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We always want to improve what we do. Your feedback is important to us and helps us to grow. 


If you would ever like to give us some feedback, about any element of your experience, you can do so by emailing or by calling us on (01934) 513 791. 


From time to time, we ask for specific feedback through questionnaires and forms. Below you will find any 'live' questionnaires that are currently running.


There are no current 'live' questionnaires.


Why did you choose Mendip Green? (September 2022)

Our most recent Parent Survey (Summer 2023)

(Scores are out of 5)


We were delighted to have so many responses to our parent survey in the Summer Term. We always welcome feedback, positive or otherwise, and we were grateful that so many people left comments as well as scores. 


The first 5 questions asked for names, class details and comments about reports. We've removed these for confidentiality. 

Our most recent parent survey results (summer 2022)

(Scores are out of 5)

The names of children have been removed from individual comments to ensure confidentiality:


“Forever grateful we found this school for our girls. It has given them the best start to their lives. Fantastic staff that go above and beyond. Such amazing community and a real feeling of fun, safety and learning. Thank you MG.”


“Again, thank you for everything. This has been such a challenging year and you have worked hard to ensure continuity and stability for the children.  Communication is excellent and the care and support shown to all is outstanding. Staff go above and beyond and give freely of their time to support families.”


“Thank you for another wonderful report. I am so grateful for everything you do to ensure my child thrives.”


“It is wonderful to see how well our son’s teachers know him.”


“Brilliant to read – personal to my child, reflecting her learning journey and so grateful for the handwritten section from Mr O.”


“Love reading how he’s been this year and how kind he is and how hard he has tried this year. Thank you for an amazing year for him.”


“Wonderful to read that my child is doing well in most areas of her report. Many thanks to the staff for helping her and the other pupils to catch up this year. It can’t have been an easy task and, personally speaking, it is very much appreciated.”


“I really appreciate the excellent communication we receive and that it’s always proactive.  Al of the staff are a credit to themselves and the school and work so hard. They always take time to listen and give clear answers. You referred to COVID above and I know for some parents, they will think you’re too cautious and some will say that you’re not cautious enough, but from me it was the perfect balance of taking the right actions at the right times and the risks were so well assessed. And I would say that applies to all decisions and actions, taking the steps to reduce risk, but also accepting that risk is part of life. In some ways, I think that this school year must have been more challenging as it was less black and white and more grey in terms of what you can and should do. I applaud all your efforts as a school in doing your best to keep children safe but also make them safe too, thank you. I know there will be lasting effects to what we have all gone through, but I’ve been struck by our two children’s resilience and acceptance of each new normal and I know that’s not just down to us as parents but the children and adults at school too.”

Our summer 2021 parent survey results

(Scores are out of 5)

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