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Year 1 Visit from North Somerset Birds of Prey Centre - 21st February 2024


What a hoot Year 1 had this week! 🦉

We have started reading "Owl, Bat, Bat, Owl" by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick and in the coming weeks, we will be writing Owl fact files and writing our own versions of the story.


To help inspire us, Brandon and Isla from North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre came to school to tell us all about owls and even brought some owls, feathers and eggs along with them to show us. 

We loved seeing them up close and learning learning about them. 


Here are some of our favourite Owl facts. 


Did you know not all owls are nocturnal? Owls with bright yellow eyes wake in the day. Owls with dark eyes, wake at night. 


Some people think owls can turn their heads all the way around. However, they can only turn them 270 degrees. 


The species "Little owls" have markings on the back of their head that look like eyes. This is to scare off their predators. 


Some owls have whiskers around their bills which work like cat whiskers.

Year 1 Visit from Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm - 6th February 2024

Year 1 had a very special visit from Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. The zookeepers showed the children lots of different animals and artefacts. The children worked together to classify them into the five groups of vertebrates. 

They impressed the zookeepers so much their our knowledge! 


This was the first of 3 special experiences with expert visitors that have been arranged for the Y1 children at school. Next… birds of prey!


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Year 3 Trip to Bristol Museum - 21st November 2023


Year 3 made it to Bristol Museum on Friday and had a wonderful time! The children loved exploring the museum’s exhibitions and the mystery boxes in their Ancient Egypt workshop


They were so very well-behaved that they were complimented by the museum staff and members of the public. 


A big thank you to the staff at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for looking after us so well and for such an engaging workshop on Ancient Egypt, and to the parent volunteers who came along for the day.


Well done Year 3 - you continue to make us proud! ⭐️