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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Mental Health Champions

Our Mental Health Champions have learnt all about the skills and qualities that Mental Health Champions need: empathy, kindness, positivity, courage and leadership. These skills and qualities are not unique to being  a Mental Health Champion - they are important in all walk of life.


The Mental Health Champions have learnt about the importance of having good mental health and can recognise some signs of when someone may be struggling.  The children were shown some helpful techniques to help children who may be overwhelmed with their feelings:

  • Take 6 breath
  • Talking
  • Exercise
  • Using a calm jar
  • Tense and relax
  • EFT - the tapping technique. 

The children are busy producing a video of these techniques to show to the rest of the school.


The children will meet regularly to talk about how we can further support the mental health of the children at Mendip Green and to raise the profile of having good mental health.


Our Mental Health Champions are busy creating more content for this page to share the fantastic work they have been doing at Mendip Green since completing their training.


Watch this space!