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Online Safety for Parents at Mendip Green School

At Mendip Green Primary School we know how much our children enjoy using IT and how it can help them to learn in lots of ways. We want them to be confident and safe users of the Internet and of new technology as it develops. It’s impossible to avoid the the online world and we wouldn’t want to stop children from accessing it as it offers a wealth of opportunities and information. Our aim has to be teaching children to use it in the safest way possible. Being a responsible online citizen is a fundamental life skill that children need to develop so that their behaviours online are safe, respectful and appropriate both now and in the future.


What is Online Safety? 

Online Safety refers to child protection and safeguarding of both children and adults in the digital world.  It is about learning to understand and use technologies in a safe, positive way, and supporting children and adults to develop safe online behaviours (both in and out of school). The Internet is part of children’s lives these days. It offers many educational opportunities, helps them keep in touch with friends and family and opens up a world of information and experiences. Whether on a computer at school, a laptop at home, a tablet, a games console or mobile phone, children are increasingly accessing the online world in a variety of ways.


As part of our safeguarding commitment we have a designated Online Safety Lead, Paul Barton, who has responsibility for leading our online safety committee of children, staff and governors. As a group we review information and develop safe practices within the school. Part of our role is also to ensure parents are kept informed of school policy.

The children take the lead in sharing key messages, acting as role models and organising events for focused weeks for online safety.


For more information please contact Paul Barton via the school office.


Online Safety Curriculum

Our children talk and learn about online safety across the curriculum. It is embedded within our computing and PSHE curriculum. In addition, when devices and the internet are used across the wider curriculum, safe, responsible and acceptable use is part of the learning sequence.  

Report an issue

If you have an online safety worry or concern, do not hesitate in contacting us.  We can provide advice and signpost you to agencies that can help.  We are also able to talk to the children about the issue; where the concern involves multiple children at the school we can notify other families involved and will investigate any concerns that appear to be linked to online bullying or harassment.  We encourage children to speak to a trusted adult if they have worries or concerns of their own.

Alternatively, to report a concern to the school anonymously then please use the button below: