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Art and Design


Our art and design curriculum stimulates children’s creativity and imagination by providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences that evolve an appreciation, understanding and interpretation of the world around them. Children will feel confident exploring and experimenting in art, with real enjoyment and pride. Through these experiences, children will see art as a source of wonder and amazement, yet also achievable and accessible for all.


The choices we have made within our art and design curriculum will allow children to develop basic skills in drawing, printmaking, painting, form, designing, making and evaluating. They will communicate their ideas by learning how to handle materials, use a variety of media and work safely with tools. Alongside this, children learn important skills of critiquing, both their own work and that of others, then responding to constructive criticism for ways to enhance their work. Our curriculum will expose children to a wide range of artists, designers and works of art from around the world and throughout time.


We follow the National Curriculum supported by AccessArt and have sequenced the subject content meticulously to best suit the needs of our children and to compliment effective learning strategies. Alongside this, we have developed a progression of skills to support teaching and learning