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Our Nurture groups provide a focused intervention for children with particular SEND needs that are creating a barrier to learning within a mainstream class. Children attending the nurture group remain an active part of their main class, spending appropriate times within the nurture group according to their need.


Nurture groups assess learning and social and emotional needs and give help that is needed to remove the barriers to learning. Activities provide much opportunity for social learning, helping children to attend to the needs of others, with time to listen and be listened to.  As the children learn academically and socially they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self-respect and take pride in behaving well and in achieving.


Nurture support is not limited to the nurture groups - nurturing principles and practice are embedded at a whole school level, providing appropriate support for all children.

Blossom and Sunshine Nurture

Our Blossom and Sunshine Nurture provision runs each morning and provides children with the nurture provision that is typically given in the early years. 


This intervention is focused on developing social, emotional and independence skills that can be transferred back to the classroom.


These sessions are currently accessed by children from Year 1 (Blossom) and Year 2 - Year 4 (Sunshine). 


Our Blossom and Sunshine groups also provide bespoke cognition and learning provision for the children each morning.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Nurture Groups

These nurture groups run for two afternoons per week and is designed to be a focused, short-term intervention. 


This intervention supports children to regulate both in the classroom and during recreational times. Carefully planned activities afford children with the opportunity to explore social and emotional skills which can be transferred back to the classroom, playground and wider world.