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Dot – Our School Dog

We are all part of the Dot Squad

Dot is our school dog. She comforts us and makes us smile.

We help to keep Dot safe and happy.


As a member of The Dot Squad, I will:

  • ask before I stroke Dot when she is outside.
  • always keep my face away from Dot’s face.
  • walk calmly towards Dot when I see her outside.
  • use a calm voice when I see Dot.
  • stay in my seat and only stroke her if she comes up to me when she visits my classroom.
  • keep my classroom tidy and pick up anything on the floor.
  • give Dot space and not crowd around her.
  • leave Dot alone when she is sleeping or eating.
  • close office doors when I see Dot’s sign on the door.
  • not feed Dot anything unless Miss Walton says I can.