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Weekly Round Up

Whole School 2023 - 2024

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 19th February - 23rd February February 2024 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


What a wonderful first week back Reception have had! It has been fantastic to see the children working so hard on their writing and using their phonics to write labels and sentences. The children have been developing their pencil control to form capital letters. We have been focusing on the fab five to help to write accurately and the children have been applying this in their work. Super writing everyone!


In science this week, the children in Year 1 have been learning all about the human body. They had a great time drawing around their friends and labelling their body parts!


Year 2 have begun learning about plants so the children planted seeds and bulbs in big pots. Then the children planted sunflower seeds to grid at home. As the rain set in, planting continued inside. The pots have now been taken to the garden and the children will be checking on them regularly!


In Year 3, the children have been looking at books with mechanisms in preparation for making our own pop up/interactive books in DT. They were brilliant and really inspired the children to begin creating mechanisms of their own.


In English, Year 4 have been exploring Ancient Greek play scripts. First the children identified the features of a play script. Then they used their  creative skills to act out the play script in their groups. They perfected their performing skills by using intonation and appropriate changes in volume.


Year 5 have enjoyed learning about Gospel songs and started to sing a Gospel song called 'Why we sing'.


Year 6 have continued learning algebra this week and can now solve two step equations and form algebraic equations.


DOT WATCH: Dot is back to normal size! She is half the dog she was last week!

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 5th February - 9th February 2024 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In EYFS this week, the children have continued their learning of The Little Red Hen by making bread. They worked together to follow instructions and looked closely at the recipe. They developed their fine motor skills as they kneaded their dough before rolling it into balls to bake. They then used knives to spread butter on top before eating it! It was delicious!


Year 1 have been busy making birds  in art this week. They have used their observational drawing skills to draw feathers and added paper clip legs and claws. They were even able to label the parts of a bird drawing on their science knowledge. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the process of making their birds!


Year 2 have been busy becoming experts about hummingbirds and sharing their knowledge by writing non-chronological reports. They've even written their own short story this week. They are fab!


Year 3 have finished off their work on typography in art by creating their own 'Google doodles.' We think they look fab!


Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed their art lesson this week. They used their historical knowledge to create a gallery of artefacts made out of clay. They also made people who were looking in their galleries. The children were very pleased with their final creations.


Year 5 have loved learning about the story Beowulf. They have worked hard to write their own adventure stories. In computing, they created vector drawings of their monsters.


Year 6 have been creating Web pages in computing this term. The children have been considering the purpose, audience and design. They have also learned to add links to other information on the internet.


As part of Children's Mental Health Week, children in the Cove, along with the rest of Mendip Green, have been focusing on the theme 'My Voice Matters.'

They all started with, 'My voice matters and I want to live in a world where...',  everyone shared their ideas and illustrated them.  The children have been repeating our phrases each day


The Cove and The HLRB children had a wonderful time on Wednesday morning celebrating their work with one another. Their text from this term was 'Winter Sleep' and they shared their fabulous writing about this. Mrs Barton also treated us all to biscuits and hot chocolate which was very well received! Well done on all your hard work children! πŸ‘


DOT WATCH: It has been a bit soggy for the marshmallow this week. She spent a lot of time snoozing in a towel burrito 🌧️ 🌯 


A BIG SHOUTOUT: A massive thank you to Miss Davies who organised a wonderful Children’s Mental Health Week. We cannot wait to share some of our thoughts with you.

Another thank you to our UWE students who have been a huge support this term. We will be seeing them again in March for a special day of learning. We wish them all the best in their future careers as teachers - they will be brilliant!

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 29th January - 2nd February 2024 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have had so much fun over the past couple of weeks on 2, 3 and 4 wheels! The children have seen some fantastic riding whilst remembering to be safe and wear a helmet every time they ride!


Year 1 have been learning all about a Bristol-based Artist, Diana Beltran Herrera. The children were amazed that her sculptures and art work are all made from paper! We explored making 3d feathers from different types of paper.


Year 2 are learning to play a tuned instrument to accompany this term's song, Tony Chestnut. It's great fun but a lot to learn! πŸ˜„


Year 3 have been immersed in their Indus Valley learning, finding out about different sources!


In History, Year 4 have been looking at how the Indus people traded and travelled. They have discovered that they used barter for trading because they didn't use any money. Scales were used to weigh products. The children also found out that carts, boats and oxen were used to travel the trade route from Indus to Mesopotomia. They have produced some fantastic writing and illustrations to match!


Year 5 have been patiently waiting for a call from Steve Borthwick, as they've developed their rugby skills this term in PE - just in time for the 6 Nations!


Year 6 wrote application letters this week to Ernest Shackleton to apply for a role on his expedition. All applications were successful and each crew member was assigned a dog to look after which they named.


DOT WATCH: Dot has had a very busy week. Dot helped one of the Dot Squad with their maths papers. Dot now thinks maths is great because she gets treats for all the answers! She went to the V.E.T for a health check and was told she was the bestest, fluffiest pup, and in tip-top health. Dot was not very brave so had to have lots of cuddles. The vet confirmed that Dot is, in fact, a dog and not a marshmallow - we will be getting a second opinion! Dot finished the week with a bath. Be prepared to see the fluff explosion next week!

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 22nd January - 26th January 2024 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In our EYFS classes the children have been exploring birds. They went outside with an identification guide to try and find some of the different species.


Year 1 have made some observational drawings of feathers this week in preparation to make their 3D birds. They were careful to look for different colours, patterns and textures.


Year 2 have been creating their own minibeasts by studying and cutting shapes after observing minibeasts in resin and through a documentary.


The children have been preparing for the great Storm Cat's visit in Year 3 and wrote some amazing descriptions of what it might be like to sail out into an enormous storm. It’s been great fun and brilliant preparation for the story writing which we will do in the coming weeks!


Year 4 have enjoyed their Jigsaw learning this week. They explored different scenarios where people faced challenges and had to use their resilience to overcome the problem. In groups, they used their creative skills to perform to the rest of the class.


This week, Year 5 have enjoyed investigating thermal insulators through fair testing in science.


In PE, Year 6 have enjoyed working in small groups to create and perform a cannon in a sequence. What budding gymnasts we have! 🀸‍β™€οΈπŸ€Έ‍♂️


DOT WATCH: There’s been a bit more agility training for Dot this week. She is getting to be a very good flying marshmallow. 


A BIG SHOUTOUT: huge well done to our Year 6 librarians. They are doing a cracking job and are looking very professional in their new official lanyards.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 15th January - 19th January 2024 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


It's been a week of creativity in EYFS. We have experimented with making models, role playing, finding totals in maths as well as moving our train pistons in PE! Phew!


Year 1 are using nature as inspiration in art, exploring different techniques with pastels to create snail shell patterns.


Year 2 have been using instruments to create rhythm patterns and observe how this can follow music created digitally during computing.


We've been exploring typography and onomatopoeia in Year 3. The children came up with some very creative ways of writing different noisy words!


Year 4 have been learning more Hindu stories. This time, they have found out all about Ganesha and what he means to Hindus. The children drew their own picture of Ganesha. They then drew Ganesha's most important items, such as a lotus flower and sweets.


Year 5 have enjoyed their music lesson this week. They warmed up their voices using the Indian classical scale and have practiced singing a song with actions.


Year 6 have been learning about Hindu traditions in RE. They have been learning about Ganesha who is the god of wisdom and good fortune.


Our focus in The Cove this term is winter and hibernation. We have been looking at the text 'Winter Sleep'. These two boys impressed us so much with their letter writing! Well done!


DOT WATCH: Dot had an exhausting session of doggy agility this week. She mastered a trio of jumps and the tunnel. Well done to our Dot Squad agility trainer and course designer.

If there were an Olympic event where marshmallows plopped over 30cm jumps, Dot could be in the running for a medal πŸ₯‡ πŸ₯ˆ πŸ₯‰ 


A BIG SHOUTOUT: Our fab PTA had their first meeting of 2024 this week. They have so many fab ideas… watch this space πŸ‘€ 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 8th January - 12th January 2024 🌳 

Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


With the recent cold weather, EYFS children have been exploring the ice. We left water in trays overnight and the children were fascinated with the freezing process. This prompted discussion in classes about locations where there might be more ice. We used non-fiction books to find out about the climate in Antarctica.


Year 1 have been exploring and making numbers to 20. The children also played a game to challenge their friends to make the numbers using a tens frame.


Year 2 have been using primary colours to colour mix secondary colours. They then painted colour wheels.


Year 3 have been working really hard on their multiplication this week. They have used their known times table facts to help them multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.


Year 4 had a wonderful art lesson this week exploring drawing with scissors. They had a selection of coloured paper and cut out shapes to express figurative poses.


Year 5 have enjoyed creating collages inspired by Joan Miro. They took creative risks as they did automatic drawings over their work by following sounds!


Year 6 have started their new English focus, Shackleton's journey, and will be writing biographies about Ernest Shackleton next week. Today we looked at examples of biographies so we know the features that need to be included.


DOT WATCH: Dot is back, fluffy as ever, and ready for 2024!


🌳 Weekly Round Up: 18th December - 20th December 2023 🌳 


It has been a day of very festive, fun 3 days at Mendip Green:
Christmas dinner.
Chocolate gifts from Uncle Paul's Chilli Charity
Christmas parties (well done to Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Poole and Mrs Sandford for conquering that logistical nightmare)
Christmas crafts 
Christmas games (Which team do you think made the best snowman?)
Christmas films
A spot of dancing
And a puppuccino for our favourite marshmallow


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas from Team Mendip. We look forward to seeing you in 2024.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 11th December - 15th December 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


Santa is going to be so pleased with our EYFS superstars! This week in our phonics lessons, we have moved away from magnetic letters on boards and the children have started to write on their wipeboards. We're sure you'll agree the writing is stunning!


Year 1 have rounded up their DT unit by making moving mechanism Christmas cards. Aren't they fantastic! Well done Year 1!


The children in Year 2 have completed their design and technology learning by making the hand puppet they had designed. Just look at those concentrating faces!


Year 3 have finished off their science unit by looking at what is in soil. They completed an investigation with water and soil and learnt all about humus.


Having designed their stockings, Year 4 have started to cut, embroid and sew their fabric together. The Year 4 staff have seen some fantastic sewing skills, including over stitch, running stitch and more. The children are excited to finish them and see the final stocking take shape.


Year 5 have impressed us SO much with their double page spreads that show all of their geography learning this term!


Year 6 have started making their bird houses in DT this week. They have enjoyed creating their designs and will be painting them before taking them home.


Blossom have enjoyed exploring all things Christmas over the past two weeks! From decorating the Christmas tree, snowball fights, melting snowmen, and not to forget one of the gang receiving Star of the Week, we can certainly say we are in the festive spirit! πŸŽ„ We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! β›„


Dot Watch: Dot was invited to visit a den built by one of her Dot Squad buddies. Dot does love a good den. This one was a bit tricky to get out of once she had hopped in.


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge well done to all of the children who have taken part in one of our Christmas performances. We are sure you will agree - they were absolute stars 🌟 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 4th December - 8th December 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


We have been very festive in our EYFS classes this week. Each activity has focused on developing different key  skills.


Year 1 have been learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children have enjoyed making their own Gingerbread Men, that thankfully didn’t ran away!


Some of our Year 2 children have visited Year 1 this week to share the poems that they have been working on called The Magic Box. Everybody was impressed with their work and enjoyed reading with others.


This week saw the culmination of a lot of hard work for Year 3. The children couldn't wait to find out what would happen to Roz in The Wild Robot, so they planned and wrote their own endings to the story with amazing results.


Year 4 have concluded their mountains unit in geography by learning about Mount Snowdon. They followed a short story where Bethan prepared and climbed to the summit of Snowdon in Snowdonia. The children then wrote about the preparations people take in order to climb mountains, what they pack and what changes they see along the way.


Year 5 have been writing some lovely, well thought out letters this week.


After finishing Wolf Brother, Year 6 have been planning and writing their own next part of the story for the  character Wolf. The children have done a fantastic job of writing in the style of Michelle Paver (the author) and including all of the grammar we have learned so far in Year 6.


Dot Watch: Dot has cracked out the winter knitwear. To mark the start of the ‘muddy season’, she has also been shopping for a new coat or two.


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A massive thank you to everyone who support our Christmas Fair. It was an amazing evening! 

 πŸŒ³ Weekly Round Up: 13th November - 17th November 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In EYFS we have been exploring celebrations. The children discussed carnival, Bonfire Night and Diwali.


Year 1 have been exploring old toys and comparing them to their own toys at home. They even linked this to our science learning and identified what materials the toys were made from.


Year 2 have designed their own puppets this week. They will begin learning different sewing techniques over the coming weeks. The children have also been writing instructions for how to make a jam sandwich. They focused on using bossy verbs.


Year 3 have been creating story boards ready to start creating animations next week. They have used their knowledge of ancient Egypt from last term to decide which characters and backgrounds to use.


Year 4 have had another excellent week. They have continued to impress us with their perseverance with writing. They have written another excellent diary entry improving on their previous one by using a variety of techniques to add description. They then had a look at their partner’s and then presented their own piece. The teachers have been so impressed with the written work they have seen!


Year 5 have been looking at night and day in science, as well as the phases of the moon.


Year 6 have been playing football in PE lessons this term. This week they created their own warm ups including a pulse-raiser and stretching. They then did some attacking and defending drills - they used these skills in small matches at the end of the session.


In the Cove, the children have been learning about the Hindu festival of light: Diwali. First, they listened to the story of Rama and Sita which allowed children in Key Stage 2 to see what they could remember from their work in RE.  Then they found out Diwali facts to help create their own information brochures.  As one of the ways Diwali is celebrated is to have a family feast, everyone worked together to follow instructions to make Mango Lassi - delicious.


Blossom had amazing focusing during Bucket Time this week. They especially enjoyed squeezing the paint, stomping on the paper, then seeing how the colours had mixed. The week finished with a yummy chocolate cake from Miss Manfield to celebrate her birthday! πŸ™‚ 


Dot Watch: One if Dot’s favourite things to do is curl up with her squashy dinosaur for a pillow… the perfect way to spend a governors meeting.


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Thank you to our PTA and staff who helped run the Movie Morning for the children on Saturday. A great time was had by all πŸΏ πŸŽ₯ 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 6th November - 10th November 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have been on their first school trip this week! The children painted some poppy wreaths, then walked to the War Memorial on the High Street. They were lucky enough to go inside and look at the other wreaths. The children were SO well behaved and made us all very proud of them.


Year 1 have been busy learning about different mechanisms this term. This week they have learnt how to make a pivot mechanisms using split pins and made some fabulous flying insects.


Year 2 are in full swing with rehearsals for their Christmas play. The children have been learning their lines and routines for their spectacular show.


Year 3 have started their cooking this term, learning all about seasonal foods. They've made delicious cup cakes in their first lesson.


Year 4 have continued exploring their class text 'Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx'. This week they have used powerful adjectives to enhance their descriptive writing and have started creating expanded noun phrases. We are looking forward to building on their descriptive writing skills.


Year 5 have enjoyed the introduction to the DT topic 'Chinese Inventions'. Today they have tested the absorbancy, opacity and strength of different paper.


Year 6 have been enjoying using Tinkercad as part of their computing learning. Look at their fabulous 3D images.


The children have been remembering this week in The Cove.  They found out about the history of Bonfire Night and created firework pictures using marbles.  They tried hard to remember the famous poem about Guy Fawkes. The children also made some beautiful Remembrance day art, thinking about what the poppy symbol means and how thankful we should be.


Dot Watch: Dot always thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the office door. She is forever sneaking next door and then changing her mind a few moments later. She has got the hang of knocking in the door when she wants to come back in.


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge thank you for all of your chocolate donations for our chocolate raffle. The children are always so excited to see the hampers. Who will be the lucky winners this year?

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 30th October - 3rd November 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS children have been learning about animals that hibernate. For our outdoor explorers session, they went hunting for things that hedgehogs might need to help them hibernate.


Year 1 have enjoyed using paint tools on the iPads to create pictures of themselves.


Year 2 are learning about evidence in history. They have had the chance to explore many artefacts ranging from a baby's gas mask from WWII to an Edwardian vacuum cleaner.


A massive shout out to all of Year 3 for the phenomenal work being produced in our humanities lessons. Thanks to our wonderful new Opening Worlds curriculum, the children are producing a huge amount of work at a very high standard. Keep it up!


Year 4 have enjoyed starting their new computing unit all about audio recording. They used iPads to record their audio and explore the best ways to record sound. The class then created a toolkit on how to successfully record an audio in preparation to make their own podcast.


Year 5 have loved RE this week. They were immersed in the Hindu story of 'Manu and the Matsya the fish' and were able to retell the story beautifully.


Year 6 have started their new science this term learning more about electricty. This week, they learned the symbols for circuit components, made circuits and drew scientific circuit diagrams.


Something wicked this way comes!  Don't be scared.  It's just The Cove exploring spooky spiders, skeletons, pumpkins and creepy castles.  We've found out lots about what a pumpkin has inside and will be drying out some seeds ready to plant.  We have designed our own creepy castles and have thought about what makes us scared, talking about what we can do if we feel worried or frightened.


Sunshine have been learning all about Autumn this week.  They have learnt about hedgehogs and even made some out of clay. The children have made pictures of firework and autumn trees. We have had fun cooking scones, too.


In Blossom, the children have worked very hard whilst using the tweezers to place the pompoms along the path to help the squirrel get to the acorn! We also had fun exploring autumn leaves, conkers, acorns, and twigs before matching them to their picture.  πŸπŸ‚


Dot Watch: Dot joined EYFS classes for phonics these week. She was very excited to see them learning the diagraph ck as they moved onto a new Step. 


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge thank you to our PTA. It has been a busy time with the toy caution, cake sale and Christmas Fair prep. We have some new members who have thrown themselves into these events which is an enormous help.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 16th October - 20th October 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have been very busy finishing their first term at school. The children have made lots of new friends, met new adults and learnt new school routines. They have learnt how to take turns, share the toys and work as teams. Well done children - what a fantastic start to your school life!


Year 1 have put all of their map skills from this term into practice. They used maps of the school to locate different human and physical features. The children could highlight the different places using symbols and a key.


Year 2 have been learning about uses of IT. We have learnt it can help us communicate learn and be creative.


Year 3 have become experts at adding 3 digits numbers using the column method this week. They are able to confidently bridge across 10s and hundreds too.


Year 4 have had a brilliant end to Term 1. In maths they have completed some codebreaking activities, working together to put their learning into practice with some problem solving. They loved the Halloween message activity!


Year 5 have produced some fantastic synoptic summary extended writes this week, aiming to answer the question: in what ways did ancient Egypt change?


Year 6 have been learning about micro-organisms in science. They have been using yeast to test what happens when it is added to different conditions!


In the HLRB this week, the children have been writing instructions on how to be a good friend. Their ideas were shared with each other over a cosy hot chocolate. What a lovely way to finish the term!


This week in Sunshine, the children have been focusing on Room on the Broom. On Friday, the children had great fun climbing through a giant spiders web and making chocolate covered apples and bananas.


Blossom have had a spooktacular week exploring all things Halloween! From carving pumpkins, experimenting with jelly, finding letter sounds in the cobwebs, to finally finishing the week off with a delicious Halloween cupcake. A magical week to end an incredible first term.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 9th October - 13th October 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have had an active Friday! Our PE lessons this week included hopping and jumping, ring games on the playground and climbing on our adventure zone. Sleep well classes 1, 2 and 3!


In Year 1 the children have been using nature as inspiration in their art lessons this term. This week, they have also become magicians by drawing invisible leaves then they magically appeared when the paint went over the top!


Year 2 have enjoyed being the authors of their own version of Cinderella this week in writing. They have designed their own characters and followed the story structure.


Year 3 have been role playing as different characters from the Wild Robot. They will be turning their role plays into written dialogue, which will support their story telling.


Year 4 had a brilliant time rounding off their art unit by designing and making clothes using from paper. They worked fantastically together as a team to model the hats, dresses, shirts and shoes they had made.


Year 5 have had a great time in PE this week. They have been developing their gymnastics skills by working collaborately to create different balanced positions. Building on their gymnastics work in balance and flexibility as well as practising good mental health this week, Year 5 have applied their skills to some yoga in class.


Year 6 have been making dioramas based on their English text Wolf Brother. Look at these miniature scenes.


The children in the HLRB have been busy. KS2 have been exploring new friendship vocabulary this week and have used this to create their friendship flowers. KS1 enjoyed drawing pictures of their friends too.  The children also made a friendship  owl.


Dot Watch: Dot has been loving watching Bluey with the lunchtime group. She was ecstatic to find out that Bluey has a marshmallow cloud dog, too!


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A big well done to our Year 6 librarians. They have made a brilliant start this term and help keep the library tidy and organised.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 2nd October - 6th October 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


This week EYFS have been talking about Harvest. They met in the hall where Mr B spoke to the children about what Harvest is and the importance of helping others. We had a look at the selection of different items that had been donated. Mr B also taught the children about how yummy it is to dunk a biscuit in a cup of tea! They then sang a poem they have been learning from the poetry basket. Ask your child at home to sing 'Chop chop'.


Year 1 have been practising their writing skills in a variety of different ways, from sentence work to spelling sight words.


Year 2 have been  practising using expanded noun phrases to describe their characters in the story of Cinderella. Can you work out who these characters are from their descriptions?

Next week, they will be be writing their own versions of the story.


Year 3 have been preparing to make some ancient animals this week. Their designs are the first step towards creating their chosen animal out of clay.


Year 4 have enjoyed learning more about the story of Rama and Sita. They learnt about the 10 headed demon Ravana and how he tricked Rama and Lakshamana to capture Sita and take her back to Lanka. They looked at how Hanuman helped Rama and Sita, and they did a bit of writing to sum up the different people we've met so far.


Year 5 have had a great time this week using modroc to create their supersized jewellery.


Year 6 have been writing non-chronological reports on wolves this week as part of their English topic. We are so impressed with their writing.


This week in Sunshine the children have been on a bear hunt, off to find a big one. They have been on a sensory walk, to explore different textures and feelings. The children have been working hard on their mark making and creative side.


Children in the Cove have been working really hard on their writing.  They have been working on pencil grip, letter formation, spacing, spelling and adding more interest through using a wider range of adjectives.


Dot Watch: Dot had fun sniffing everyone’s shoes at the PTA quiz for our EYFS families on Friday. Her favourite bit was hoovering up the bits of pizza that had been dropped on the floor. She slept through most of Mr O’s questions.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Thank you to everyone who donated food items to our Harvest collection. This will be going to the local Foodbank.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 25th September - 29th September 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


Our EYFS children are now with us full time and have begun learning their phonic sounds. Each child uses their own magnetic board and letters. They'll be making words very soon!


The children in Year 1 have started their independent reading challenge. Each day, they are practising reading independently. We have enjoyed learning about the three ways to read a story: reading the words, reading the pictures and retelling the story.


Year 2 walked up to St Martin's Church this week to practise for  our Harvest Festival next Wednesday. The children were amazing and really enjoyed a Bible story read to them by vicar Jon.


In art and design this week, Year 3 children have been continuing to experiment with different charcoal techniques. They created stencils and used tissue to make shapes with the charcoal.


Year 4 have continued their PE learning. Class 14 have progressed with football by practising attacking and defending. They paired up to attempt to score a goal past the defender. Class 13 and 15 have been learning about how to make a run in Netball, passing the ball and intercepting.


In Year 5 this week, children learnt all about the United Nations Convention on Rights of Children, discussing why they believed they are important.


Year 6 have written some superb character descriptions in English. These will come in handy when they write their quest stories at the end of their Wolf Brother unit!


Dot Watch: Dot has had a great time in one of our lunch clubs this week. She enjoyed looking at pictures children had made for her on the iPad.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: This week we said goodbye to Mrs Wall our amazing senior administrator who joined our Mendip Green family over 15 years ago. We wish Mrs Wall a very long and happy retirement, filled with term time holidays πŸ˜† 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 18th September - 22nd September 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


The EYFS children have loved having school meals this week! Next week, they will be with us full time!


This week in Year 1 the children avoided the rain for their walks down the highstreet! They had lots of fun looking carefully for the symbols they needed to complete their maps.


Year 2 have been creating 3D sculptures using reclaimed plastics during art whilst studying the work of Sayaka Ganz.


Year 3 have been busy planning their Wild Robot diaries on their English lessons.


Year 4 have loved art this week. They have continued to look into the work of Quentin Blake and his use of colour in his line drawings. The children took some time to watercolour and outline characters of their own, thinking carefully about how the colour they use creates a mood.


Year 5 have enjoyed learning about Rama and Sita's story in RE, retelling it in their own words.


Year 6 have been retelling the story of the Four Sons of the King of Ayodhya in RE.


Blossom enjoyed exploring the different emotions that The Colour Monster feels throughout the book. The children had fun performing a show with the puppets and using straws to blow paint to make their very own monster! 


Dot Watch: Our little marshmallow pup is always willing to go for walkies to help some of her Dot Squad friends feel a bit calmer. Dot walked her little paws off at the start of the week! She also has zoomies up and down the corridor with Miss Bendall. πŸΎ She has honestly been full of beans, but the only photo we managed to take was her trying to stay awake in the staff meeting. πŸ˜΄ πŸ’€ 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: a huge thank you to Steve (Mr Williams) who has spent the weekend pressure washing the EYFS playground for the children’s first full day at school. The seagulls may hate him, but we think he is pretty fantastic! 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 11th September - 15th September 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


The new EYFS children have settled in fantastically. We are so proud of them! They have enjoyed exploring their new classrooms and making new friends. We are looking forward to having everyone in together next week.


This week, Year 1 have been practising counting to 10. They have been working really hard on their number formation, too.


The Year 2 teachers have been so impressed with the the children's place value knowledge this week. They have been busy recognising tens and ones, using a place value grid and partitioning numbers. We have been wowed by their great attitude and how keen they are to challenge themselves.


Year 3 have been exploring rocks in science. The children looked at a variety of different rocks, including granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, marble and chalk. They could describe how the rocks looked and felt.


This week, Year 4 have been working very hard on their place value work in maths. They have learnt about different ways to represent numbers between 1000 and 10,000. They even got the chance to create place value questions on their own for their friends.


In PE this week, Year 5 enjoyed a game of jungle tag before practising the skills to develop a round off.


Year 6 have learned about Spanish high streets this week. They have learned the Spanish words for the shops you would find on a high street and created their own high streets so they can practice saying the words next week.


The Cove have been so happy to welcome a new friend this week. We have been helping her to settle in by setting positive examples and always having high expectations of ourselves.


The children in our newest SEND provision, Blossom, have settled wonderfully and are enjoying the start of term. This week they experienced different forms of weather during bucket time.
We can’t wait to see what else they get up to this term - Go Team Blossom 🌸 πŸ’• β˜”οΈ 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: a huge thank you to our PTA who made little packs for all of our new EYFS families to take home after their first drop off at Mendip. You are a fab bunch.
We look forward to seeing you at our PTA meeting Monday 18th September, 6:30 pm, at school.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 4th September - 8th September 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


It has been our Mendip Green Book Week where we share the same stories from Year 1 - Year 6 and complete some activities around them (EYFS will have their book week next week).
This year, we chose 3 lovely picture books:
- ‘The Music in Me’ by Sophy Henn
- ‘Martha Maps It Out’ by Leigh Hodgkinson
- ‘Perfectly Norman’ Tom Percival 


In EYFS we have been welcoming our new starters (and families) for their 1:1 meetings with their teachers. It has been so lovely to meet you all. We cannot wait until you all start with us next week.


It has been a fabulous first week in Year 1. The children have been enjoying learning and exploring their new outdoor learning environment.


Year 2 have loved reading some new stories this week. We read one about music and rhythm and composed music using body percussion. Check out the video in the comments below.πŸ‘‡ 


It has been a busy and exciting start of term in Year 3. The children particularly enjoyed the book 'Perfectly Norman' and designed their own wings just like Norman.


Year 4 have had a brilliant book week, exploring 3 different books. We have looked at 'The Music in Me' which is all about being yourself. The children used tissue paper to decorate their outline of themselves with colours representing different aspects of themselves.


Year 5 have loved getting back to school this week and enjoyed looking at a range of books together for our book week.


Year 6 have been writing setting descriptions based on the story ‘Martha Maps it Out’. A great start to the year with some fabulous writing.


In the Cove, we are so pleased to have the children back at school. They are already working hard, using our familiar structures, routines and adults to help us do our best.  We are all feeling a bit tired but very glad to see our friends again.


Dot Watch: Dot has loved seeing some familiar Dot Squad members in the office. She will be out and about a little more in the coming weeks when things are a little less ‘melty’ and she is not spending all day lying in front of a giant fan!


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Well done to our 2023 Leavers who started at their new secondary schools this week. It was wonderful to see so many of your smiling faces this week when you popped in to say hello or came to meet younger siblings… you all looked VERY smart and tall! 
We are SO proud of you! πŸ₯Ή 🀩 

Whole School 2022 - 2023

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 10th July - 14th July 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In EYFS we have been looking at garlic that had grown in Mrs Crothers' garden, the elephant garlic was taller than Mrs O! We used all our senses to explore all the parts of the plant and then created our own garlic butter by shaking cream in a jar and then adding garlic to it. It was delicious!


Year 1 enjoyed having EYFS join them for part of the morning this week. The children shared stories with their buddy and told them all about the fun that we have in Year 1! 
Year 1 are enjoying learning about continents and oceans in geography this term.


Year 2 have been making vehicles in DT. Year 2's Science topic this term, Micro Habitats, has culminated in them making these bug hotels using as much recycled  material as possible.


In Year 3, we have been learning about light. We have finished our topic with some fantastic silhouette performances.


Year 5 have worked incredibly hard on their stories based on Loki. We have loved reading what this mischievous trickster has been up to as he travels across the Bifrost (rainbow bridge) into different realms.


Year 6 have rounded off learning about the Stone Age with fabulous double page spreads on everything they have learnt.


Dot Watch: Dot, fueled by a pupuccino, supported the senior leadership team with downloading and analysing the Year 6 SAT results.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A massive thank you to all of the staff who were involved in the Year 6 camp and staycation this week. The children had an amazing time.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 3rd July - 7th July 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have been having fun learning about animals in different climates this term. This week, we have been finding out about Arctic and Antarctic animals... lots of fun play with ice cubes, polar bears and penguins!


Recently, the children in Year 1 have been busy food tasting, practising cutting with knives and planning a delicious fruit and vegetable salad. This week, they put their skills and plans into action and made their masterpieces! We think their favourite part was eating them at the end!


Year 2 have been making bug hotels. The children worked in groups and thought carefully about how to create a micro-habitat.


Year 3 have finished off their topic on the Stone Age by looking at how Stonehenge was built. They learnt all about how they used logs to transport the stones and even gave it a go with pencils and rubbers.


Year 4 have been extremely working hard in English to learn, receit and perform a whole class poem. The children have worked in groups to recite their section before performing as a class. The children have developed good eye contact and thought about projecting their voice as they perform. 


We bet you can’t guess what Year 5 have been up to this week? That’s right… bridges! The children have had great fun in DT this week making suspension bridges. They were given sellotape, string, paper and paper art straws. They all came up with their own creative ways to build the bridge! We promise that their term’s curriculum has not just been bridges!


In science this week, Year 6 learned that light travels in a straight line. First they created practical models. Next, they drew scientific diagrams in their books.


There has been a sensory pathway to help get the children’s brains warmed up on the way into the Cove this week. 

Great for being ready to learn but only enter if you dare, for 'Here be dragons.' In the Magic Paintbrush,  Shen painted a dragon to scare off the wicked Emperor. Check out the dragons that we designed.


Dot Watch: Dot has been reunited with the toys she lent Year 6 for their show. Little did she know that her dinosaur would have a speaking part!

One of the Dot Squad has made Dot a little boat and matching Captain’s hat. She thinks she looks awesome in her new hat.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A massive well done to all of the children who took part by in the PTA fundraiser by collecting 5p and 10p coins for their class jar. Mrs Young and Mrs Stone have been very busy this weekend counting the coins for each class. We are excited to see which class will win the ice cream treat!

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 26th June - 30th June 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


This week, our focus in EYFS maths has been 3D shapes. We have named them, sorted them and hunted for them in real life! 


This week, Year 1 have been developing their programming skills further by changing the sprite (character) using the ScratchJr app. They are thinking about programming instructions and checking that they work.


In Year 2, this week we have been learning about Stonehenge. We have been considering the question - Why did they build Stonehenge?


The children have been making amazing mazes in Year 3 using Scratch. They even programmed the sprite to go back to the start if the player touched the sides!


This week in Year 4, the children looked at Skara Brae and Stone Age houses to understand how settlements have developed. We looked at the layout of a Stone Age house, and what they had inside of them.


Our construction engineers in Year 5 have continued to explore making bridges. This week they investigated different sized arches to determine the impact that it had on its strength.


Year 6 have had a busy week enjoying transition. They have also been doing their final rehearsals before their show next week. They sound amazing, make us laugh and we can't wait for everyone to be wowed by their performance.


In the Cove we have been  creating the next part of our story maps for The Magic Paintbrush.  We have been looking at commands and bossy verbs because of one of the characters.  There have also been phonics assessments and some great mark making from everyone this week! Well done Team Cove!


Dot Watch: some of the Dot Squad have ‘popped by’ to say hello to Dot during lunch time. She enjoyed the extra surprise tummy tickles! Dot also enjoyed learning all about Stone Henge with Class 10. 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Great job to our Year 6 children who have been visiting their secondary schools this week. 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 19th June - 23rd June 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS  have been learning about different environments. This week the children have looked at jungles and the artwork of Henri Rousseau. They used collage materials to hide the tiger prowling through the jungle.


This week, in maths, Year 3 have continued looking at time. They are becoming more confident at reading the time on both analogue and digital clocks.


Year 4's final DT project is now underway. In preparation for our final piece (watch this space) we have been investigating stable structures


Year 5 have continued learning about bridge construction in Design and Technology this week. The children have been looking at cross-sections and how different shapes can be used to strengthen structures.


Year 6 have been learning about the Stone Age in history which has linked nicely to their end of year show, Rock Bottom.


The Cove are enjoying access to some of the soft play equipment which has made our outside space even more supportive of our learning. We have been exploring ‘jungle’ as a theme with some amazing tuff trays and have been working on fine and gross motor skills. Year 1 children really enjoyed joining in with the pet show. The children in KS2 are reading 'The Magic Paintbrush' and this week have been considering what they would paint for themselves and others. It was really hard to choose.  If you had a magic paintbrush, what would you paint?


The children have been learning about the Gruffalo in the sunshine room. The children enjoyed making crumble! They also told the story of The Gruffulo using the animals.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A massive congratulations to our Eco Council who have achieved The Woodland Trust’s Gold Award.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 12th June - 16th June 2023 🌳 

Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


The EYFS children have continued exploring water colours. They have used flowers to paint observational pictures.


Year 1 enjoyed learning to prepare and cut fruits and vegetables as part of their design and technology sessions. Many children named it as the 'best day ever!' They had the opportunity to have a taste and we were impressed with those willing to try something new. We can't wait to see their fruit salads later in the term.


Year 2 have been learning learning about life cycles in science.


Year 3 have been continuing their investigations about light this week. They learnt that darkness is the absence of light and had great discussions about whether you'd be able to see a white cat in a cave. We decided that you wouldn't be able to see it because even though the cat is white, it does not give off light! There was some very good scientific thinking going on to reach that conclusion, well done Year 3!


The children in Year 4 celebrated the end of their English text with a , Dolphin Boy, themed book event. The children enjoyed using a range of materials to create their dolphin scene. We spoke about how to mix colours to create different oceans.


Year 5 have shown fantastic determination, grit and perseverance this week during their assessments. The children have also been exploring bridges with different cross-sections to test their strength.


Year 6 had the pleasure of meeting Bertie the tortoise this week! The children have been learning about the Galapogos Islands as part of our geography topic.


Dot Watch: Dot has excelled herself this week and proved it is possible to sleep just about anywhere.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 12th June - 16th June 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


The EYFS children have continued exploring water colours. They have used flowers to paint observational pictures.


Year 1 enjoyed learning to prepare and cut fruits and vegetables as part of their design and technology sessions. Many children named it as the 'best day ever!' They had the opportunity to have a taste and we were impressed with those willing to try something new. We can't wait to see their fruit salads later in the term.


Year 2 have been learning learning about life cycles in science.


Year 3 have been continuing their investigations about light this week. They learnt that darkness is the absence of light and had great discussions about whether you'd be able to see a white cat in a cave. We decided that you wouldn't be able to see it because even though the cat is white, it does not give off light! There was some very good scientific thinking going on to reach that conclusion, well done Year 3!


The children in Year 4 celebrated the end of their English text with a , Dolphin Boy, themed book event. The children enjoyed using a range of materials to create their dolphin scene. We spoke about how to mix colours to create different oceans.


Year 5 have shown fantastic determination, grit and perseverance this week during their assessments. The children have also been exploring bridges with different cross-sections to test their strength


Year 6 had the pleasure of meeting Bertie the tortoise this week! The children have been learning about the Galapogos Islands as part of our geography topic.


Dot Watch: Dot has excelled herself this week and proved it is possible to sleep just about anywhere.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Summer Fete. It was a wonderful day and it is looking like we have raised a huge amount to support the school.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 5th June - 9th June 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


It's been an active week for EYFS as sports day preparations begin! This week has focused on running and balancing events. Next week, we begin practice for the world famous MG relays!


Year 1 have begun their unit on The World, learning about the 7 continents. The 7 continents song is quite the hit! It's certainly one that will get stuck in your head!


Year 2 are learning how to program using the Scratch app on the computing lessons - it's great fun!


Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful afternoon of Raise the Roof. They sang beautifully, remembered all the actions and most certainly raised the roof of our hall. Well done πŸ‘


Year 5 have been looking at decimals this week, ordering, comparing and multiplying them fantastically.


Year 6 have been writing  persuasive text to encourage people to plant more trees, based on the book The Last Wolf by Mini Grey. 

Will you be planting more trees now?


The children in the Cove have been taking full opportunity of participating in activities with their mainstream classes. This is great for working on   independence,  relationships and resilience. Well done everyone - You are building great skills for the future.


Sunshine have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood. We have enjoyed acting out the story and getting messy making bread. Fridays are all about movement, the children enjoy navigating a course in the soft play.


Dot Watch: Dot made a little cameo at Y5/6 sports day. She positioned herself along the route of the long distance run and managed to get lots of waves, head scratches and hellos from the children as they ran past. 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge shout out to our PTA. They may be (very) small but they are mighty! With just a week to until the summer fair they are working their socks off (on top of their normal day jobs and their roles as Super Mums) to finalise the last details ahead of the big day. If you can help at all, even if it is just an hour, before, during or after the fair, please get in touch. We could not run events like the fair without our PTA - the money raised makes an incredible contribution to the resources and opportunities we are able to offer the children. 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 22nd May - 26th May 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In EYFS, the children had a fab day celebrating everything wonderful in our world as part of our Go Green Day  πŸŒŽ. Their tree party was so much fun. The children dressed the trees in their play area with painted rocks, paper sculptures and hanging decorations! Do come and visit if you are passing!


Year 1 have been exploring ordinal numbers through taking part in running races, talking about birthdays and ordering objects. The perfect lesson to do outside!


Year 2 have been making music on the computers!.


Year 3 have been experimenting with magnets. The children tested the strength of each type of magnet and then made mazes. Some magnets were so strong that they could move a paperclip through the table!!


Year 4 have had a creative week in school alongside their busy week at camp. The children continued with their  ‘Amazing Animals’ art. They transferred their deisgns from skillfuls sketches into crazy creations onto foam boards. They explored how  ink can transform a simple deisgn and create a large impact.


Year 5 have throughly enjoyed their first lesson learning about the Stone Age. This week, they learnt that Europe and Great Britain were connected by a land bridge called Doggerland. They are so excited to continue this topic of learning next term


Year 6 have been using mark making to create clay tiles in art! They look fabulous!


In the HLRB, we have been reading 'Somebody swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts. We made posters about keeping our oceans clean and used old plastic bottles to make our turtle shells.


Dot Watch: Dot loved all the cuddles she had in the office this week. She has some regular visitors from the Dot Squad. They give the best tummy tickles and are always very gentle.

On Saturday, Dot celebrated her 2nd birthday. She was treated to a trip to the pet shop and picked out a blue duck… as always the guy of choice is as big as her but she loves it.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: a huge thank you to the adults from across the school who contributed to the Year 4 camp… without the support of staff from EYFS all the way up to Year 6 who offered their time, it would not be possible to run this special experience for the children. 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 15th May - 19th May 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS had a lovely time at Worle library on Tuesday. We went on a pirate treasure hunt, looked at some books and listened to a story by Becky.


Year 1 have been investigating which materials would be suitable for a bag based on their properties. We discussed why cars are not made of paper and why windows are not made of wood.


Year 2 have been enjoying the book, ‘The Rabbit, The Dark and the Biscuit Tin’. We have written letters to ask Rabbit to let the Dark out of the biscuit tin. Well done Year 2.


Year 3 have been investigating magnets this week, discovering which parts of the magnets are the strongest and which materials are magnetic. Did you know not all metals are magnetic? Why don't you ask Year 3 which ones are - they're experts!


This term, Year 4 have enjoyed exploring Turtle Academy and writing their own codes. They have created procedures and used them to create a repeating pattern πŸ˜Š


Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon of still life drawing. They drew a range of objects at different angles, depending on where they were viewing them from. They then explored the use of shading and texture to add depth to their pictures.


Year 6 have started learning the songs ready for end of year show! They already sound amazing!


We had a very special visitor in The Cove. Miss Baker brought Lily in to see us. It was so lovely to meet her, and her beautiful smile was infectious. Thank you for the cuddles. It was wonderful to see Miss Baker and the youngest member of Team Cove


In Sunshine, the children have been looking at the story, 'The journey home from Grandpa's'. They have been exploring all sorts of different vehicles and the jobs they do. The children have been looking after our ants, feeding and giving them water. They have been practising their climbing skills in soft play and had a great time with water and bubbles!


Dot Watch: Dot has been working on her meerkat impressions. She uses this particular pose to ensure the office team pay the cheese tax (and ham tax, and sausage tax). She has been loving the sunshine, too.


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Our PTA may be small but they are mighty! Plans for the summer fete are well under way - it’s going to be a great day β˜€οΈ

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 8th May - 12th May 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have had a fantastic time being pirates this week. The children made eye patches, little pirate ships, flags and treasure maps. They had some brilliant ideas for their treasure maps, before they set off around around the classrooms exploring. It has certainly been a fun week.


Year 1 have been continuing to investigate the properties of materials this week. They have been investigating waterproof materials. In art, they have been using their experimental and observational drawing skills.


In Art this week, Year 2 have been creating texture. The children have used fossils as inspiration for their art work.


Year 3 have been busy priming their clay tiles ready for the next round of painting! We can't wait to see their finished creations.


Year 4 are really proud as they have finally finished their DT project. The children have spent a term designing, building and joining the light box. They have linked their science knowledge and created their own circuits to make the bulbs light up. The children have taken the boxes home and are excited to share these with you.


Year 5 have loved doing their Bollywood style routines this week! Next week they will be moving onto line dancing.


Year 6 have been looking at Manga art this week. They have enjoyed playing around with the different styles.


This week in the Cove, the children have had great fun exploring their outside provision -  being shipwrecked on an island surrounded by pirates! Aargh me heartys!!!! The older children have also had great fun being immersed on this adventure. They have been able to link this to this term’s text: Somebody Swallowed Stanley!


Dot Watch: Dot helped to make sure the Year 6 maths reasoning paper 3 was correctly administered by finding a warm sunny spot in the corridor and sleeping the whole way through it. Her hard work was rewarded with an ice cream πŸ¦ 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A massive well done to all of our Year 6 children who completed their SAT tests - they were so focused and calm.

 πŸŒ³ Weekly Round Up: 1st May - 5th May 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have had the best week preparing for the King's Coronation! The children made flags, bunting and even practised making sandwiches using their fine motor skills of spreading and cutting. They really enjoyed their picnics and street parties at the end of the week and are looking forward to sharing their learning over the Bank Holiday weekend.


Year 1 have innovated the story of The Queen's Hat, and have written their own versions called The King's Crown. Look at their fantastic independent writing! Keep it up Year 1!


In science this week, Year 2 have been  exploring different habitats across the school site. The children discussed how the variety of habitats were suitable for the living things within them. They were focusing on the basic needs of shelter, food and water


Year 3 have been doing the classic friction experiment this week. The children rolled identical cars down ramps of varying textures.Such as: card, towel, paper towel and even straw and Duplo. Which surface created the most friction? πŸ€”


Year 4 have been having fun learning about the digestive system. The practical experiment was a particular favourite in showing children the journey our food takes through our body. They might even demonstrate at home! πŸ˜€


Year 5 practicing their Bollywood dancing in PE. They have mastered many of the iconic moves and have been putting these together to choreograph their own routines.
Jai Ho!


Year 6 have been improving their creative writing skills this week.  They looked at the description of Tim the ostler in The Highway Man poem by Alfred Noyes then wrote their own descriptions.


A coronation themed bucket time in the Cove this week, helped the children with good attention skills. During lunchtime they have been starting to spruce up the outside area and are looking after the seeds they planted last week. The children have also been working on their story maps for Somebody Swallowed Stanley. Fantastic recall of the text was shown - great work.


In sunshine the children enjoyed setting up an ant farm and watching the busy ants tunnel through the sand and soil. The children experimented with different tools to create patterns on a flag. They enjoyed climbing and balancing on the soft play. The children have been practising turn taking board games, chopping skills and have also tasted more fruits. They had lots of fun blowing paint bubbles and made sparkly crowns to celebrate the coronation!


Dot Watch: Dot os approaching her 2nd birthday. She is very settled in school but has some development points that will be raised at her next performance review. Currently, she is working on posing. It is difficult to sit and look fluffy when EVERYTHING around you smells so yummy and looks so interesting. 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge well done to the Year 2 children who have completed their reading SATs and a thank you to all of the adults from across the school who have supported the children and made sure everything runs smoothly.
The children took everything in their stride. 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 24th April - 28th April 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


There has been much excitement this week in EYFS as the sunflower seeds began to grow and roots have even come through the bottom of some of the pots! The children have also sowed some cress seeds and are keeping their fingers crossed they will be ready to eat in sandwiches next week.


In PE, Year 1 have been performing shapes with partners. We have been showing control and coordination to create a short dance sequence to the music of the Jungle book.


Year 2 have been using coloured pastels to colour carbon print in their art lesson.


Year 3 have been in the computer suite for their computing lessons this week. They have exploring different ways to make their sprite move.


Year 4 are excited to be finishing their light boxes. Look out for them (hopefully) coming home next week! Class 14 have started their ukulele lessons and they are sounding great already.


During their computing lessons, Year 5 have been learning programming using crumbles.


Year 6 enjoyed a jump filled PE session this week. The children started the afternoon with different jumping relay races and then learned how to do the triple jump, learning the separate parts of hop, skip and jump.


It has been a busy week in the Cove as usual. The children have been working hard on their letter formation, mark making and relationship skills. Some children have been using a balance in maths and they have been having great fun outside with a new water tray.


In Sunshine, the children have been on a minibeast hunt in spaghetti! They had butterfly races and practiced counting and their letter formation. The children have been ordering days of the week and matching the hungry caterpillar foods. The children have been food tasting some of the foods from the story; strawberries and watermelon were firm favourites!


Dot Watch: It turns out, Dot would not make a good cinema buddy. One of her Dot Squad friends introduced her to Waffle Doggy. The watched half an episode and Dot fell asleep on the mouse pad, accidentally skipping 3 episodes with her nose. Dot also slept all the way through teacher training on Friday! 

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: a huge well done to our amazing Year 6 children who have been working incredibly hard on the run up to their SATs. They have made amazing progress with their arithmetic scores in maths! 🀩 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 17th April - 21st April 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In EYFS, we have been continuing our Outdoor Explorer learning as we move into spring. We have been looking for new flowers and growth outside and have planted our own sunflower seeds. The children recognised the sunflower on the seed packet and are keen to keep our seeds watered as we watch them grow over the next few weeks.


Year 1 have started an exciting new art topic. This week, we explored printing using plasticine, ink and textured objects.


Year 2 went on a scavenger hunt for science, looking for things that were living, dead or never been alive.


In Year 3, we've been using different drawing techniques and materials to show textures in fruit. The children will use this learning to create fabulous clay tiles.


This week, Year 4 have been exploring how to create commands using computer software. The children have really enjoyed creating their own commands for the turtle that followed  their instructions to create their designs. We cannot wait to see what they create next using the software.


This week, Year 5 have studied Grayson Perry. He is known for his work with ceramic vases usually decorated in bright colours. The children then had a go at creating their own. We are so impressed.


Year 6 have started their new history topic this week - The Mayan. Due to Class 19's board deciding to have a funny 5 minutes, they had time to sketch a few of the artefacts. Can you guess what they are?


The Cove have been settling into Term 5. Some students joined their mainstream classes for a trip to the farm. We have started work on our new text 'Somebody swallowed Stanley', and have been finding out about creatures who live under the sea. Some great self portraits have been created and some careful pouring and exploring has gone on in maths with our focus on capacity and volume.


In Sunshine we have been sharing the story of The Hungry Caterpillar, retelling the story and sequencing using props. We've been making butterfly prints, counting caterpillars and looking at different mini beasts, we counted ladybird spots and practised our fine motor skills with threading activities. We have also enjoyed lots of balancing activities this week!


Dot Watch: Dot has been on a her first camping trip this weekend. It was a bit of a cold, wet, muddy adventure. The great outdoors is a dangerous place when you are 80% sponge! 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge thank you to Mrs Kus who has been the creative genius behind many of the frames that we have been sharing this week. She is an awesome human! 

World Book Day Art Work - 11th April 2023

We have been keeping Mr Williams VERY busy at Mendip today. 
He has been hanging the children’s World Book Day art work. His spirit level has been working overtime today! Gone are the old tatty display boards, replaced by our mini art galleries with canvases and frames.


Here is Key Stage 2‘s art work…

Our ‘Mendip Reads’ art was created by each class in Y3 - Y6 and can be found in the library. Each class chose the book they wanted to represent. 

M - Class 10’s Matilda canvas (Roald Dahl)
E - Class 13’s Creakers canvas (Tom Fletcher)
N - Class 16’s Land of Roar canvas (Jenny McLachlan)
D - Class 15’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid canvas (Jeff Kinney)
I - Class 11’s Wild Robot Canvas (Peter Brown Studio)
P - Class 14’s Mark of the Cyclops canvas (Saviour Pirotta)
R - Class 17’s Cat in the Hat canvas (Dr Seuss)
E - Class 21’s Series of Unfortunate Events canvas (Daniel Handler as Lemony Snicket)
A - Class 12’s Harry Potter canvas (J.K. Rowling)
D - Class 19’s Darwin’s Dragons canvas (Lindsay Galvin)
S - Class 18’s Beowulf canvas 


We also have Class 20’s giant canvases which have the children’s favourite book quotes written on the individual pages. These are hanging near Class 7.

Mrs Hayward also created some additional canvases with a team of Year 5 children. The individual covers were chosen and painted by the children. These are hanging in the library.

It is wonderful to see that the children have chosen such a wide range of books to share and celebrate: from favourite classics and class texts read in English lessons to legends and read alouds. 

Prepare for cuteness overload with our Gertie Gallery!

This was created by the children in EYFS, Year 1, Year 2, the HLRB and the Cove. Each canvas celebrates the author Lu Fraser who is Mendip Green alumni, and Gertie - The Littlest Yak.

A lot of finger painting went into each representation of Gertie. As you can tell, we are rather fond of little Gertie and her cosy knitwear!

Ask your child which Gertie belongs to their class!


🌳 Weekly Round Up: 27th March - 31st March 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


In our EYFS classes this week, we have been using paints to explore colour mixing and shade. We did observational painting and looked at shade. Outdoor explorers investigated different signs of spring. The children collected a range of leaves and shrubs to create an Easter chick. We spoke about the change in the weather and how all the blossom has come started to come out.


Year 1 had a Poo Delivery! πŸ’©πŸ―πŸ’

We had a rather strange parcel arrive at school this week from the zoo. Year 1

The children became poo detectives and used their learning from science this term to see if the poo belonged to a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore!


Year 2 have been exploring shape in maths this week. We have named and described 2D and 3D shapes developing our mathematical vocabulary to include terms like edges, vertices and faces. They have also revisted patterns and symmetry.


Year 4 have been rounding off their history unit by producing a double page spread all about Ancient Greece. There are some amazing pieces of writing, containing all the facts you need to know about the Greek Olympics, Gods, Goddesses and so much more!


Year 5 have been researching the seven summits in geography, presenting their findings to the rest of the class


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their science unit about evolution and inheritance this term - so far, the children have learned all about fossils and Mary Anning, adaptations, genetics and inheritance. Here are some of our favourite pieces of work which we would like to show off!


The Cove have been finding out about Easter this week. We have explored stories, crafts and sensory activities to support this alongside our usual jobs. Happy Easter πŸ£


Sunshine room children have been enjoying the story of The Magical Train ride. They transformed Sunshine into the magical lands and went on a magical train ride. They enjoyed making wands and fairies in Fairyland, exploring new foods in the Land of Cakes. They splatted aliens in space, explored painting patterns on animals in the jungle and water sensory exploration under the Water. The children joined the teddy bears for a picnic in the magical woods and made some balloon flowers.


In the HLRB the children shared their own tree stories based on the book 'This Tree is Just for Me!'


Dot Watch: The children in lunch club made a dot a fort as a surprise. They put her bed inside with her favorite toys. When she came to school the next day, she went straight in and spent most of the day in it. Dot loved it! 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT:  a huge well done to all of our KS2 dancers who performed at the Playhouse. You were incredible!

Another thank you to all of the adult who were involved in choreographing, chaperoning, organising and getting costumes… you know who you are πŸ€© 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 20th March - 24th March 2023 🌳 

Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have had an 'egg-citing' week building egg homes to keep our oval friends safe. We crafted some wonderful houses and considered what materials to use and how to join them. These eggcellent activities tied in with our super class book 'egg' - a story about how cool and special it is to be different.


Year 1 have started their new maths learning about measuring. The children had great fun using cubes to measure different classroom objects. They then used mathematical language to compare different lengths and heights.


Year 2 had the UWE students visit for an afternoon of STEM challenges.


The children in Year 3 have spent the day being engineers, building boats out of recycled materials. They worked as part of a team, starting off with research into materials that float, followed by the design process, constructing and finally testing to make sure everything works. The children loved being engineers!


Year 4 have been immersing themselves in science this week. They have been investigating water transportation in plants and whether bulbs need room in order to grow successfully. Some year 4 classes have also been lucky enough to have a UWE student in for a STEM day.


In Year 5 the children been enjoyed a STEM day, exploring the design process.


Year 6 were delighted to have some visitors this week for our STEM day. Our student teachers from UWE, who we had missed very much, taught us all about engineering. The children then became engineers and designed and created their own bridges and rockets; it was out of this world!


In the Cove this week, we have continued our work based on the book ‘This Tree is Just for Me’ by making our own trees and deciding which animals would visit. We wrote acrostic poems and made animal masks. One pupil celebrated his 5th birthday and we have had the chance to use our outside space more often in the brighter weather.

Red NπŸ”΄se Day - 20th March 2023


On Monday, we celebrated Red NπŸ”΄se Day! Children raised money by coming to school with crazy hair and wearing bright colours.


Our school council had shared the importance of Red NπŸ”΄se Day and their plans for fundraising during assembly the previous week. The assembly was planned and led by the school council with a little bit of help from Mrs Sandford (she was in charge of clicking for the next PowerPoint slide).


A huge well done to all of the parents who dragged themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to gel, hairspray, braid, sculpt, back brush, curl and colour the children’s hair. You accessorised with bows, sparkle, countless hair bands, small architectural wonders and kitchen utensils! How the children’s hair stayed wind resistant and defied gravity for the whole day we do but know.

It was like being in the audience of Top of the Pops in the 1980s!

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 13th March - 17th March 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS have had a great time for science week being scientists by carrying out a range of experiments and making predictions. Ask the children about what we did!


Year 1 have enjoyed using the BeeBots again this week to give instructions. They have worked on forwards, backwards, left and right. It has been great to see the children develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills.


Year 2 have been using a range of computer programs to record data. They explores different programs on PCs and iPads to create pictograms.


As part of their computing curriculum, Year 3 have been creating branching databases in the computer suite.


In Year 4, Class 13 finished their ukulele lessons this week by giving an outstanding performance to parents and carers. Class 14 are looking forward to starting their ukulele lessons next term.


This week, Year 5 have been developing their map reading skills by using atlases to locate and research the Three Peaks.


Year 6 have started their maths unit on shape this week and began by using formulas to find the area of squares and rectangles. They then learned how to find the area of a right angle triangle.


The Cove children went on a nature walk searching for signs of spring to mark British Science Week. They found lots of clues to remind them that warmer days are on their way.


Dot Watch: Dot is loving the Dot Gallery! She thinks that it is great that there is a little bit of Dot in the building even when she is not there πŸ’• πŸ–ΌοΈ 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Our EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 dancers did a spectacular job performing at the Playhouse! They were incredible and there was no sign of nerves. A huge thank you to the older children in Year 5 and Year 6 who supported them through their rehearsals and on stage - what incredible role models you are. It has taken hours of organising routines, logistics and costumes as well as rehearsals to make this possible. This has all been done be a few very dedicated  staff. They are very, very good eggs! 

World Book Day - 9th March 2023
We had a wonderful World Book Day. Children (and grown ups) came dressed as their favourite book character or in their favourite snuggly clothes.


Every class had a bedtime story, complete with hot chocolate, during the day.

The children were invited to enter a competition. They decorated a potato to transform it into a book character. How many of these characters do you recognise?

We have had a ‘Lu Fraser’ kind of day at Mendip Green as part of our World Book Day fun.

Our top 5 favourite things about Lu Fraser.
1) She writes brilliant children’s books which we have loved sharing in EYFS and Key Stage 1 today.
2) Lu created the character Gertie, the littlest yak. We love Gertie!
3) Lu wrote us a letter to share her love of books with us.
4) She sent us a parcel (in the cutest doggy wrapping paper) full of books.
5) AND, Lu is MG alumni!! She came to Mendip Green as a child! ❀️🌳❀️ Does this mean we get to claim her as our very own resident author? πŸ˜†

Mr Carroll opened our gift from Lu and read the letter in assembly this morning. The children were so shocked when they heard that Lu came to their school. We read one of the books together - The Littlest Yak, New Arrival.
The other books travelled around the classes throughout the day so all children have read at least one Lu Fraser book today.

The children are creating Gertie artwork too - check out the first 2 finished canvases from EYFS! These canvases will be displayed together to make a Gertie gallery in honour of our very own Mendip Green author.

A huge thank you to Lu Fraser for making our World Book Day so special.

Today, whilst we celebrate World Book Day, it is the perfect time to share the wonderful support that our PTA give to every child in the school through their ongoing funding of our school library.


We have spent their January, February and March contributions on these wonderful books.


This includes some new books for our year groups’ topic boxes which will be used in the classrooms and some extra copies of Lu Fraser’s books which are sure to be very popular. We also have some new publications that will go straight onto the library shelves… Can you spot the newest ‘Kevin’ story by Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve? Who will be the first to get their paws on that gem? πŸΎπŸ“š 


The books are modelled by some very smiley Year 4s. We are almost certain that there is a child inside every costume and that is in fact 2 separate Spidermans.


A huge thank you to our PTA for their ongoing support. This makes such a huge difference! We are so, so proud of our school library and our children are incredibly lucky to have access to all of these wonderful books during their time with us at Mendip.

We ❀️ libraries.
We ❀️ the PTA.

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 6th March - 11th March 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS made the most of the snow! They had a lot of fun making mini snowmen and lots of snowballs. Then back inside, with gloves drying on the radiators, they warmed up.


In computing, Year 1 made sequences of commands to make their Beebots move forwards and backwards. They have predicted the outcome of a sequence and worked out how to get the Beebot to a specific place.


Year 2 have been working on their understanding of fractions this week focusing on halves, quarters and thirds. The children have loved using counters and writing on the tables to be able to find a fraction of a number.


We had some literary visitors in our school on Thursday, with some very colourful characters joining our classes in Year 3! Everyone had a great time. They especially enjoyed the hot chocolate and bedtime story.


Year 4 are making their own light up boxes as part of their DT project. This week, they have used saws and mitre blocks; we have little carpenters in the making.


Year 5 have been joining fabric pieces by using a range of hand sewing techniques during their DT lessons. Watch this space to find out more about their textiles project.


Year 6 wrote some incredible diary entries this week to describe the events of the Endurance sinking on Shackleton's journey to Antarctica.


The Cove have been using the book The Colour Monster to help to support the children’s understanding of emotions and feelings. Cove adults dressed up as colourful emotions for World Book Day and we really enjoyed practicing feeling calm by exploring breathing techniques and sharing hot chocolate together


Dot Watch: Dot was not a fan of the snow. She did not like it one bit. She did not like it on her paws and she did not like it on her nose. She is definitely not going to be using her natural camouflage to hide in snow anytime soon!


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: A huge thank you to Lu Fraser for the special gift and letter she sent to us for World Book Day. We cannot wait to share all of the children’s finished Gertie artwork with you!

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 27th February - 3rd March 2023 🌳 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS were visited this week by a real life hero! Laura, one of our fabulous parents, is a volunteer at Weston RNLI. She told us about the equipment she wears when out rescuing and how to stay safe in water. We even had a go at floating on our backs and making model lifeboats! Mrs Corlett looks ready for a daring sea rescue in that kit πŸ›Ÿ 


This week, Year 1 have been exploring place value to 50 and have used base 10 to represent the numbers. The children have started a new book this term called ‘Owl, Bat, Bat, Owl’πŸ¦‰. This week, they have been learning all about bats and have made their very own bat fact files πŸ¦‡. Ask us what we know about bats, because we are now bat experts!


This week, in Year 2 we have been learning about pictograms. We have created tally charts and also drawn our own pictograms.

Year 3 have been making the first prototypes of their pop up books in DT. They worked so hard and came up with some really creative ideas. We're looking forward to seeing how they develop!


Year 4 have been working hard on their stories this week. They have written an additional question for Niko and Thrax from our book ‘Mark of the Cyclops.’ There has been some fantastic descriptive writing.


This week, Year 5 created a salt solution. They then place their solutions around the classroom and observed throughout the week the reversible change occurring. The water has been evaporating leaving the salt behind. The children were amazed by the results!


Year 6 had a great afternoon of PE on Wednesday this week. They particularly enjoyed practicing their backhand shots in tennis. The children have also been learning about evolution an inheritance this term in science and are able to explain what the fossil record has taught us.


It has been a very exciting time in The Cove this week as Miss Baker had a baby girl! There was a special Cove service where the children got to look at some pictures of baby Lily. Welcome Lily- the newest member of Team Cove. Morning regulation activities in The Cove help the children to feel ready for the day ahead.


Dot Watch: The winner for Dot’s art competition and have been selected and their creations have been framed. We will announce the winners soon and Dot’s gallery will be springing up in school soon. 


A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: a huge thank you to Vicar John and the team at St Martin’s church. Several year groups have now visited the chuck as part of their RE curriculum and the team have been so welcoming. Vicar John is also coming to Mendip once month to lead an assembly
We would also like to say abjure thank you to everyone who helped to make Saturday morning’s PTA Movie Morning so successful- we had a great time! 🍿 πŸŽ₯ 

🌳 Weekly Round Up: 20th February - 24th February 2023 πŸŒ³ 


Here are a few things we have been up to at Mendip Green this week…


EYFS walked to St Martin's Church in Worle where they met the vicar. The vicar showed them his different robes, described what his job entails, and what the different parts of the church were and what