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Work Packs

Packs of work have been printed for every child and have been placed in a named envelope with paper and a pencil.
They include some simple spelling/grammar/maths activities and also some projects that children may wish to complete.
Children will take these home TODAY.
For THOSE AT HOME, you can collect your child’s pack from 4pm in the foyer. People will be allowed to collect for others - you will just need to sign for the pack you’re taking so we know where they went!!
If you are taking packs on behalf of others - please make sure that they know you’re doing this(!) - we’d hate for people to make wasted journeys!!
- Work is optional and is intended to help support routines.
- we will CELEBRATE work completed on the return to school, rather than chastise those who haven’t.
- The work packs have a limited amount of resources but the website is FULL! Most links are to online videos and games, so no printer required.
- lots of charities and groups are opening their websites or offering Skype/video lessons etc. We will put links on this forum and on the website as and when we discover these.