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Our humanities curriculum is enquiry based, knowledge-rich and progressively sequenced so that learners have the opportunity to develop a life-long passion for geography and history. Through familiar and unfamiliar experiences, children will develop an understanding of ‘humankind’ and their place within it.


The choices we have made within our humanities curriculum will allow children to develop an overarching view of the world and an understanding of the fundamental concepts of place and time, including their place within this.

Geography: The focus of our geography curriculum is our immediate locality. Children will learn about their locality and their country, their place within it and their impact on it. The curriculum is sequenced to work from the child out: gradually, children will learn about places that are further away, in increasing detail and include increasingly abstract concepts. Each unit within the coverage uses some form of map work with some units being exclusively dedicated to this skill.

HistoryThe focus of our history curriculum is developing a secure sense of chronology so that children understand the overarching narrative of British history as well as key chapters from the history of the wider world. Our history curriculum begins at the child and is sequenced in Key Stage 1 to become increasingly distanced and progressively abstract.  This is to develop a sense of ‘the past’ and the knowledge that things have changed over time.  Wherever possible, historical study has been linked back to the child and our locality. In Key Stage 2, the sequencing of the units has been designed so that it falls chronologically.  Within this there are two extended studies: one local study and one study of a theme. In Key Stage 2, the programme of study is linked back to our locality, whenever relevant. Units become increasingly abstract as the children move through Key Stage 2.


We follow the National Curriculum and have sequenced the subject content meticulously to best suit the needs of our children and to compliment effective learning strategies. Alongside this, we have developed a progression of skills to support teaching and learning