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Computing education enhances pupils’ lives as well as their life skills. At Mendip Green, we believe that computing is an essential part of the curriculum that empowers children through knowledge and opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills. Our curriculum recognises that computers and technology are such a part of everyday life that our children would be disadvantaged if they were not exposed to a relevant, meaningful computing curriculum.


The choices we have made within our computing curriculum will allow children to leave Mendip Green as digitally literate young citizens who feel empowered to further their knowledge and understanding. Our priority is to ensure that children are able to begin secondary education and enter the digital world safely and with the confidence and ability to continue learning.


Children will know computing both as a discipline to be studied and as a field of knowledge that can shape their outlook now and in the future. In addition, they will understand the role of those who have worked in computing, appreciating their contributions, knowing that they could, should they wish to, have a career in this area in the future. They will recognise and appreciate how computing will affect the future on a personal, national and global level.


We follow the National Curriculum and have chosen Teach Computing, a scheme that is fully aligned with the National curriculum whilst complimenting effective learning strategies through progressively sequenced teaching from Year 1 to Year 6. A clear progression of skills is also used to support teaching and learning.