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Knowledge Organisers

We have carefully considered and identified the essential knowledge that we feel is the children’s entitlement for each area of the curriculum, ensuring children are exposed and have access to the powerful knowledge and cultural capital that they need to succeed in becoming well-rounded, informed citizens.


The use of knowledge organisers is one method we are using to support children to effectively retain (and then apply) this knowledge. These documents set out the important, useful and powerful knowledge a child will need to be successful in a new area of learning. They include key vocabulary with definitions, dates and timelines, maps, significant individuals and other contextual and technical information or diagrams. We expect the majority of children to know the information on the knowledge organiser by the end of the unit of work and be able to recall key details.  Many children will have a far deeper understanding and be able to discuss and elaborate on this key information.


The amount of information that can be held in an individual’s working memory is limited. Our knowledge organisers help to free up working memory when children first meet a new area of learning. Through careful, planned use of these documents, children will be given regular opportunities to retrieve and recall this key knowledge helping them to, over time, integrate this new knowledge into their long-term memory and make lasting connections that foster understanding. 


The knowledge organisers the children are using each term can be found in the year group sections above.