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Annual list of important dates and events

We are so excited to be able to share with you our full calendar of events this year: sports days, swimming, book events, school camps, graduation, harvest festivals, Christmas productions, pet shows, dance festivals.


Below is a comprehensive list of dates for events at Mendip Green Primary School this academic year.  We do not envisage that these dates will change or that events will be cancelled unless it is for reasons beyond our control or for the safety of the children, staff and wider community.  Several of these dates are marked as TBC as we are awaiting confirmation from other providers.


All school performances and ceremonies are for adults only.  For performances that take place during the school day, we will endeavour to provide a crèche if we are able to staff it without a detrimental impact on the teaching and learning of children in other year groups - we will confirm these arrangements closer to each event.  For evening performances (and in the event that we are unable to provide a crèche), please arrange your own child care.  Wherever possible, MG siblings will be given the opportunity to watch performances of year group shows during the school day.


Full details of events, including any additional dates that will undoubtedly crop up, will be shared via ParentPay throughout the year. We send all information for parents/carers through ParentPay in the first instance.  We only use Facebook for reminders.


As you can see, it is going to be a very busy year at Mendip Green.

We aim to share a selection of photographs from events through Facebook and in the year group section of our website. You can also keep up to date with the curriculum in each year group throughout the year. 






Annual dates list - printable copy