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SCHOOL CLOSURE - Additional Information

We can’t thank you all enough for your understanding regarding school closure. We hope you know by now where our hearts normally lie with regards to closing the school but we obviously accept that these are extraordinary times and necessary steps that are being taken.

We know you’ve got loads of questions at the moment and many of you are relying on answers to make plans for next week and beyond. We promise that the moment we can provide clarity, we will.

To confirm a few details and answer a few questions:
- We have not been given complete clarity or instruction yet regarding key workers or vulnerable groups in terms of how they will be identified and how schools will manage this. We will share this detail when We get it.
- We will send all children home with a pack of work on Friday. For those not in school, we will set up opportunities for collection. More details to follow.
- We are aware that there are lots of trips and camps that have been booked for later in the year. Whilst we will do EVERYTHING we can, we obviously recognise that these events may be postponed or even cancelled. For the moment, please pause on any payments until we can provide you with some further information.
- We know that there are some anxious year 6 parents discussing the plans for the next two days and what might happen in the event of a prolonged closure. We have no idea on the length of closure at this stage so it is hard to make firm plans for the end of the year. We are worried about child wellbeing if we treat Thursday or Friday as last days of school. As we mentioned earlier, these are extraordinary times and we will take EXTRAORDINARY decisions in the event that the school stays closed for a prolonged period of time. It’s too early to talk through detail but if we needed to liaise with secondary schools about holding a leavers service etc in the autumn term then we are sure we will be supported. These are unprecedented times but we know the school community as a whole are keen to keep the experience of our young people as normal as possible.
- The children are likely to be away from friends for a while so we will plan lots of free time and fun over the next few days - don’t worry!