to take time off work or rearrange things to enable you to come into school. We were so proud of how the children adapted to the change of location and, I hope that you agree, performed brilliantly. Our learning this term centres around the South West of England. In English, our learning will be through Cornish legends including ‘The Mousehole Cat’ and ‘The Merrymaid of Zennor’. In geography, we are focusing on the location and makeup of the South West including the Jurassic Coast which links to our fossil learning from last term. Date for your diary: ‘Mr Penguin’ book event 3.20 - 4.30 Monday 7th Feb (a letter with details will be coming your way in the next couple of weeks).

Role Models: Ryan, Aiden, Lettie, Ayla, Nate, Patrick,

Reading Quest: Nate, Oakley, Kira (Bronze) Rosie, Faith (Gold)

Term 2 - 17th December 2021

Our ‘Stone Age Boy’ book event was a huge success thanks to all of the fabulous children who came. Clay beads have now all made their way home along with skillfully made spears.  Hopefully you have had an opportunity to see the photos that we shared.  

Rehearsals are well underway for our Christingle extravaganza recording!  We are all very excited to share this with you.

Our science topic has moved on from rocks to fossils and soils.  We have completed an experiment to see the different layers of soils.

Have you heard Chapter 81 of ‘The Wild Robot’? We currently have about 90 amazing versions in Year 3. Each child worked so incredibly hard using all of their learning so far this year when writing their additional chapter. We are so proud of them. If you need any multiplication or division done over Christmas then look no further than Class 10, 11 and 12. We have worked hard on mastering these skills in lots of different contexts. 

‘Leah's Star’ is the most wonderful take on the nativity story from a child's perspective and Year 3 have enjoyed studying this in English. I am sure that the children have told you all about it. 

Finally our Year 3 would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with family and fun. 

Role Models: Lilly, Bailey, Willow, Barnaby, Esmae, Ben H, Oakley, Faith, Aiyla-Rose, Jay, Henry, Phoebe, Benedikt, Lennox, Dexter, Hadley

Reading Quest: Dexter, Louie, Rosie, Maddie C, Faith, Madison M (Bronze), Louie, Faith, Zachary, Dexter, Madison M (Silver), Esmae, Cameron F, Louie (Gold)


Year 3 Handball - 23rd November

Year 3 had a fantastic time with Mr Windmill from Wesport. They now have lots of new handball knowledge which they will be putting into practice during their Friday PE sessions.

πŸ“πŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸŒ³πŸŽΎ  Year 3/4 Multi-Sports - 22nd November πŸŽΎπŸŒ³πŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸ“

On Monday, 12 pupils from year 3 and 4 joined other schools from ELAN at a sports event. First year students from the Campus, led a variety of activites: obstacle challenge, ping pong, target practice using bean bags and throwing and catching skills using balls of different sizes. 

The children were commended for demonstrating great sportsmanship and for having polite manners. 
The children were all superstars and did MG proud!


Year 3 Book Event: Stone Age Boy - 15th November 2021

On Monday, Year 3 had such a fabulous time at their Stone Age Boy book event. We followed in Om's footsteps and experienced some of the jobs that her family had. The children were fantastic fire makers, wonderful weapon crafters and marvellous medallion and bead designers. 
Here is a small selection of our photos.

Term 2 - 11th November 2021

What an amazing start to Term 2 we have had in Year 3.  It has been a pleasure to share the children's learning and progress with you during parent's evenings this week and it is always fascinating to hear about which parts of our learning the children choose to talk about at home. 

On Monday we are holding our ‘Stone Age Boy’ book event after school. Thank you to all of those who have returned the slips.  It looks like we are going to have a fantastic group of children to explore some great Stone Age activities with.  

Role Models: Ronnie, Kayden, Isla, Maddy, Martha B, Tyler T, Harry S, Lilly A, Robbie, Cameron, Joseph, Oliver H

Reading Quest: Cameron F (Bronze), Esmae W, Cameron F (Silver)

Term 1 - 10th October 2021

Thank you for visiting our Year 3 walkthrough Stone Age showcase this week.  We are sure you will agree – the children's sculptures were superb! 

What an amazing few weeks we have had in Year 3. We have found out all about Worlebury Camp: why people settled there and what it looked like 5000 years ago. ‘Roz the Wild Robot’ now features daily in our discussions and our descriptive vocabulary has grown immensely.  Most of us have mastered adding numbers where there needs to be exchanging, which is brilliant. 

Please help us by supporting your child's learning with the following homework: 

Read 5 times per week and have it recorded in your reading record. 

Complete timetables on Time Table Rock Stars for 20 mins per week. 

Role Models: Millie, Freddie, Corey, Isabelle, Oskar, Eleanora, Zachary, Gracie

Reading Quest: Esmae (Bronze)

Summer Reading Challenge: Hugo, Maddie, Lily A, Louie, Esmae

Stone Age Showcase - 19th September 2021
Thank you so much to all of the families who visited our Stone Age showcase today. The children loved sharing the sculptures that they have spent the last few weeks creating.

Term 1 - 30th September 2021

Roz the Wild Robot has been the subject of many conversations at school and I am sure that this has spread to the children's homes too. Her island antics are the source of our inspiration in English at the moment. This week we have written a diary extract using the information in the first 9 chapters of this wonderful text. 

After studying different cave art, we have had so much fun creating our own using charcoal, paint and sticks. This week we have designed animals which we are going to turn into clay sculptures in the coming weeks. It is very exciting. 

A few of our wonderful parents have asked how they can help their child at home. There are a few things that would be immensely helpful. Please could you help your child complete their homework expectation of reading at least five times each week and help them learn their 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables. 

Finally, a little plea: please can you make sure that you write your child's name in all of their coats and jumpers. We have already amassed a huge amount of lost property. Please come and look if you have items missing. 

Role Models: Blake, Coral, Charlotte, Daisy G, Macey, Mollie, Frank, Darcie, Connor, Layla, Vaughan, Harry, Wesley, Archie T, Maddie, Jack B

Summer Reading Challenge: Logan P, Louie, Madison, Isabelle, Ryan, Amelia, Jay, Cameron, Joseph, Dexter, Oskar, Henry H

Term 1 - 17th September 2021

Well Year 3, what can we say, you have settled in beautifully! It sounds like you had some amazing adventures and days out during the summer.  All of the staff are so proud of the way that the children have embraced being in new classes, making additional friends as well as catching up with others in the playground. Hopefully, the children have come home excited about their learning for this term.  Your child should be bringing their reading books home on Friday.  In Year 3 our expectation is that children read 5 times each week at home. When they read please note it in their reading record so that we can keep track of how often they’re  reading. There will always be a member of Year 3 staff on the playground before school.  However, if you would like to speak to your child's teacher please see us at the end of the day or let the office know and we will arrange a phone call.  We have such exciting plans for this year and we cannot wait to share them with your children. 

Role Models: Oliver C, Malakai, Logan, Jasper, Blake, Coral, Samia, Tyler, Jacob, Sofia



YEAR 3 2020 - 2021

The Wild Robot - 20th July

Y3 have had a fantastic time celebrating the end of our work on The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. Our English and Design work came together in our 3D maps of Roz's island. We used our knowledge of the story to ensure that all of the locations featured in the story appeared on our maps.  A lot of fun was had in the production of these works of art and design.

In Pictures: The Wild Robot

Term 6 - 19th July 2021

Year 3, we are amazingly proud of every single one of you! You work so hard in everything that you do and it has been a pleasure to teach you. As a year group, we have enjoyed learning about how our bodies move focusing on our skeletal and muscular system.  It was fascinating to find out lots about the South West and discover that some of our beaches contain sand from other countries! 

Typography has produced some brilliant art work focused around children's initials. Thank you so much for your help and support through this difficult year. 

Role Models: Harry C, Lexi, Evie, Olivia, Harry S, Harvey, Izzy, Maisy

Term 6 - 6th July 2021

Wow, Year 3! What an amazing Sports Day we had! We were so proud of your behaviour and the way in which you embraced all of the activities. We all had a lot of fun. The smiles as you jumped in the sack race and the focus on your faces in the relay were a sight to behold. We hope that you enjoy the selection of photos on the website. 

As we come to the end of the story of the ‘Wild Robot’, I think that it is fair to say that we have all fallen a little bit in love with Roz the robot. I know that some of you, like me, have even bought the sequel to see what happens next. The chapters that you have planned for Roz are very exciting and we look forward to reading them all.

It was lovely to chat to your Year 4 teachers on Thursday and hear that they are all excited about September and the wonderful things that they have planned for you. It is hard to believe that we are this close to the end of the year already.  

Role Models: Felix, Temira, Mia, Tom, Evelyn, Neve, Harry C, Lexi M, Darcie, Ellie, Max H, Isaac


Year 3 Sports Day - 1st July 2021

A huge well done to all of the Year 3 children. We had a wonderful morning with exemplary behaviour from all participants. 

Congratulations to Class 10 who were the relay winners and Yellow team who won our overall event. 

Term 5 - 27th May 2021

How is it the end of Term 5 already? The Year 3 children have all been working so hard. We have been focussing on time and hopefully the children will be able to help you tell the time over half term. Homework is being set via OneNote each week. Please can you let class teachers know if you need a user name or password sent home again to enable you to access this. 

Our learning about the history of Worle as well as our science topic of magnets have now come to an end. Please ask the children all about them.  We have learnt some amazing information. 

Have a wonderful half term. Let's hope the sun shines!

Role Models: Ruby, Lexi, Sienna, Grace, Molly, Brianna, Archie B, Connor, Hamish, Jonah, Chloe, Catherine, Haydn A

Term 5 - 13th May 2021

It was such a pleasure to share the children's fantastic learning and successes with you during our phone calls last week. The children have just been amazing!

We are still enjoying learning all about ‘Roz the Wild Robot’ especially the environments that she makes for her home and the friendships that she is developing. The descriptive vocabulary that the children have been using in their writing has been outstanding. 

Hopefully, the children have come home filled with information to teach you all about the history of Worle. Did you know that there was a tsunami in Somerset in 1607? Looking at maps of how areas have changed is always fascinating and Worle is no exception. 

In maths, our focus will change from fractions to time next week. If you could use opportunities at home to help your child tell the time, in real life situations, on digital and analogue clocks this would be hugely helpful. 

Role Models: Amy, Archie B, Lydia, Noah, Ryan, Imogen, Jay, Lily-May, Jasmine, Leah, Max H, Emelie

Term 5 - 29th April 2021

We are so excited to be studying ‘The Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown. It is a fantastic story with beautiful descriptive language and so many ideas that spark discussion. Roz the robot now has a special place on many of our 'top ten book characters of all time' lists. Fractions continues to be our focus in maths for the next few weeks. Our aim is to be fraction experts very soon! Year 3 is clearly full of some budding artists as well. Collage work in the style of Rousseau is well underway and looking fabulous.  Class teachers are looking forward to speaking to you about your children next week.  

Role Models: Felicity, Paige, Scarlett, Skye, Daisy, Maisy

Term 4 - 31st March 2021

Year 3 we are so proud of you and all your hard work this term.  You have returned to school with an amazing attitude towards your learning. Our topic of ‘Significant Individuals in History’ has really inspired you during the last few weeks. This led to some brilliant work and wonderful conversations about future ambitions that some of you have. We can clearly see that we have some budding authors in our year group as your versions of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ made for fantastic reading due to your lovely word choice and imagination.  We had such great fun making our Easter cards this week with levers and pivots. Hopefully, you will be able to share what you have learnt with your families. 

Happy Easter to each and every one of you and your loved ones. 

Role Models: Sienna, Lacey, Leah, Oliver, Brianna, Layla, Connor, Eva, Darcie, Rosie, Harvey, Izzy, Haydn

Term 4 - 18th March 2021

The time we have all been waiting for has arrived! We have three Year 3 classrooms full of amazing children buzzing to learn and so excited to see each other. The hard work that happened during lockdown is clear to see and the children are applying it to their work in class.  Learning about sound was the perfect way to start our time back together. String telephones have stimulated many questions and been great fun to investigate with. The beautiful Chinese folktale ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ is inspiring our writing and fractions are our focus in maths.  We are hoping that the children are having lots of conversations about cutting pizzas and cake at meal times! It is wonderful to have the whole Year 3 crew back together. 

Role Models: Neve, Esmay, Scarlett, Riley, Oakley, Jamie-Lee

A Message to Our Year 3 Children and Families - 2nd March 2021

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of the Year 3 children back to school on 8th March - we can't wait to see you.

Click the link below to see a video message from Mr Barton.

Year 3 - We can't wait to see you! | Mendip Green Primary School (

A Message From The Year 3 Team- 14th April 2020

The Year 3 Team can’t wait to see all of the amazing learning you have been doing at home. Next, why not try getting on the internet or read some information books so you can find out all about something new or interesting.  See if you can make an information booklet, poster or performance about it to share with us or your family. It could be your favourite football team, a different country, something historical, a toy, an animal, a sport, a type of food, space … absolutely anything! You could even put your Powerpoint presentation skills to the test and make a presentation about Stone Age/Bronze Age dwellings.

We would also love to hear what books you have been enjoying over the last few weeks!


Class 10

Hi Gang!

How are things? I am certainly missing your smiley faces during this tricky time. It seems strange waking up in the morning knowing that I won’t be seeing you today and sharing our news. I can’t wait to play our silly games like ‘Heads down, thumbs up’ and ‘Who is in the cupboard?’ Can you remember who the detective is next?

Some grown ups are in school at the moment helping look after children whose parents have to go to work. We are doing fun activities along with a little bit of learning. Do you know what the best thing is? I get to wear my jeans to school! The other great thing is that I don’t have to iron shirts for the week – brill! That should mean I get an extra 10 minutes in bed but I have been sensible (Mrs B said I had to be) and used my time to do some things at home. I have been busy doing decorating but have also been out on my mountain bike to do some exercise! What have you done to stay healthy? I look forward to hearing about it when we get back to school.

I have also been doing a lot of reading at home. Books are so important to exercise your imagination especially as we can’t get outside at the moment. Are you reading at home like me? I really hope so. Let’s share all our book recommendations when we get back in the classroom.


Remember, I care about each and every one of you and want you to stay safe. Please listen carefully to your grown ups at home and follow their advice. As I’ve said, I can’t wait to see you all again soon.


Love from,

Mr B


Class 11

Hello Class 11,

How are you all? We have been thinking about you all lots! We are both missing you all so much: your laughter, your stories and even your chattiness and messiness (never thought we would say that)!

It has been lovely to see your photos and videos on the Facebook page as it is helping us to keep up with what you have been doing. We are enjoying being at home with our families and being out in the sunshine whilst we can.

We hope you are all keeping yourselves busy and we can’t wait to hear and see what you have been up to.

We are both getting a little impatient now having to wait for the ending of ‘Mr Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise’ that we may need to sneak a little look before we get back to school! Why not try writing your own ending to the book. We could then see who is closest to what actually happens when we all get back to school again.

We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon! Please remember to listen to your grown-ups and stay safe!


Love from,

Mrs Melhuish and Mrs Stead smiley


Class 12

Hi Class 12,

We just wanted to say “bonjour” to you all. We’re missing you, your funny jokes and your giggles!

We know everything is strange right now and it can be very boring being stuck at home. Make the most of all this extra playing time without us nagging you to underline your date and WALT with a ruler everyday! Have a look for that box of toys that you had forgotten about and the games you hardly play with… and play with them.

When we’re back, we want you show us anything new that you have learnt or done – amazing art, cool gymnastics moves, silly jokes, football skills, a new game you’ve made up, fantastic reading, marvellous maths and new long hair styles. Who thinks they can learn ALL their times tables up to 12x12?

Enjoy your time at home and long lie-ins everyday wink and… STOP TIPPING ON YOUR CHAIR!


Love from,

Mrs Grimes and Mrs Parr.


Term 4 - 27th February 2020

Year 3 had an amazing trip to Cheddar Caves this week! The children behaved incredibly well and wowed the Cheddar Caves staff with their Stone Age knowledge!  We watched a Stone Age demonstration of how they made fire and their own tools in order to survive during this time and even got a chance to dress up. Gough's Cave and Cox's Cave were absolutely amazing to walk around - we learnt about stalagmites and stalactites, how the water has changed the cave formations and all about how bats survive inside these caves! We will now plan and write our own recounts of the day back in school.

ROLE MODELS: Emma, Keeley, Leon, Abigail, Alyssa, Ellie J, Gracie, Ivy, Poppy, William B, Ayda, Story, Jack, Lola Ha, Toby, Roni, Emily B, Jake, Frankie, Prim, William M, Maddie B, Claire, Darcy, Ellie H, Autumn, Lowen, Rocci

Term 3 - 16th January 2020

Year 3 have started their new ‘Stone Age’ topic this term. The children have developed their creative skills using clay when making Stone Age necklaces and have begun creating their own cave art pictures using paint and charcoal. The children have also learnt how the Stone Age people would forage for berries and had a go themselves at dying material. Mr Barton has also demonstrated to each class how fires would have been started and how important they were during these times. It has been wonderful to hear many of the Year 3 children share facts about this new topic from books they have read at home.

ROLE MODELS: Roni, Toby, James H, Abigail, Aleisha, Harrison, Jasmine, Ruby N, Ronnie 

Term 2 - 28th November 2019

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful afternoon taking part in the ‘Raise the Roof’ music festival.  We learnt many songs around the theme of ‘Recycling’ and it was great to see the creative accessories children brought in to wear for the occasion!  Year 3 have also had more visitors recently.  This time we welcomed some residents from Acer house who came and told the children about their lives during the war.  We are now writing about the stories they retold us.  


As you are aware, Year 3 will be taking part in two Christingle services on Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd December at St Martin’s Church.  Children will need to arrive at the church for 6:15pm on both evenings dressed in full school uniform.  The children have been allocated parts by class teachers and a slip has been sent home to let you know on which night your child will be performing.  Although your child will have a specific role on one night, we need ALL children to attend on both nights to support those that are performing.  We invite you to attend on the night your child is performing.  We really look forward to seeing you all there.        

ROLE MODELS: Ronnie, Ruby N, Jasmine, Harrison, Ruby P, Jake, Libby, Lola H, Gracie, Autumn, Leon, Josh M 

Term 2 - 14th November 2019

As you know the children went on a World War II Worle walk just before half term. We were led by volunteers from the Worle History Society who were so knowledgeable in telling us stories from the war that happened right on our doorstep. We were shown a real bullet hole in a sign and looked at the houses that had to be re-built after the bombings.  The children were excellently behaved and looked fantastic in their evacuee costumes. We are now learning lots of songs - for ‘Raise the Roof’ and for our Christingle services. Please help us by singing together at home.

ROLE MODELS: Olivia WS, JJ , Anja, Henri, Lily, Jack, Story, Joshua A, Oliver T, Eva, Taiya, Caleb 

Term 1 - 22nd October 2019

Year 3 had a wonderful trip to the local Worle Library. We had a guided tour of how to find books we were interested in and we also learnt how to take books out to take home! We have been very busy practising our 'Raise the Roof' singing festival songs based around the theme of 'Recycling' and had a lovely time with Year 4 singing together.  

ROLE MODELS: Juliet, Faye, Finley, Corey, Isabelle, Florence, Dylan, Callum, Emilie, Olivia C, JJ, Ayda, Toby, Millie, Erin, Lola, Jack, Rocci, Leah, William, Charlie, Amelia, Taylor, Joshua, Olivia J, Claire, Darcy, Emma, Tommy-Lee, Lucy, Ryan, Alyssa, Ellie H, Ellie J, Ruby S, Grace G, Nancy, 

Term 1 - 10th October 2019

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Simons to our year group last week who spoke to us about his experiences as an evacuee during World War II. His stories have given us lots of inspiration to write about life as an evacuee during those times.

Term 1 - 26th September 2019

We have now begun our Topic - World War II. We have started to read the’ Lion and the Unicorn’ by Shirley Hughes which is helping us think about what it must have been like for people to live during the war.  We have written in the role of a character from the story and written emotive letters which could have been sent during the war time. 

Term 1 - 12th September 2019

Year 3 have settled back into school superbly! We have been enjoying sharing lots of stories during book week and we are now excited to start our first topic - World War II. Class 10 are looking forward to starting swimming on Friday!