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The dairy have cancelled ALL orders for those who opt to pay for milk for their children. They are in the process of refunding any payments that have been made in advance. The company will contact all customers to confirm this shortly (you may have already received an email to confirm this).
Until further notice, the only milk that will be delivered to school will be for those children eligible for free school meals. This milk will be added to the food packs that will be available to collect every Tuesday. Please be aware that this is for children that receive Free School Meals from pupil premium, not to be confused with Universal Infant Free School Meals - which is for every child up to Year 2.
Even if you are a key worker whose child will be in school next week, your order will have been cancelled. Understandably, it would have been impossible for The Dairy to  continue to provide this service with such uncertainty about which children would be in school.