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Funds Raised 2022-2023

Christmas Fayre: £4463.30

Online Raffle: £1105.85

Quiz Night: £485.00

Valentine Cake Sale: £218.50

All About The PTA

The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) at Mendip Green Primary School are very active within the school raising funds for the benefit of the children. Through discussions with teaching staff we highlight and provide extra facilities to enhance your child's experience at Mendip Green.


In the last few years, the PTA has contributed immensely to the school's curriculum and enrichment opportunities funding or contributing towards a wide range of resources, opportunities and 'treats' for the children:

  • the refurbishment of the school library
  • regular funding for new books
  • computer equipment
  • reading awards
  • games for wet play
  • class parties
  • leaving gifts for all Year 6 children


The PTA also plan to make a significant contribution towards the development of outdoor play spaces which will provide a much-needed additional equipment to encourage children to keep active.


Our PTA raise funds through a host of activities including Summer and Christmas Fairs, school discos, quizzes, their incredible raffles, cake sales and the beloved Krispy Kreme donut sale. A huge emphasis is put in, making our fundraising activities fun and exciting for the children and sometimes the parents too! All of this is possible with the co-operation and help of the staff within the school and by parents giving up their time to help plan and then run the events.


The PTA meet at the school once a month fuelled by mugs of tea and a steady supply of biscuits. Dates of the meetings are shared through our PTA newsletter as well as the school's annual dates list and fortnightly newsletters.


If you would like to join the Mendip Green PTA, please contact the school office.


PTA Newsletters

Mendip Green PTA are very busy bees 🐝 

A huge thank you to all of our PTA members - past, present and future - for the incredible work they do to raise additional funds for our school.