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Year 6

Term 6 - 17th June 2022

Year 6 have made a brilliant start to Term 6, and what a busy few weeks we’ve got ahead! The children have made a good start with their performance (‘What’s The Crime Mr Wolf?’) and rehearsals are going well. Congratulations to everyone who participated in Sports Day, especially the Blue team who won the team trophy. Class 21 were very pleased to win the class relay. Year 6 are continuing athletics in PE. We enjoyed sculpting our clay portraits in art, they look fantastic! In history, we are still learning about the Maya and how their settlements became abandoned. We have started our new topic in science, looking at light. The children are very excited about their camp/staycation, they have a lot to look forward to this term. 

Role Models: Mark, Krishna, Evie, Ruby D, Ruby H, Harry P, Jamie, Lily, Ruby S, Lola, Jaydon, Ruby D, Ruby H, Harry P, Jamie G, Lily W, Jamaika, Skye, Kye

Reading Quest: Kieran (Diamond)

Swimming Gala - 26th May 2022
On Thursday, our Year 5/6 swimmers swum their little socks off at the swimming gala. We never tire of saying how proud we are of them all!
The cherry on top of the icing on the cake was receiving a message from a member of the public saying that our children were, ‘amazing… so good and polite.’
Well done Team M.G. You are awesome swimmers and most importantly, awesome people! πŸ’ 🧁 πŸ₯Ή 

Term 5 - 19th May 2022

Year 6 had their SATs last week and absolutely blew everyone away with their positive attitudes each morning. The children enjoyed the wide variety of breakfasts on offer to fill their tummies ready to sit the papers. They showed great maturity and enjoyed the opportunity to show off their Key stage 2 learning. Last Friday, the children had a well-deserved celebration day, beginning with a sausage sandwich. The day was then spent playing games, requesting songs, singing and dancing. They were also excited to find out the title of our end of year show and were given the audition piece. We have already started practising the songs and auditions will begin next week so the children will know their parts by May half term. It was hard to choose role models as we were so proud of them so they were all announced as role models for SATs week. Well done Year 6!

Role Models: All of Year 6, Nate, Joseph, Hollie H, Jacob C

Reading Quest: Ruby D (Bronze)

Term 5 - 5th May 2022

Year 6 have made an excellent start to the term and they are very pleased to have their hoodies. Please remember that these can be worn on PE days and out on the playground at break and lunch. 

The children have been busy revising lots of different terminology ready for the spelling, punctuation and grammar paper.  In maths, they have been deciding which nets would make 3D shapes and recapping the names of the shapes. They have also started their revision on speedy arithmetic and developing their problem-solving skills. In PE, we have moved on to athletics. This week the children decided which track start would be most effective and put it into practice. Our history unit is all about The Maya. Over the course of this term we will be investigating why their settlements were mysteriously abandoned.

Role Models: Clai, Freya, Ruby H, Summer B, Ruby W, Ivy



Term 4 - 31st March 2022

Year 6 have finished learning about Shackleton's epic Endurance expedition this week and we are now ready to write a newspaper report about it. The children have loved discovering how Shackleton and his crew overcame many obstacles to survive in the harsh Antarctic and they particularly loved seeing the footage of the Endurance at the bottom of the Weddell Sea on the news which brought the history to life. In geography, the children are now creating presentations of their choice (such as songs, news reports, plays and posters) to show what action on climate change they would take to improve their future using their learning this term to inform their choices. 

Role Models: Hollie, Jacob C, Jacob D, Keelie, Matthew, Aiden

Term 4 - 18th March 2022

Things continue to be as busy as ever in Year 6. In DT, we tasted a range of different breads as part of our work on burgers. We are continuing with ‘Shackleton's Journey’ as things are getting very perilous for Shackleton and his men. We are developing our tennis skills in PE and are looking at graphs in maths. We are continuing work on evolution and inheritance in science and have been learning about fossils and the work of Mary Anning. The WWC team have been doing brilliant work, keeping the school tidy with the litter picking team. 

Role Models: Kye, Freya, Lillie R, Georgina, Will, Evie

Term 4 - 3rd March 2022

Year 6 will be learning about making burgers this term and have already started by looking at their nutritional value. In maths, we have been looking at measures and converting from imperial to metric units and vice versa. We have been reading ‘La Oruga Muy Hambrienta’ and learning the days of the week and foods in Spanish. We are continuing with ‘Shackleton's Journey’ in English and will be writing some poems inspired by the Antarctic landscape. We finished our swimming lessons with a fun session which we all enjoyed. 

Term 3 - 10th February 2022

As this term flies by, Year 6 continue to work hard. We have been enjoying our swimming sessions and have had some lovely compliments from staff at the pool about our behaviour and attitude. In art, we have been painting and drawing using ink, looking at still life compositions and in music, we continue to enjoy 'A New Year Carol' by Benjamin Britten. We have been developing our skills in formal writing and contrasting this with informal writing, using our class text, 'Shackleton's Journey' for inspiration. We had a wonderful time at Harry Potter Night with those children who attended - their enthusiasm and enjoyment were infectious! 

Role Models: Evie, Ruby D, Corey, Kye, Jacob D, Max P

Reading Quest: Kieran (Gold)

Year 6 Book Event - 8th February 2022
πŸ¦‰ ✨ Harry Potter Night ✨🧦

On Tuesday, Year 6 celebrated all things Harry Potter Day a wonderful evening was had by all. Once the children had taken part in the sorting hat ceremony,  they were taken to the Great Hall  to listen to an extract from the first book. They then spent time, hunting for Dobby's socks, playing Quidditch, creating Harry Potter craft and completing a scavenger hunt outside. The evening finished with a quiz to test their knowledge of the books.

Term 3 - 27th January 2022

Year 6 have been working extremely hard this term. We have just finished writing our biographies about Shackleton before we embark on his expedition to Antarctica on the Endurance back in 1914. In geography, we have been learning about climate change and sustainability. We have been looking at this through the UNESCO Sustainable and Development goals for 2030 and we are beginning to understand what our role in improving the planet is. We now know about our carbon footprint and what we can do to reduce this. The creation of our web pages is going well and we are looking forward to showing you our finished products at home at the end of the term through our Office 365 log ins. While we create them, we will be learning about copyright and creating navigation paths and links so our web pages are simple to use for our audience. 

Role Models: Summer P, Bradley, Jacob M, Paige, Max P, Aiden, Izzy D

Wolf Brother Night - 25th January 2022

🌲🌲🐺 Year 6 Wolf Brother Night II 🐺🌲🌲 

Last week we held our second installment of Wolf Brother Night. The children enjoyed a story around the camp fire and baked potatoes before setting off on a scavenger hunt by torchlight to find the clans’ camps.
A huge thank you to all of the staff and our fantastic UWE students who stepped in and stayed behind after school to ensure this event could still go ahead. 

Letters from Authors - 17th January 2022


We have some VERY LUCKY and VERY CHUFFED book worms in Year 6 πŸ“š πŸ› πŸ“• πŸ“– 🌳 


Before Christmas, some of our Y6 children were selected to help announce the winners of the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards 2021. This was a huge honour! They certainly made their mark and were commended for the enthusiasm and sparkle they brought to the online ceremony. They were bowled over when, a few weeks later, their received letters, and signed books from one of the winning authors - the poet Laura Mucha - as a thank you.


Today, our Year 6 have been surprised again. As part of their guided reading, they wrote letters to the author of the poetry book they are reading (Anneliese Emmans Dean the poet behind ‘Buzzing!’). Within their letters, they asked a bunch of questions. They were amazed to receive individual letters back from Anneliese… as well as some other goodies.


It is always such a wonderful surprise when authors (including poets) and illustrators respond to the children’s questions and queries. They are such incredibly hardworking and busy people so for them to take the time to respond to the children is a real treat. However, to respond individually like this is just amazingly generous! These letters and goodies are so special… they are going to be treasured and will be a source of inspiration to all of the children.


Thank you. Thank you.

Term 3 - 12th January 2022

Year 6 have settled back into school so well after the holiday and are enjoying their new text for this term, 'Shackleton's Journey'. Alongside this, we have started to read 'Brightstorm' as our class novel. In Spanish, we are learning the names of various foods and in geography, we have started our topic on 'Sustainability and Climate Change'. The children are keen to start making their own web pages in computing and everyone is enjoying swimming on Wednesdays.

Role Models: Jacob M, Joseph N, Jaydon, Savannah, Toby Reading Quest: Kieran (Silver)

Term 2 - 17th December 2021

Year 6 have been hard at work as usual. ‘Wolf Brother’ (their class text) has inspired lots of wonderful writing, including some lovely poems. They are now writing their final quest stories about Wolf. In DT, there is lots of excitement as they are making their miniature bird boxes. Hopefully, these will all be ready for Christmas! This term, music sessions have been focused on classroom jazz and the children have been improvising along to various compositions on the glockenspiels. It's been great fun- and there have been a few converts to jazz appreciation along the way! Have a wonderful Christmas from all the Year 6 team.

Role Models: Zoe, Jacob C, Maddie, Max R, JJ, Immy, Cassie, Joe, Emily G, Danny, Alfie F, Charlie, Sky, Bella B, Jaxon, Paige, Layla, Kyle

Reading Quest: Kieran (Bronze)

🐺 Year 6 Book Event: Wolf Brother (Volume 1) - 23rd November 🐺 

On Tuesday night, Wolf Clan met around the camp fire for an evening of mystery, adventure and A fantastic time was had by all and they were able to evade The Wanderer and the Bear.

Term 2 - 11th November 2021

Year 6 have been very busy as usual! They have written some wonderful pieces of writing based in Raven Camp (from our class book 'Wolf Brother'), using all the skills they have been developing this term. In DT, they have started looking at bird boxes and are looking forward to the making ahead. In maths, they are continuing to work on fractions, finding the lowest common denominator to help them add and subtract. Year 6 have created some lovely poppy pictures for Remembrance. 

Role Models: Emily T, Summer P, Kieran, Lily R, Max R, Maddie, Max P, Jess J, Luke, Izzy D, Lily, Ruby S, Marley, Lola

Netball at Worle School - 22nd October 2021

On Friday afternoon, our Year 6 children popped across the road to Worle School to practise their netball skills on the full-sized courts. They are playing High-Five netball, a 5 a side version of the full game which they will experience at secondary school. πŸ€ 

Term 1 - 22nd October 2021

Year 6 have been working hard designing and creating scene sets in art, inspired by their work on 'Wolf Brother'. They also made shadow puppets of characters from the story. This week, they are visiting Worle to use the netball courts so they can put the skills they have been practising into action. In science, Year 6 have continued learning about classification and this week, focused on plants. The children really deserve a rest over the holiday. Have a lovely week!

Role Models: Harry P, Georgina,  Summer B, Brooklyn W, Ruby H 

Term 1 - 30th September 2021

In Year 6, we have started 'Wolf Brother', our text for this term, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to listen to Michelle Paver (the author) talking about her writing by joining an on-line event for schools. We have also been enjoying some poems and are looking forward to performing poems for National Poetry Day on the 7th October. We are also looking forward to a visit from author J M Joseph. 

In maths, we have been solving problems using our knowledge of addition and subtraction and continue to secure our understanding of place value. We are revising how to greet people in Spanish so 'Adios!' until next time!

Role Models: Freya, Sophie, Macie, Tas, Ivy, Jamie, Chloe P, Will, Ruby D

Summer Reading Challenge: Kieran, Lily R, Sophie, Max R

Term 1 - 17th September 2021

Year 6 have made an excellent start to the year. Last week, they produced some lovely artwork based on their learning about traditional Russian tales. In maths, we have begun work on place value and we have started our music sessions based on the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. It's hard not to feel 'happy' when working with such lovely children!

Role Models: Milly, Nate, Evie, Rhylie, Harry, Jess H

YEAR 6 2020 - 2021

Term 6 - 19th July 2021

All Year 6's hard work and enthusiasm paid off this week as they performed 'Pirates of The Curry Bean’. Full of wonderful singing and acting, the children really threw themselves into the performance and you can see some real stars of the future here! Many thanks to Josh who came to film for us, to all the staff who work with Year 6 and to adults at home for helping the children learn their lines. Now on to preparing for graduation...

Role Models: Oli, Logan, Barnaby, Hollie

Year 6 Camp - 5th-7th July

Year 6 had a wonderful few days at Camp. We spent time at Noah's Ark Zoo and really enjoyed looking at the animals. The highlight was definitely the many play areas and the maze. We enjoyed a feast of sausage and chips from the chip shop when we returned to school followed by playing on the field. We spent the evening singing songs around the camp fire, drinking hot chocolate and eating sweets. The following day, the children enjoyed orienteering, art, sports activities and films. We also spent a day learning about kites. The children made their own prototypes with different materials then we tested them to see which materials made the best one. 

Term 6 - 6th July 2021

Year 6 have been having a wonderful time rehearsing our show and practising the songs. Everything is starting to come together really well and many of Year 6 are already word perfect. They certainly are a talented bunch!  There is also great excitement about camp this week and all the planned activities. Year 6 have loved reading 'Wolf Brother', our class text, which has now been finished, and they are writing some amazing quest stories based on this wonderful book. 

Role Models: Oli, Sharna, Sam, Kiera, AJ, Sean

Year 6 Sports Day - 22nd June 2021

Our Year 6 children were full of energy and enthusiasm for their Sports Day yesterday afternoon! The children participated in a host of events, showing a fantastic attitude and demonstrating amazing teamwork throughout. It was a lovely afternoon and enjoyed by all.


The Red Team were announced as the overall winners at the end of the afternoon - great job Reds! As you would expect, the class relay was incredibly competitive and came down to a nail-biting finish.  By a hair, the winners were Class 20!


Year 6 - you were fantastic!  This was not quite the Sports Day that we had hoped for you in your final term at Mendip Green but you made the absolute most of every second.  We are so proud of you!


Term 5 - 27th May 2021

Year 6 have really enjoyed reading books for the Children's Book Awards. We are very excited about our class book, 'Wolf Brother', and are using it to help us improve our own writing. At the moment, we are writing in role as members of Raven Camp and are striving to make this our best work. We are proud to say that we are growing in confidence with decimals, fractions and percentages. We are also enjoying PE.  We are delighted to now be a Year 6 bubble and are really looking forward to the play.

Role Models: Shauna, Sam P, Ellie, Jacob, Sonny, Oscar E, Alfie, Carter, Corey


Term 5 - 13th May 2021

This week, Year 6 have been finding out about wolves as part of their work on 'Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver and will be using this to write a non-chronological report. In art, we have been experimenting with charcoal - messy work, but great fun! We have learning about the Maya, a fascinating Mesoamerican civilisation which we will be exploring more in the next few weeks.  Remember, Y6 Leavers' photos are next Friday so no PE kits please!

Role Models: Gracie L, Hollie, Sonny, Olivia, Grace R, Emilia

Term 5 - 29th April 2021

We have restarted our English learning about ‘Wolf Brother’ that we had to postpone while we focused on our skills of independence.  The children (and adults) are excited to return to this stunning text.  This week, we've been using it as a stimulus to showcase our writing which will be sent to the children's Year 7 teachers.  In geography, we have had our first lesson in our sequence of learning about climate change which generated some super, mature discussions, demonstrating how much the pupils care about this important topic.

Role Models: Matthew, Finley, Hollie A

Term 4 - 31st March 2021

Year 6 have been working extremely hard this term. They completed their voyage and return stories in English which were very creative and showcased all their learning since January. In maths, we finished our statistics topic and have moved onto algebra. On a Wednesday, Year 6 have been taking part in maths investigations to consolidate their mathematical knowledge and investigation skills. We have looked at travel problems linking to timetables, shopping tasks linking to money and percentages and investigating whether our head circumference has a relationship with our height (linking to measure and mean average). The children have absolutely loved taking part in the ELAN online physical activity sessions with Mr Molland each week and have enjoyed getting a shout out or two! In PE, we have been busy creating our own haka routines after watching the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team for inspiration exploring dynamics, movement and formation. This topic ended last Friday with a haka 'dance off' with lots of cheers for the winning teams. 

Role ModelsMatthew, Kellie, Anika, Kyla, , Leilani, Harry, Morgan, Ellie


Term 4 - 18th March 2021

Welcome back to all our Year 6 families.  All the adults in the Year 6 team have been so impressed by how the children have settled straight back into school life - it's hard to believe that some of them hadn't been in the building since before Christmas.  We have continued with our geography learning about biomes which was started in lockdown.  The children were able to reel off the facts they remembered from their remote learning research about the tundra so thank you to all the parents, carers and siblings who supported learning at home - you should feel proud of your proteges.  In history, we have started to find out about the explorer and scientific writer, Mary Kingsley, and the children are demonstrating the independent learning skills we have been working hard on this year - curiosity, imagination, collaboration and organisation - as they prepare a presentation to give in their classes.  We're looking forward to seeing the results!  In English, the children have planned and started to write their own voyage and return stories after being inspired by Ernest Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica on the Endurance.  Ask your child to tell you all about the creative ideas they've come up with for their story of rescue and survival.

Role Models:  Poppy, Hetty, Jacob


A Message to Our Year 6 Children and Families - 3rd March 2021

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of the Year 6 children back to school on 8th March - we can't wait to see you.

Click the link below to see a video message from Mrs Duffy: 

Year 6 - We can't wait to see you! | Mendip Green Primary School (


A Message From The Year 6 Team - 14th April 2020

Hello Y6 from all the Y6 team. We are missing you so much and wish we could be with you, but hope that you are staying safe and following the rules. Enjoy this time with your families - play board games, put on magic shows, sing songs and laugh. Be happy. 

We are thinking of you and are looking forward to seeing you again.


Class 19

Hello wonderful Class 19!  I hope you're all well and looking after yourselves and your families.  I would like to reassure you all that I am coping well without Costa coffee thanks to the machine that Mr Duffy bought me for my birthday.  It's not exactly the same but if I close my eyes, I can pretend.

Here's a Taskmaster challenge for you: Create the best Where's Wally scene. Best Where's Wally scene wins - as judged by your Taskmaster, Me. Your time starts now and you have until you next see me to complete the task. I'll put all entries in a book for the class library.  Good luck.


Lots of love,

Mrs Duffy


Class 20

Hello my lovelies.

I hope that you are all well and staying safe. I hope you are enjoying your time at home and have been able to get out in the sunshine in your gardens or during your daily exercise. Remember to keep learning (after your Easter break) as it's important to keep your brains active because you have all worked so hard this year. Maybe you could try and learn something new or create a masterpiece and tell me all about it when I see you. I have been busy doing Joe Wicks PE everyday with my family or in school and I've been spending a lot of time in my new garden learning about the trees we have and how to look after them.

Keep smiling, keep active and keep safe. See you all soon.


Lots of love, 

Mrs Sandford

Class 21

Hello, my angels!

I hope everyone is being good and doing as they are being asked! Take time to enjoy the sunshine, do some handstands, bake a cake or make a den for the family to read a story in! Make sure you keep reading - there are some fabulous new books coming out soon for you to add to your 'to be read' piles and I look forward to sharing these with you. Make sure you keep up with the homework after the Easter holiday - challenge yourselves!

In between working, I have been tidying the garden, making things, reading and reading some more!


Take care. Lots of love, 

Mrs W xx

Term 4 - 27th February 2020

Year 6 had an amazing time at the Create Centre last term. They engaged with all the activities with great enthusiasm and we were delighted by the positive feedback and praise for our children from the staff who work there. Our visit to Worle for netball was also a great success. The children played netball on their courts, enjoying working together in teams and playing competitive matches. It was a lovely afternoon.

ROLE MODELS: Aleisha, Freya, Lily H, Jacob Do, Amy, Isaac F, Leah

Term 3 - 16th January 2020

Happy New Year from the Y6 team! We've hit the ground running and are enjoying our new text, 'Shackleton's Journey'. This follows Ernest Shackleton's famous 'Endurance' expedition to Antarctica, linking with our Geography work on biomes. In computing, we are learning how to programme the Microbits. Homework will continue to be given on Monday and needs to be in the following Monday. Please keep signing the Reading Records each week. Thank you.

ROLE MODELS: Leah, Lavanna, Isaac L, Mason, Lucy, Harrison 

Term 2 - 28th November 2019

Year 6 have been busy publishing poems that they have written based on our text, ‘Wolf Brother’ and painting pictures to go with these.  There will be a display in Worle Library of some of our work very soon which we hope lots of parents and friends will go to see.  Please note: our ‘Year 6 Big Night In’ has had to be rescheduled and will now take place on Tuesday 17th December.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

ROLE MODELS: James, Ethan R, Jacob D, Grace, Max H, Sophie, Tobie, George, Warren 

Term 2 - 14th November 2019

Year 6 have been working as hard as ever! In music, we have been learning to play Christmas songs on the glockenspiels and, in German, we have been learning to sing 'Oh Tannenbaum' (‘Oh Christmas Tree’). We hope to share these with everyone in the near future. We are disappointed that our ‘Wolf Brother’ event has been rained off, but we will be holding it on the 28th November instead.  

ROLE MODELS: All of class 19, Kaytie, Izzy, Lily M, Max R, Ryan, Cody, Diana, Jaime-Lee,  

Term 1 - 22nd October 2019

Year 6 have been continuing to learn about the Maya, their society and the cities they lived in. They are really enjoying 'Wolf Brother', our class text, and are writing in role as characters from the story. Many of Year 6 are now reading daily and are really enjoying visiting the school library. Homework is still being set on a Monday and expected in on the following Monday. 

ROLE MODELS: Jasmine, Max W, Finley, Ciara, Max M, Ramiele, Conor, Zak, Charlie, Josh H, Daisy, Jamie, Toby, Ben S 

Term 1 - 10th October 2019

Life in Year 6 continues to be busy! We have been enjoying looking at artwork by Escher and creating our own tessellating pictures. In history, we have been learning about the Mayan society and we are improving our word processing skills in computing. Homework is being set on a Monday and this is recorded in the children's Reading Records so everyone can remember what they are supposed to do!  

Term 1 - 26th September 2019

Year 6 have now settled back into school life and have just started our class text, Wolf Brother. On Wednesday, we had our first German session as part of our rotation afternoon when each class has a lesson with each Y6  teacher. Y6 are expected to read at least five times a week - thank you for your support in encouraging them to do this.  

Term 1 - 12th September 2019

Year 6 have made a fantastic start to the year!  We’ve been enjoying our Book Week books and getting back into the swing of school life.  Lots of lovely art work has been completed, allowing the children to show their creative skills.